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In Happier Times...

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When current times are rough, we often like to reflect back to when times were happier and better for us. Depending on the memories, the urge to want to relive those great days and times. In happier times, we've lived better and had more fun than today. Some of us can only wish we could relive those times when it didn't take much to have a smile on your face and to feel free. How do you handle yourself in these situations?

This blog post is dedicated to being down on ourselves in today's times, wishing today's times were better compared to in the past.

--- In Happier Times... ---

Having memories of a better life vary from person to person. These happier memories help you to remember when times were better for you. Just about all of us have some sort of happy memories from our past. If we wanted to, we could relive those times and enjoy what all is now lost forever in time. I know there are times I've had where I've felt better and that life was just that extra bit happier for me.

In Happier Times: A Demonstration.

NOTE: The following story is provided as a demonstration. It is not meant to resemble any real people or situations. Any relation between the characters and/or the stories thereof are completely coincidental.

Let me provide a demonstration of current rough times and remembering happier times.

Imagine two people, Matt and Jennifer. The two have known and loved each other since high school. They have a baby boy together named Jason. They live in a very nice neighborhood. That was some five years ago. Now? Matt and Jennifer are still together, but they are separated. Jennifer takes care of their baby boy while Matt moved back to his mother's house. Jason feels terrified that his parents still argue. This worrying has caused Jason to not do so well in school. Everything seems depressing with no hope in sight. Jennifer got behind on paying bills, and she's now facing financial hardships.

At some point, all three people in this demonstration can somewhat recall when times were happier and worries are at a minimum. The trouble here is that current times are rough. Just the thought of simpler and happier times are enough to possibly bring everyone together again in happiness. The parties involved will have to come together through one sort of common bond to where everyone can be happy and positive again. How that is accomplished depends entirely on factors, both internal and external to help bring everyone together again happily.

Today's doom and gloom for these three people makes it that much more special to remember when times were happier. However, considering the respective situations these three face, is there possibly a way to save this family? Remembering what you've had before things turned sour is a good indication that times have gotten rough, and it may take a great deal of acts and actions to help return happiness to the lives of those teetering and struggling in life. Various triggers help set the tone for wanting to relive happier times.

Reminiscent Triggers.

So what can trigger these emotions of reflecting to when times were happier? Among other factors:

• friendship with others
• a better love life
• a better time with family
• status in work/school
• an overall personal mood
• economic, governmental, social, religious conditions at that time
• friends and family alive at that time

All of us will have some sort of memories where we wish times were better than what we have now. Depending on those memories, we either don't mind if we could relive certain happy experiences, or we would hate our lives right now only because certain past experiences are much better than the experiences we have at present.

Can Certain Past Times Be Relived?

It may be possible to set up situations that help us to relive happier times. Think of older people for a moment. Imagine high school and college reunion ceremonies for people who are at least 40 years old. Obviously, such people can't properly relive when they were much younger. There were too many more factors back in the past compared to today's postmodern society. You can, however, bring back certain times when it was these people who roamed the campus and lived their lives at a certain location.

Some past times require a certain location be available. Imagine if you (as a male) kissed your girlfriend for the first time at a fast food restaurant way back when. Imagine that this is where you had the best hamburgers and food you've ever eaten. And imagine that today... that restaurant is now demolished and replaced either with housing or is just a big empty lot. In a time like this, it is near impossible to enjoy these memories again because that specific place is no longer there.

Depending on a number of factors, it is possible to bring back past positive memories. These may be the memories that help us to feel better and improve our quality of life in this day and age even if for only one day.

--- Inspiration for This Blog Post ---

I am always inspired in everything I post, so let me share my inspiration with you.

You may have read my blog post called "Disappointment." This was where I intimately shared some of the things I've been disappointed with. I called 2011 a year of disappointment for me because of a number of factors internally and externally that have led me to not feel as happy or as confident about this year compared to in past times.

So often times, I feel times were better for me when life was simpler and when I was more youthful. I sometimes think of when I was around people whom I've respected and enjoyed being around and who adored my own presence. I can recall when certain songs on the radio made me happy. I can remember being in a time where I've enjoyed myself more then than I do now. Mainstream culture were different, times were different, and I was in a happier mood. Today, I get so caught up with the doom and gloom most people have that I wish I could reverse the misfortunes of myself and others if I had the power to do so.

I sometimes reflect on a lot of things then compared to now. The most common comparison people may make relate to music. A lot of people will say that music culture was much more fun then compared to now, where many people think music is too much about manufacturing music and styles rather than letting the truly unique talents shine. Think of sports fans who wish their favorite athletes/teams would return to their past winning ways (like my Houston Astros) or championship-wining ways (like my Houston Rockets). Those who currently have a tough time trying to keep a bond between friends and family often wish they could be together forever and for longer like back in the day.

I guess I can even relate to more people (talking about fashion now) where more people are into dark styles more than something expressive and happy. There was once a piece I read in Teen Vogue magazine called "Bringing Pretty Back," where there are girls who just want to look pretty again rather than wear dark, edgy, tough, gloomy fashions.

If you want to read my [recently updated] blog post in response to this topic, open this link in another window/tab or just click on it to go to that post: "Binging Pretty Back" here on John's Blog Space. This post MIGHT be brought back with a new version, so you are reading what could be deleted and replaced.

(ADDED: April 25, 2012) Would you like to see a video I did on this topic? If so, see my YouTube video: "In Happier Times" - YouTube.

Almost everyone who has positive memories of some kind will have some idea of what they wish they can relive. So is the inspiration to this post.

Are today's times so disparaging that reflecting on a happier past is the way to go? How do certain past positive experiences impact you if today's times are not as positive? How do you rebound and deal in these times? Your comments are welcome. Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

While it's easy to reminisce about and wish for whatever happy things you had in the past (most people do at one time or another, I know I have), it's probably better to try and better your life in the present and for the future.  :)
Principessa Gabriella 

John B. Marine said...

I have been reflecting on happier times b/c in 2010 I carried my firstborn daughter until she was 34 weeks and lost pregnant 2 months later with a son carried him to 37 weeks and he ws also stillborn. so the past 2 years have been depressing for me losing both of my children and only having my boyfriend and my puppy left. whenever I get down I think about the people who will never conceive and know that I will one day have the family I desire. I also used to have a better paying job but now I make less but have less stress and I met my soul mate. So all in all life has been better but I have learned to go forward IN SPITE OF.....................and my new blog keeps me occupied.

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