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Onch Movement

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(UPDATED: March 13, 2012)

Onch... Movement! (giggle) With a passion for making silly videos as well as a great eye for style with fashion, crafts, and other things; Onch is a surely talented and fun online personality. The native of Taiwan who calls Hacienda Heights, California, USA home is all about silly stuff, cute stuff, and good old-fashioned fun. Hope my readers and subscribers can get to appreciate the totally fun Onch Movement. Onch is perhaps best known as one of many contestants to "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," where Onch was eliminated from the first season in the fourth episode. This blog post is about Onch and the Onch Momvement. And as a precursor to this blog post, the theme of this blog post may just be "colorful."

Before I Begin...

...Looking on Wikipedia, it has come to my attention that Onch is a boy, NOT a girl. So I had to change around a lot of things in my blog post on Onch to make this post relevant and accurate. To prove this point, check out this MTV article called "The Real Onch Steps Forward and Defines His Fabulousity" for more on the real Onch. By the way... he prefers "pomp," rather than "fabulous."


MAR 13 2012 - Edited and updated entire post

--- Onch... Movement! ---

Here is the colorful Onch:

Onch Movement jewelry
^ from: - Onch while sporting one of his creative necklaces. Onch Movement features MANY more charming and fun products that can be bought from Onch's online store.

Nelson Chang, better known as Onch (or Onch Movement), is someone whom I've first came across online after viewing some of Arika Sato's videos on YouTube. Both Arika and Onch were part of the whole "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" deal. Onch is a bisexual male who was a contestant on the first season of "Paris Hilton's My New BFF." He was eliminated for "being too noisy," according to Paris Hilton in the fourth episode.

What I equate most to Onch is his colorful style both in videos and with fashion. His sense of fashion style is very colorful with certain bright colors and even many splashes of color. Anything from multi-colored socks to bright-colored shorts or even a pair of colorful Dr. Martens boots is what you will see as part of Onch's style. To put it literally, he is a rainbow of fashionable cuteness. He has colorful and girly charm that is as immense as Betsey Johnson's girly charm. Prior to creating this blog post, I always thought Onch was a girl. However, Onch is a rather cute androgynous boy (if I may so).

If you read the note in the "Before I Begin" section, you might have read what Onch had to say about his sense of style. Onch doesn't believe in labels or boundaries. This is someone who'd rather stand out than fit in. This is something you have to appreciate whether you like Onch or not.

Onch in Videos.

It was this video that I got to appreciate Onch and his video making. Jim Cantore, be jealous:

What I like most about Onch in his videos is the amount of energy he brings to his videos. He can be very cute, very casual, very playful... just never a dull moment. This is someone who just brings it to all of his videos. Onch DOES have a serious side, though. Check out this video where Onch Movement talks about his involvement with the Trevor Project (a nonprofit/not-for-profit organization dedicated to curbing suicide among LGBT youth):

To learn more about The Trevor Project, visit: The Trevor Project's home page.

Onch in Fashion.

colorful Onch
^ from: - Bold colors, bright colors, neon colors... Onch defines his style with a gracious assortment of colors.

playful colors
^ from: - Colorful and stylish pretzel necklaces from Onch Movement's "Eat it All!" collection. Onch is best known for his colorful and fun jewelry.

Onch is perhaps best in girly (at least in style) and colorful fashions. He has an eye for colorful fashions. You may see Onch sporting some bright colors or neon colors. For a (born August 24, 1985)-year old like Onch, his playful and colorful style is worked nicely for colors you'd probably see on a little girl.

You have to appreciate that he freely expresses his style the way he knows how whether you like it or not. Onch is not going to blow anyone away with chic style or any nightclub-style hotness. He's a fan of American Apparel, as you can tell in this video (warning- some bad language):

Onch in Arts and Crafts.

For one thing, I can TRULY relate to Onch and what he does. He is very much into art. His home page ( features a variety of different items designed by him for you to buy and wear. To give you an idea to his art style and craft style, here are a few videos to demonstrate his creativity:

He makes a Visual Diary in this video:

Very creative he is.

--- What I Would Tell Onch (if he were to read this) ---

Greetings, Onch Movement! I greatly appreciate all of your work in all of your material. Keep up the great work, and I wish you continued success in all aspects of life. I think your colorful influence and your charm are incredible. I think you are an inspiration for... anyone, really. The one thing I think you would tell people is to follow their dreams and never be afraid to be yourself no matter what anyone thinks about you. You are highly entertaining and enjoyable to me. I admire your work both in fashion and in videos.

Would I Want to Meet Onch (if given the chance)?

Yes, I would.

That concludes another quality blog post of mine. You know you didn't get enough Onch Movement (don't lie)! :) So here are some more links to get you into the wonderful world of the Onch Movement:

Onch Movement home page (includes his official store)
(UPDATED: Feb. 28, 2011) Onch Movement on Etsy
Onch Movement on Myspace
Follow Onch Movement on Twitter!
Onch Movement's Facebook Fan Page
Onch Movement's YouTube channel
an old blog of Onch Movement (a Blogspot blog! However, it hasn't been updated in months.)
Onch Movement on Tumblr.

Thank you for reading!

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