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20 Races in Formula One?

John Marine | 9/18/2010 12:30:00 AM | |
When I first got into F1 back in 1999, there were about seventeen races. There also weren't as many venues worldwide to contest an F1 season. The idea of F1 in the Middle East, for example, was a far-fetched concept until tracks like Bahrain and Yas Marina Circuit came along. The primary concern I have for F1 having this huge season relates to financial issues. Can F1 teams financially sustain a 20-race season? Also, can the drivers push themselves enough to sustain such a massive championship?

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If anything, this massive F1 championship slate is testament to the growth of Formula 1 over the years. It comes to the point where every country seems to want to host a round of the Formula 1 World Championship. The main thing I'm happy of is more Asian venues. The only Asian venues used to be just Sepang and Suzuka when I got into F1. NOW look at the Asian venues- Singapore, Shanghai, Korean International Circuit, Yas Marina Circuit, Bahrain, and the Jaypee Group Circuit, and of course... the two aforementioned courses (including Fuji). Most of my concerns are about money and fitness to sustain such a season.

Am I okay with a massive F1 championship? It just means more racing, which is always a great thing. I just become a bit concerned of a championship that tends to go too far deep in the year. Sorry to bring another sport into this discussion, but I sometimes care more about gridiron football and basketball later in the year, not so much with racing (though I do LOVE motorsports). So here's my thing- I'm okay with a larger championship, but you have to structure everything nicely so you don't have a lot of complications in the schedule. F1 Debrief on Speed Channel once had a discussion on an expanded season. A good point was raised about having more races within a certain region. So for example, having a race in Spain, then go to Canada the following week, then return to Europe to race in France or someplace the week after next... not good.

In case you're wondering, the 2011 Formula 1 season (at least from a provisional standpoint) will start on March 13 with the Bahrain Grand Prix, then end with the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 27. To see how the 2011 Formula 1 Schedule will look, click on this hyperlink: 2011 F1 Schedule.

How do you feel about a 20-race Formula 1 World Championship season? Comment away!
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