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Ministry of Sound

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(updated: August 26, 2011)

The Ministry of Sound preaches heavenly blessings of electronic dance music goodness for all to enjoy. You sometimes see the Ministry of Sound logo with some great music to go with it. These range from CD collections to certain video and computer games. So what is the Ministry of Sound? It's a London, England-based nightclub, a record label, and an awesome radio station. There are even separate Ministry of Sound sites for various other nations (namely America, Germany, and Australia). Here is the Ministry of Sound logo below. When you see this logo, you're probably going to hear some great dance music that you'll keep enjoying:

Ministry of Sound logo
^ from: - the Ministry of Sound logo.

This blog entry is all about the Ministry of Sound. Time to become saved! Most information comes from the Ministry of Sound official website as well as Wikipedia.

Ministry of Sound - The Club.

Established on September 21, 1991; the Ministry of Sound nightclub opened in London purely devoted to dance music with inspiration from New York City's nightclub scene. There's nothing like Ministry of Sound today and just what it means to the realm of electronic dance music. I can probably say that Ministry of Sound-London is probably just big a dance music paradise as any of Ibiza's best nightclubs. If dance music is your religion, then the Ministry of Sound-London is your holy place, and every day is a holy holiday.

In addition to the highly-popular Ministry of Sound-London nightclub, there is also a DJ Academy in case you aspire to be the next best international dance music sensation. It wouldn't be a bad place to start if you want to be among the "World's #1 DJ" discussion, like if you want to be the next Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, or whomever your favorite DJs are in the genre.

Ministry of Sound - the Label.

It's safe to say that the Ministry of Sound is a big deal in the genre. The Ministry of Sound Group features a variety of different physical and digital albums and songs showcasing the world of dance music. They have a lot of compilations featuring a host of great songs. Whether you're into trance, house, chill, or whatever... the Ministry of Sound has you covered. They own brands like Hed Kandi, Hussle Recordings, Euphoria, and Hard2Beat.

Ministry of Sound - Radio and TV.

As a pioneer and leader in dance music, Ministry of Sound commits itself to showcasing the very best in dance music both in television and radio. You can listen to the Ministry of Sound radio station online (links supplemented towards the end of this blog entry). There are various programs played throughout the week as well as with DJs that help

Ministry of Sound can also be found on YouTube. There are online video pieces where MoS covers various aspects of dance music even with video features on various events.

Ministry of Sound - Fitness?

You would think that pulsating music such as electronic dance music can be both good to listen to, but also to work out to. In fact, it's no surprise that this music can be great for exercise. The Ministry of Sound has some DVD and CD collections to get you in the mood to work it out. MoS's official website features a Fitness section with mostly DVDs packed with good music to listen to for your working out pleasure.

Ministry of Sound - My Overall Thoughts...

(What would I tell the Ministry of Sound if they were to read this blog post?)

I am very much a fan of Ministry of Sound. I'm not going to say that I listen to them all the time online (because I don't usually listen to Internet radio a lot of times), but I have deep respect for what they do and what they mean in not only covering dance music, but also in discussing, playing, and exposing the genre. The Ministry of Sound has done a great deal in covering and exposing the world of dance music for all to enjoy. Remember when I reviewed "Cream Trance Anthems: Ibiza 2009?" Well, Ministry of Sound Recordings helped to compile this collection and even licensed a few songs in this collection. Games like "FIFA 2002" from EA Sports feature Ministry of Sound. So when you see the globe logo with a crown on top, you know that you'll probably hear some amazing dance music from many of the world's best in the dance genre.

Needless to say, Ministry of Sound has done a whole lot to make dance music relevant to the world. They continue to do a great job with all of their work. And as they celebrate their 19th birthday on 9/21/2010, the sky is the limit as to how much further they can go in the realm of dance music. My best wishes and deepest appreciation go out to Ministry of Sound for all of their work over the years.

By the way, congratulations on all the years of your existence. You deliver the dance music goodness, and your many fans around the world show their undivided support and respect for all of your work.

Save the Ministry of Sound!

(added: August 26, 2011)
The Ministry of Sound club has been threatened with plans to build more residential housing in place of the MoS club. A petition was set up to try to save the Ministry of Sound club. To do your part to save the MoS club, or to learn more about what is going on with this club, visit the Ministry of Sound's "Save Our Club" page to sign the petition to keep the club active.

That concludes this blog entry on the Ministry of Sound. I can NOT allow you to just read all of this and not connect with the Ministry of Sound. So below are some links for you to check out the Ministry of Sound online. Please visit any of the following links that interest you:

Connect With Ministry of Sound!

Ministry of Sound's Official Page
Ministry of Sound - Radio Schedule (includes links to listen live for PC and Mac)

Ministry of Sound on Myspace
Ministry of Sound's Facebook Fan Page
Ministry of Sound-London's Facebook Fan Page
Follow Ministry of Sound on Twitter!
Ministry of Sound on Bebo
Ministry of Sound (UK) on YouTube
Ministry of Sound on

Individual Ministry of Sound Sites...

Ministry of Sound-America
Ministry of Sound-Germany
Ministry of Sound-Australia

Want some Ministry of Sound from Amazon? Please use this widget:

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