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Pocky! Japan's highly popular snack from Glico is none other than Pocky. Imagine eating thin biscuit sticks with most of it covered with some cream. In other words, it's kind of like eating cookies that have the bottom of them covered in chocolate. Earlier today, I had a chance to get and sample Pocky. The Pocky that I got has cream chocolate covered on the buscuit sticks. I also saw a version that had strawberry cream. So I'll be here to chat about what Pocky is like.

Let's see some pictures (my own pictures):

Pocky 1
^ Pocky... before you open the box up.

Pocky 2
^ Pocky box, and the pack Pocky comes in.

^ A stick of chocolate-flavored Pocky on a paper tissue.

When I picked up and ate a Pocky stick, I could taste the creamy chocolate on one side of the Pocky stick. The Pocky stick has little or no flavor when you're done with the covered part of the Pocky stick. It tastes pretty good. The sticks are narrow while still having some nice flavor with the creamed parts. I may want to get these if I one day live in or go visit Japan. You get somewhere between 10 to 15 sticks of Pocky in the box and in the pack.

So if you see a box of Pocky and are curious to try it out, go buy a box of Pocky and give yourself a little taste of Japan! Thanks for reading my blog entry on Pocky! Want to buy some Pocky on Amazon? Take a look at this widget and get yourself some Pocky! :)

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