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Mary Janes

Ask me what my all-time favorite femme shoes are, and I'll tell you the mary jane. Why so? Its design is classic- a slip-on shoe secured by a strap or two. Mary janes take on many different forms ranging from classic mary jane slippers and pumps to the rise of mary jane sport shoes. The mark of a classic fashion item is for that item to transcend time and trends for years and decades to come. Mary janes have accomplished that since their arrival in the fashion realm. This blog post is a salute to the classic mary jane shoe.


This was a blog post initially created on January 17, 2010 at 7:19 PM Pacific Standard Time. Because of a poor view count for it (Blogger/Blogspot stats), it has since been replaced with this updated post.

--- The Appeal of Mary Janes ---

What makes the mary jane so sweet is just the simplicity of the shoes. Some would think they are too cute and too childish. I tend to find childish cute. Mary jane shoes can either be childishly cute, or quite chic. Such shoes could even have a peep-toe/open-toe design for those who want to enjoy the style of open/peep toes. Let's look at a few basic styles of mary janes.

Schoolgirl Mary Janes.

schoolgirl mary janes
^ from: - A traditional pair of schoolgirl-type mary janes.

From classic to sexy, from leather to sequined, from basic to Goth... no style is more classic than the basic schoolgirl mary jane. What makes these mary janes so stylish, as I've mentioned previously, is their simple and classic beauty. Your favorite pair of jeans or pants can be complimented beautifully with these shoes. You could even go with your favorite skirt or dress with these. Lots of options.

The alternative footwear set would fancy a pair of wicked-looking schoolgirl mary janes. Demonia, for example, makes a pair of platform mary janes sure to please the Goth/fetish crowd. Here is an example below:

alternative schoolgirl mary janes
^ from: - Some alternative footwear designers make mary jane shoes for the fetish and Goth crowds, such as these alternative mary jane shoes from Demonia by Pleaser.

Such shoes offer a fetish/Goth touch to something as classic as a basic pair of mary janes. There are some mary janes that are much tougher and much more likeable among the alternative footwear crowd, but I specifically chose these since they are most relevant to this post's subject matter and its intended audience.

Double-Strap Mary Janes.

two strap mary janes
^ from: - One strap not enough? Try two! This is a pair of silver mary janes from Marc Jacobs.

Mary janes with two straps rather than one can be pretty nice. It just means you have an extra strap to buckle. There are some simpler double-strap mary janes, but here is an alternative mary jane shoe. To me, I have a certain rule regarding mary janes: no mary janes should have anything more than two straps and expect to be stylish. Two straps are enough; any mary janes more than two straps usually don't make for lovely mary janes. However... there are very few exceptions.

T-Strap/T-Bar Mary Janes.

T-strap or T-Bar mary janes
^ from: (best I could find) - Dr. Martens' T-Bar mary janes. Such mary jeans feature a T-strap design.

A T-strap mary jane has a basic mary jane strap, but is met with a vertical strap that connects with the main strap. Some T-strap mary janes have two horizontal straps.

Mary Jane Sport.

mary jane sport Skechers Sightsee
^ from: - Get sporty cute with it! The Skechers Sightsee mary janes are among the most popular mary jane sport sneakers. Mary jane sport shoes offer the perfect balance of girly and sporty.

mary jane sport
^ from:, by way of - A more traditional-looking sporty pair of mary jane sport shoes.

The mary jane sport shoes are a combination of mary janes with some athletic touch. These are basically sneakers, but VERY cute sneakers. You could probably even wear these with office-appropriate outfits, especially in settings like restaurants or other places where you normally see sneakers worn by most employees. The most common mary jane sport shoes you see are the Bikers or Sightsee sneakers from Skechers.

What makes these sneakers both cute and stylish is the fact that they combine the cute appeal of a slip-on shoe with the lovely appeal of mary jane shoes. If you want to wear sneakers but don't want to go with your average lace-up sneakers, these are a cute alternative. Skechers even has their very popular Shape-Up mary jane sport sneakers, like these:

mary jane sport Skechers shape ups
^ from: - Mary jane sport- Skechers' Shape-Up style!

Want to get sporty cute with mary janes? Look to mary jane sport shoes!

No matter what your favorite mary jane shoes are, there are lots to choose from. All of which are stylish and simple. These are purely basic, yet deliver great style. Help yourself to a pair of mary janes from Amazon. Consider this my gift to you in thanking you for reading this post. I would appreciate your business if you find a pair of mary janes (or anything else) you happen to like:

Happy shopping and thanks for reading! :)

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I love high heeled mary janes, they're so adorable!  I used to wear some of those sporty ones too, they're cute and comfy to walk in.  Cute post.  :) 

Principessa Gabriella 

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