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Flowers in Hair

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Nothing provides purity and beauty quite like placing a flower in your hair. The flower does as much to compliment a lovely hairstyle as much as to frame your face. Picking the right kind of flower to accompany your hairstyle can be like adding sugar to flat-tasting foods. Adding a flower in your hair can be good for anything ranging from a casual outfit to formal occasions.

In some cultures, flowers in hair have some meaning to them. Like in the South Pacific (according to, a flower in a female's hair behind the right ear means the girl is single. A flower in the hair behind her left ear means she's taken. This is probably in South Pacific nations like Fiji, Samoa (perhaps American Samoa as well), Niue, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, French Polynesia, etc.

To me, flowers in your hair provides a natural and beautiful touch. It almost makes you seem like a flower that has blossomed in full beauty. A girl will certainly smile and be flattered if she's told that her beauty blossoms like a rose (or any other beautiful flower). Therefore, flowers symbolize divinity, purity, and even peacefulness. You take something as beautiful and as pure as a flower and apply it to your hairstyle. It would be even more interesting if you share the same name as a flower (for example: Heather, Allison, Daisy, Jasmine, Blossom, Violet, Flora, Flower, etc.), and you wear a flower in your hair, especially the flower you're named after.

How do you wear a flower in your hair? Well, there are two methods according to Either use bobby pins to secure the flower, or use a hot glue gun to affix the flower on a hair clip. Real or artificial flowers can be used. If you prefer flowers that don't die, just go with artificial flowers.

--- Flowers in Hair: Various Pictures ---
The following features pictures of females wearing flowers (real and fake flowers) in their hair.

Aarti Sequeira flower hair
^ from: - Aarti Sequeira with a flower in her hair. I blogged about her recently. You can read that blog entry on this lady here: Aarti Sequeira.

lily in hair
^ from: - a lady with a lily in her hair.

Black girl flower
^ from: - a black female with a big flower in her hair.

multiple flowers in hair
^ from: - Why have just one flower in your hair? This girl is wearing a flower hairpiece with multiple flowers.

bride with flower
^ from: - a bridal flower in hair.

bridal multiple flowers
^ from: - a wedding hairstyle with multiple flowers in her hair.

flower wreath hair
^ from: - a girl wearing a wreath of flowers on her head.

Depending on how much traffic I get to this blog entry, I may add more pictures to keep this blog post fresh.

If you'd like to buy some flower hair clips, I'd love for you to purchase some from Amazon. This widget features a great variety of flower hair clips on Amazon that you can purchase if you'd rather have artificial flowers in your hair. Some are even as beautiful as the real flowers. Be warned- a majority of flower clips here are for little girls. However, there are still plenty for grown-up girls to choose from:

You can also go with flower headbands:

Thanks for supporting my blog and all of its entries. How do you feel about the look of flowers in your hair? Hope you enjoyed this blog entry!

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