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Boyfriend Fashion

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A Girl's Touch to Boys' Clothing.

(UPDATED: October 17, 2011)

"Anything boys can do, girls can do better!" Fashionable girls would love nothing more than to wear what us guys wear, only to add their own unique touch. Let me just say... I'm not as crazy about this look for girls as much as most other girls have fallen in love with the whole boyfriend thing. The way I've understood the boyfriend fashion look is essentially clothing made and cut for us guys, but made for the fairer sex. Most of these boyfriend looks aren't primarily about looking super cute and feminine. But instead, more about adding some edge and boldness to one's looks. Again- these are clothes mostly made and cut for men, but are worn fabulously by women.

This blog post is all about boyfriend fashion, whether you love this trend or not.


OCT 17 2011 - made various edits; never realized post is so old

--- Boyfriend Fashion at a Glance ---

Where did this whole boyfriend thing originate? According to Wikipedia, this trend basically originates from wearing your boyfriend's clothing and incorporating these looks into your wardrobe. It's where you basically wear HIS clothes on your body and looking as good as you like. I think it can be pretty hot (or at least, I can understand what makes this so fun for girls) wearing a guy's shirt, a guy's jeans/shorts/pants, or anything like that. Also according to Wikipedia, this kind of originated with Katie Holmes wearing Tom Cruise's jeans after a Broadway rehearsal. This basically kicked off the whole boyfriend craze, especially with boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are commonly rolled up to give it a cute and girly touch.

If there is a side of the whole boyfriend trend that I'm starting to like, however, it's that of the boyfriend blazer. I guess I become too fond of more classy fashions than I do casual ones. A traditional blazer is usually very classy to begin with. Adding a boyfriend blazer with a lovely dress or a lovely blouse and skirt makes for a stylish look. I'll show some pictures in the next section to prove my point.

The main point of this look is about giving a touch of feminine fabulous to men's fashion. It's men's fashion as well as menswear-inspired fashion to make these boyfriend-type fashion looks. This is a girl's touch to masculine and masculine-inspired fashions. Whether or not you like this is up to you.

--- Boyfriend Fashion in Pictures ---

Here's the whole boyfriend look in pictures.

Boyfriend Jeans.
boyfriend jeans from Madewell
^ from: - a young lady wearing ripped boyfriend jeans with the legs cuffed.

The boyfriend jean was the biggest motivation in the fashion trend of boyfriend fashion. What began with Katie Holmes wearing Tom Cruise's jeans out in public has triggered a fashion trend many girls have fallen in love with.

Boyfriend Shirt.
boyfriend shirt
^ from: - a boyfriend shirt worn by a lady.

boyfriend shirt with belt
^ from: - another boyfriend shirt, but this lady wears a belt across the waist over it.

I admit- nothing can be hotter than wearing a button-down shirt (especially a dressy one) as a boyfriend shirt. Besides these button-down shirts, boyfriend shirts can also relate to T-shirts a guy usually wears.

Boyfriend Blazer.
boyfriend blazer
^ from: - a boyfriend blazer worn over a top and some jeans.

boyfriend blazer Vanessa Hudgens
^ from: - Vanessa Hudgens wearing a boyfriend blazer over a dress.

As I mentioned earlier, the boyfriend touch I like most is the boyfriend blazer, especially when paired with a lovely dress or with a lovely skirt outfit. It adds a touch of class and some style. Those of you who may have seen my blog entry on rompers/playsuits may have seen (especially from John's Shop Space) of a romper blazer combination from Jessica Simpson. A hot romper along with a boyfriend blazer can be just as good as wearing a dress with a boyfriend blazer. A dress with a boyfriend blazer adds a bold touch while not ruining the beauty of the dress.

--- My Overall View of This Look ---

I'm not crazy about this whole look. I don't like it all that much, but I don't hate it. The only element I like the most is perhaps the boyfriend blazer. Even still, I am just not as excited about this look, I'm afraid to say. A girl wearing guys' clothes is NOT a factor of whether I like this trend or not. Just to say once again... I'm just not really into this look as much as a lot of ladies are.

Perhaps a bit creepy to me is that there are also boyfriend jeans... for girls (as in children). For the origins of how this whole boyfriend fashion trend started, I am fairly uncomfortable in seeing the boyfriend fashion style carry over into fashion for little girls.

If you like this boyfriend fashion trend much more than I do, that's fine. I'm just not into it as much.

As I usually say, I've taken my fashion discussion away from a message board and brought everything here. At least I know I'm responsible for myself rather than someone watching over me like an overlord or a warden.

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Thank you for reading!

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