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Not everyone plays the latest games on the latest systems. Some prefer playing old games on older operating systems. Classic gamers want to enjoy older games as much as they might newer games. If you use any operating system XP or more recent, your classic gaming experience will not be very good. That is, unless you download and configure DOSBox for your Windows-enabled system. There are also other versions for other operating systems including (but not limited to) Mac and Linux among other operating systems. DOSBox is your best hope to enjoy classic gaming without having to wrestle with your modern OS just to play a classic game. Joystick support is offered for games as well as other modern technologies with DOSBox. This blog post introduces you to DOSBox.

Why Use DOSBox?

It's sad that newer operating systems totally do away with DOS games. Unless your game is a Windows game, your best chance to play DOS games in great quality is with DOSBox. I have used DOSBox to play certain classic games. I sometimes almost wish I stayed with my crappy eMachines computer with Windows 98 or my super-slow Packard Bell computer that had Windows 95. The best you can do to play old DOS games is to use DOSBox. DOS games play in much better quality with DOS than you can with trying to play them through any Windows interface XP or current.

"Why Are You Playing DOS Games Anyways?"

Let me answer a question someone might ask. Reality is- not everyone is playing Crysis, blur, GTR Evolution, Farcry, or any other popular PC game these days. Do we need to? Absolutely not. Some people who really love games love a classic game as much as they do anything current. Or in the case of most classic gamers, they'd rather play older games and put up with older games than most of today's titles. Some people even take older games and try to give new life to them with current PC-compatible systems. Don't give me that crap that I should be playing newer games than be stuck in the past. My PC isn't really good enough to play most of today's PC games anyways. Then too, I like looking back and playing certain classic PC games. Some may even say older games have more character and aren't movies that also happen to be games. So if you want to play through PC history, play and enjoy older games. If you're a true gaming fan, play some classic DOS games. Don't always play only the latest titles- take a trip back in time.

Tips for Using DOSBox.

DOSBox is tough to understand at first. The biggest thing I can recommend is to set up one folder to put in ALL of your DOS games in. I make it simple by making a new folder called "Games." Drop in all of your DOS games that you want to play in DOSBox. Mount this folder the easy by modifying the configuration file to include your mounted folder. In this configuration file, add something similar to this below the [autoexec] section. I will show you what I use for my own configuration:

MOUNT C C:\Games

If you add a mounted folder in the configuration file, then DOSBox will automatically use this folder upon startup rather than have to do things manually all the time. If a DOS game requires a CDROM for it to be played, use this syntax:

MOUNT (CD drive) (CD drive):\ -t cdrom

This will allow you to automatically tell DOSBox to enable CDROM support.

These are only a few things I can suggest to all of you.

--- DOSBox Resources ---
I have only two links to share with you. Click on the headings to visit these sites:


Download DOSBox!

DOSBox Tutorial.

DOSBox Tutorial - strongly recommended if you need help setting up DOSBox.

CuteFloor on YouTube.

My YouTube friend, CuteFloor, features a variety of classic PC games running on DOSBox. I absolutely recommend you visit this YouTube channel to see classic DOS games played in lovely quality.

Thank you for reading, and happy gaming!

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