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Car Style: The Chevrolet Camaro (5th Generation)

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Bee-otch (Bumblebee from the recent Transformers movies' reference)! :) It was the F-Body Camaro that got me into cars. I've missed the Camaro (and the Pontiac Firebird/Trans-Am) when the Camaro was killed off in 2002. It is a great thing that the muscle car is back. I'm not a muscle car fanatic, but I do love me some American muscle. I love the Camaro and the Mustang, but I'm a bit more of a Camaro person. This blog entry includes my opinions on this car from a style perspective.

--- Car Style: The 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro ---
Meet this sexy beast:

^ from (my Myspace page) - Chevrolet Camaro concept car (2008).

^ from: (my Facebook page) - The latest Chevrolet Camaro. This model, however, is the Chevrolet Camaro RS. This is also a concept car.

The latest Camaro marks a proper muscle car's return. Its style is anything but vanilla. You can appreciate its looks if you love the Camaros of the 1960s. This is a car that's just cool to see going down the road or even to hear it roar down the road. Needless to say, it's a car that is just old-school cool. Nothing cute. Nothing trendy. Just an American muscle car not afraid to flex its muscle.

Perhaps the most notable feature to me in evolutions of the Camaro is the diamond-edge front. This design gives the Camaro its unique appearance to me. That same diamond-edge design carries into this 21st century Camaro. Its headlights are bold, in a modern and sophisticated way (wait... Camaro = sophisticated?). The grill boasts a golden Chevrolet bowtie badge. On either side of the front bumper are circular fog lights to add to this car's meanness. Under the front grill is an equally mean opening underneath. Above the front grill on the SS model is a small opening on the front bonnet. Every 5th-gen Camaro features an aggressive front bonnet. It is a car that demands your attention and appreciates your respect.

The sides of the Camaro are mostly devoid of any curves or sexy lines. You could say that the edgy lines are reminiscent of a Cadillac, only this car features edgy lines while looking stylish (unlike most recent Cadillacs). This car obviously isn't going to be any kind of masterpiece at the Louvre in Paris. Then again, it doesn't need to, because its side profile is every bit as mean and cool as its '60s brotheren. It doesn't need to be any Ferrari to be considered a sexy car.

You might lose a drag race or two against this car, so let's look at the rear. The car doesn't need a carbon fiber GT wing to demand your attention. A simple lip spoiler accentuates the rear along with a pair of tail lights and a stylish rear valance boasting a pair of mufflers. It also has somewhat of a diffuser at the rear. The rear looks as stylishly mean as its front.

The exterior is a car that infuses 1960s muscle car cool, but what about the interior? The steering wheel looks a bit futuristic in its design. I must say that I'm a bit disappointed in how the tachometer and speedometer look. I do wish the dashboard can look a bit more stylish. Its center console is futuristic. Think of a center console that looks a bit like an 8-track player above, then has some circular controls that mimics a video game controller. Below this complex are the four gauges. Stylish seats keep you comfy and looking great.

The latest Camaro, then, is 1960s modern translated into a beautiful piece of American muscle. The car doesn't complain or make any compromise. GM probably could have made this a 300-horsepower front-wheel drive sport compact, but you know GM would never desecrate a name like Camaro with a crappy car. This car is a head-turner. It's old school cool in a modern masterpiece. It may never win the respect of a lot of international car fans, but who cares? It's an American beast ready to devour almost anything in its path. This car is every bit as lovely in look as any 1960s Camaro. It pays perfect homage with its fantastic looks.

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