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The Ricki Lake Show

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The new Ricki Lake Show is worlds different from the Ricki Lake Show of old. Rather than most of the usual daytime talk show topics, this new Ricki is focused more towards feminine-specific issues. My own review of this new show will be featured in this blog post. Is this a talk show you should check out? Are you going to enjoy this new Ricki, even if you were a big fan of the old Ricki Lake Show? Welcome to John's Blog Space! Before I begin, get to know the new Ricki Lake Show:

The New Ricki Lake Show
^ from: (click on image to visit the Ricki Lake Show homepage) - The Ricki Lake Show is back! This is a new Ricki, however, for more reasons than one.

--- The *New* Ricki Lake Show: Review ---

On September 10, 2012; "America's Girlfriend" returned with a new show and some new swagger. The very first episode of the new Ricki Lake had a playful spin on some elements of the old Ricki Lake Show. It had been eight years since Ricki last did her highly successful daytime talk show prior to the first taping of the new Ricki Lake Show. This is a new show not only because Ricki Lake is back on daytime television, but it is new because Ricki has taken on multiple responsibilities and has matured between the old show and the new one- namely motherhood and marriage. So this new Ricki Lake Show can be thought more like a progress report and a look at how times have changed between the old show and the new show.

Now a few individual talking points on this new Ricki...

Ricki Chic and Swagger.

She dressed up in a beautiful lavender dress with bell sleeves and some stylish skin-tone pumps on the first televised episode of the new Ricki Lake Show. She has honestly and personally never looked better in my view. She has sported a lovely array of dress outfits and skirt outfits. Ricki Lake smiles sweetly and looks gorgeous even as she gets ready to host her show, do interviews, question the audience, and more. Even in her age range, she still possesses the playful and youthful style of a teenager.

Show Topics.

The variety of topics are quite vast even though most of the topics relate to women-related issues. For example, one episode concerned the power of social media in today's society. There was even an episode regarding the power of love. Ricki Lake has always been about being real and relatable, and a lot of the feminine-focused topics featured cover a vast array of issues: pregnant after 40, depression while pregnant, issues related to sexual intercourse, body image issues, etc. Everything is presented in a convincing and realistic way.

Comparing the Old Show to the New One.

So what is the difference between the old Ricki Lake and the new Ricki? The biggest difference is that the new Ricki Lake is more fixated on issues involving women while the old show was among some of the many to vie for the best daytime talk show experience on TV. But just because this show is more focused on women-related issues doesn't mean Ricki can infuse her own character and influence to make her show stand out.

Honestly speaking, Ricki Lake is someone whom I've seen as lovely. She's even more so with her new show. The old show had its own character and charm. The old show certainly had its share of unique guests and outrageous moments- ranging from unruly children and teens to makeovers galore. When the last of the old Ricki Lake show aired, I honestly thought this was a pretty big loss for the daytime talk show circuit.

The old Ricki Lake Show theme song was a lot more catchy and youthful with its funky jazzy theme. The new Ricki Lake theme song is more rock-influenced with a good deal of guitar. I do like both themes. But maybe since I can be so nostalgic, I tend to like the old Ricki theme more than the new one.

The only real comparison is in the topics and in how the shows are all paced. Ricki Lake makes mentions from time to time between the old show and the new one. However, it is done in a playful sort of way, not to the extent of feeling sorry or anything for the new show. She basically has moved on from the old show and the old personality to this newer show. It shows a direction of progress and maturity. Like it or not, Ricki Lake has moved on and wants the show to take on a newer character apart from the old show. Through it all lies one constant- the personality and charm of one Ricki Pamela Lake.

Friends of Ricki.

If there is one factor that helps set this show apart from others, it is the Friends of Ricki social medium. Friends of Ricki is devoted toward continuing the discussion on The Ricki Lake Show before, during, and after televised episodes. Think of it as an episode of the Ricki Lake Show that never ends.

The discussion continues on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on Friends of Ricki or to get involved, here are ways to do so:
Friends of Ricki Facebook Fan Page
Ricki Lake Show on Twitter and use the hashtag "#FriendsofRicki"

Should You Watch "The [New] Ricki Lake Show?"

Many people will probably get the idea that this show belongs on Lifetime rather than some other network. It is highly unlikely I'm going to convince my own male audience to watch a mostly feminine-focused daytime talk show. I did not make this blog post review of "The [New] Ricki Lake Show" primarily to convince all audiences that this is a show for everyone.

--- The [New] Ricki Lake Show: Final Thoughts ---

Ricki Lake has lost little (if anything) in going from the old Ricki Lake Show to the new Ricki Lake Show. She retains her youthful character and personality while also looking more beautiful than ever. The fact that these episodes are more focused towards issues related to women than any usual talk show topics shouldn't make it a deterrent or any reason to not see Ricki Lake do her show. Ricki Lake remains professional on her show while also providing a good sense of humor and personality that has made her such a celebrated and respected figure. I think people who simply love what Ricki Lake brings to television will not be disappointed with the new Ricki Lake Show.

And that concludes my first blog post of October 2012. For more information on The Ricki Lake Show, please visit Want to get social with the Ricki Lake Show? Please visit these links:

The Ricki Lake Show Facebook Fan Page
Friends of Ricki Facebook Fan Page
Ricki Lake on YouTube
Follow Ricki Lake on Twitter!
Follow The Ricki Lake Show on Twitter!

Thank you for reading!

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Michelle Lee said...

great post
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John Marine said...

I used to love Ricki Lake. Her old show was hilarious. I haven't gotten a chance to check out her new show but by your review, I think I should.


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