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Car Style - The Porsche Cayman and Cayman S

John Marine | 8/30/2010 06:08:00 PM |
(UPDATED: February 25, 2012)

Did you know this is my FIRST-EVER Porsche Car Style blog entry? Porsche released the Cayman back in 2005. This car is not really one of the more powerful Porsches. However, the Cayman (regardless of Cayman or Cayman S) is no slouch. This car has some gracious style and flowing lines. She is a beautiful lady who delivers a combination of performance and beauty. This blog entry is my thoughts on this car's style. Most of what I will pertain to relates to the Porsche Cayman S. I will reference the regular Cayman as well, though.

--- Car Style: The Porsche Cayman ---

Porsche Cayman S
^ from: - the Porsche Cayman S.

Perhaps the sweetheart of Stuttgart, the Cayman is a beautiful young lady with diamond-like eyes and angelic charm. The Cayman delivers in performance and in prowess. I even used a Cayman in "Need for Speed: Pro Street" and maybe even "Need for Speed: Carbon." The car is a beautiful one. Remember- most of this blog entry pertains to the Cayman S, but I will reference the base-model Cayman. That's why I named this the "Porsche Cayman Series."


The Cayman's beauty begins with its lovely eyes (its headlights). The headlights are beautiful diamond-like headlights. The front bumper's openings compliment the front beautifully. The smooth front bonnet proudly bears the Porsche shield. Its frontal character is more like an angel with wings spread outward, soaring like an eagle.

The Porsche Cayman series doesn't intimidate on the sides, but the gracefulness extends to the sides. Its most aggressive elements are the side ducts that feeds air to the mid-mounted engine in the Porsche Cayman. There just isn't much meanness or aggression on the sides. It isn't flat, however. It looks very lovely from the top-side view as well. There is no hood scoop or anything to feed air into the engine. A modest overfender adds some style and hardness, but not enough to scream "fast while standing still." Then again, if you want a purely aggressive Porsche, get yourself a 911 GT3 or (especially) a 911 GT2.

The rear of the car boasts some lovely tail lights and a single dual-exhaust muffler. Or on the base Cayman, a single rectangular muffler. The classic sloped back design delivers classic Porsche design beautifully. I see the Cayman more as elegant than packing any serious character. Its rear only completes the elegance of this gorgeous German sports car. The rear wing deploys at 75 mph.


The Cayman's interior seems quite boring with not a lot in the way of any inviting details. On the other hand, this is a sports car. It has a pretty nice steering wheel with the Porsche badge on it. There are a nice set of gauges on the Cayman. While most cars have digital clocks, the Cayman (or at least the Cayman S) has an analog clock atop the center console with a digital reading. The big clock features the time in minutes, and a smaller clock features the hour. I'd say this is a very sporty clock. The rest of the center console features your stereo system with CD input. You may also have the navigation system as part of the center console, which also looks lovely. Its whole dashboard is more sport-oriented than any elegant luxury car. The shifter looks nice and sporty. This car only seats two people. So if you're going to put two people into a sports coupe, better make sure the seats are sporty. Both of the race-inspired seats look great.

The Porsche Cayman is a beautiful car. I think what some people don't really realize is that while Porsche is a legendary marque, enjoying their cars doesn't really cost you an arm and a leg. The base Cayman has 265 hp and costs about $51,400 USD. The Cayman S packs 320 horsepower and costs just under $61,500 USD. Considering sports cars from most other exotic marques, Porsche has always been a "for the people" sports car company. Their cars could be enjoyed all year 'round. The most inexpensive current-range car (believe it or not) is the base model Cayenne, which costs only $46,700 USD. Compare that to the lowest-priced current-range Ferrari and Lamborghini models.

Anyhow, both the Cayman and Cayman S are beautiful cars. They exude elegant and sporty character. The Cayman models let their performance do the talking rather than boast any kind of brash character in their respective designs. Most people, mostly Americans, would probably tell you that you're better off getting a Corvette than plunking down the same cash for a less-powerful Cayman S. But as the slogan goes... there is no substitute for a Porsche.

Thanks for reading my first-ever "Car Style" blog entry about ANY Porsche! Learn more about all Porsche models by visiting their official home page at

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