Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pleasant Surprises

John Marine | 12/08/2011 04:59:00 PM | | |
Pleasant surprises are compliments people don't expect to have come their way, but are there anyways thanks to the generousity of others. I like to think I've provided pleasant surprises to people when I mention them in blog posts and/or videos. I like uplifting the spirits of people. Sometimes, I bring myself to tears or a positive rhythm in my heart knowing I've touched someone in a positive way. Even more so when people look to me as a positive influence. When I have blogged about people, some of the ones whom I've blogged about actually contact ME offering thanks! Some others are pleased when I make mention to them in my blog, like in my shout-out and salute posts.

Life has its fair share of pleasant surprises. We never know who or what is offering kind words or compliments to others, but we're certainly thankful we get them. This feeling of support from others is great when you're talking about average people offering up kind words and complimentary material of and about others. Pleasant surprises come in many forms. For me as a blogger, a pleasant surprise is when I pick up lots of views for posts in one day. It means people actually care about what I post. People have given me a chance and liked my efforts. It means people are rewarding themselves for finding and loving my material. I want this! I want people to engage with my material and (hopefully) enjoy what they see.

So go ahead- surprise somebody (even me) with something nice or positive. Make a respectful blog post about someone. Make a respectful video about someone. Provide a gift to someone you love
You never know what you can do when you provide a pleasant surprise. You may be completely oblivious of something respectful and positive being mentioned about someone... until you show him/her/them. So go ahead- make something pleasantly surprising for someone! :)

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