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Game Maker

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Game Maker from YoYo Games has given would-be game makers the chance to create their own games without having to worry about endless amounts of coding. Almost any kind of game is possible with coding skill and with inventive skill. I downloaded this last night and started playing around with it today. I'll try to work on making game with this package. Even in this blog entry, I will share with you past games I've wanted to either make or edit.

Before I begin, if you want to learn more about Game Maker, visit: www.yoyogames.com to learn more about it and to download the latest installment of Game Maker (Game Maker 9 as of this post). The package is about a 10 MB download and comes with three sample games to play so you can get an idea as to what Game Maker is capable of.

--- Why Make Your Own Games? ---
As commercials may likely tell you, why PLAY games when you can be MAKING games? Nothing can be more fun than creating a game all your own with your own style. These can range from simple games all the way up to high-class material made by quality game makers. If you wanted to make games back then, you basically had to go through a lot of schooling and such to learn everything from programming to art. These days, you could make a (no offense and pardon my language) half-assed game that can be enjoyed by all.

Rather than play that next best game, why not MAKE that next best game? Use your creative noodle and work to make that great game!

--- My Motivation to Make Games ---
Maybe you've seen my series of Fictional Character blog entries. Initially, my plan was to make fighting characters for MUGEN. Then, I've thought of a separate storyline for my MUGEN project.

My motivation to make games is almost the motivation for blog entries and videos- if no one is making something or talking about anything that needs to be discussed, I'll share my mind. I am not looking for originality. Instead, all I'm trying to do is realize something I've always wanted to do as a hobby. It's all about learning as I go along. I've always had that "bridesmaid, never the bride" mentality on a lot of things. I want to realize something I've always envisioned for most of my life since becoming a gaming fan.

--- What is Possible With Game Maker? ---
Almost anything! Anything from average Joe 2D games to some 3D games are possible. One of the biggest games online made with the Game Maker platform is Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is a fan-made game which, as its name suggests, plays a lot like Super Mario games. However, this is completely UNLIKE your average Mario game! It features characters and influences from other games. Examples include (but are not limited to) the Sonic series, the MegaMan series, the Ghosts and Goblins series, Metal Slug, and even HALO.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion was made with the Game Maker Pro package. To learn more about this game and all it has to offer, it's recommended to visit their Wikia Gaming page at Mushroom Kingdom Fusion's Wikia Gaming page.

--- Exclusive! A Look at a Project I'm Working On ---
Here is an exclusive look at the project I'm thinking of in regards to the fictional characters I've come along with...

First Look: My Game Project.

In the Summer of 2008, a new reality TV tournament will take over the Summer. A brand-new fighting tournament exclusively for female contenders will put eight fighters between the ages of 18 and 30 in an intense elimination tournament. The eight finalists went through their qualifiers and were all good enough to make this Elite Eight of quality fighters.

Between the final qualifier and the eventual start of the tournament, a full month and a half is ahead. This gives the young ladies a chance to go from their homes to live on a new campus in Malibu, California, USA. The fighting-exclusive arena for the tournament is still under construction in Studio City, California, USA.

What most of the tournament finalists fear is the attitude of some of the ones who didn't make the final eight in the tournament. Those fears were confirmed when a number of ex-qualifiers wanted to assert themselves in hopes of drawing the eight finalists to fight. Many of those girls who just tried out for the tournament told their experiences to friends and family. Some of the girls who competed, however, were SO jealous of the eight finalists that they decided to form a faction and commit a series of random violence attacks (no violent weapons like guns and knives, though) against other girls across Southern California. The majority of the insanity impacted the Los Angeles area, the San Diego area, and even in the Inland Empire. One ex-qualifier trying to rescue her sister from three girl gangsters ended up being beaten badly. All eight tournaments finalists visited the hospital where the beaten girl laid in the hospital, where that girl would later die from being beaten.

After learning of that girl's death in successfully saving her sister, the finalists made a bold decision. While rivals in the upcoming fighting tournament, the eight finalists have all agreed to work together to suppress the random violence... by going out to points in Southern California to fight any and all whom have committed these random attacks. Their bravery to suppress this faction at the expense of risking their own lives is a tall order. They may not work together as one to stop the insanity, but they all have their own unique paths towards suppressing the violence. Their journeys will take them across various points of Southern California to try to restore order to the impacted locations.

This game is in the style of most popular beat 'em up games (like the Final Fight and Streets of Rage series). It is also in the vein of all-female fighting games such as the Asuka 120% and Variable Geo series. The Los Angeles influence comes from "Rival Turf" (called "Rushing Beat" in Japan) from 1992. The whole deal is a fantasy (but realistic) Southern California. Various locations include: the California coastline, a popular shopping mall a few blocks away from the beach, a Rodeo Drive-inspired locale, an area inspired by Watts in Los Angeles, a Beverly Hills-style locale, a major university, some abandoned buildings and ghetto locales, and more.

And that's a look at what I'm privately working on!

--- Games I've Wanted to Make or Edit ---
Those who love and enjoy games only wish they could make or edit their own games. Here are some of my own games that I've wanted to edit or make.

"Super Mario City."

INSPIRATIONS: Super Mario World, Mario is Missing! (SNES Version)
Yes... "Mario is Missing!" for the SNES inspired me to come along with "Super Mario City," which was basically an edit of Super Mario World, but with some extra additions. I wanted to get you to be happy if you thought I wanted Super Mario World to be a dull edutainment game. I always wanted to imagine Mario going through the modern world trying to save (then) Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser. A lot of the buildings of cities in "Mario is Missing" inspired me to come up with this. By the way, this was something I thought of all the way back in 1994.

"Actual Intelligence."

INSPIRATIONS: (various first-person shooters)
When I was in middle school, I had thought of a simulation game in which you live as a student at school and try to live life as best as you can (while also getting a good education). Actually simulating this was going to be too much for me, so this was basically a wild dream I had. A wild dream and nothing more. The name "Actual Intelligence" came along as inspiration from artificial intelligence.

"Cool Cars."

INSPIRATION: Need for Speed 2: SE
I thought of game when I was first introduced to cars back around 1998. I thought of a racing game called "Cool Cars," featuring some of my favorite cars from that time across 12 different fantasy tracks. My inspiration was "Need for Speed 2: SE." This didn't evolve into anything but a bunch of fantasy courses I drew up.

These are some of the ones I really remember and recall trying to make.

--- Game Maker: What I Want to Practice ---
I want to practice putting together a few concepts to learn using the Game Maker interface. The first game I wanted to conceptualize was a platformer similar to the likes of the Lode Runner series. I just wanted it to be about picking up all the items to clear the level while avoiding enemies and hazards.

To do this, there are two characters- a brother-sister combo. The brother can take more hits and has average speed. The sister is much quicker, but doesn't have the stamina of his brother.

If I do come up with something, I may share it in my blog here. Again, if you want to learn more about Game Maker (and to download it), visit www.yoyogames.com. The Game Maker package also lets you buy Game Maker Pro to make more advanced games. Game Maker is worth trying out if you want to make your own games or be tempted with the thought of making your own games.

And as far as those fictional characters, I'm coming up with more based on a sequel to my initial MUGEN project.
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