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Windows Live Writer

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Recently, I was tempted to try Windows Live Writer. Since I haven't used Windows Live Messenger in a while, I updated (and upgraded) to Windows Live Messenger. There was still that Writer program, though. So what is Windows Live Writer? It is a desktop blog publisher. You can use it to prepare blog posts while not having to log on via a browser, and a lot of the same HTML functionality is retained as you go along. Windows Live Writer allows you to prepare blog posts away from the Internet. You can also use it to prepare a post for a blog, then even be able to schedule to have it posted online. So it can be very convenient.

I use NoteTab Light to type up my blog posts in various *.txt files. I use a number of items from the NoteTab clips as my artist's easel (so to speak) to handle certain HTML codings. I then copy and paste everything (after a lot of proofreading) and publish online. So if I've used NoteTab Light for blog posts, what makes Windows Live Writer any different? Well, with Windows Live Writer, you can use it to set up various blogs across various blogging interfaces. Use Windows Live Writer to use for your blogging interface, including (but not limited to) Blogger/Blogspot, Wordpress, and Typepad among others.

If you do not have a blog of your own, you can arrange to have one on Windows Live. You may also use any blog(s) you may have on Windows Live Spaces or SharePoint. From there, various parameters from an existing blog will be available for you in Windows Live Writer. I even used this program to gain parameters from all of my Blogspot blogs. It is very simple to input things like hyperlinks, pictures, photos, tables, and more. Since you're using a Microsoft product, it means you will not be able to enjoy using the lovely online tools provided by Google (as a Blogger/Blogspot user). So you can insert a map from Bing instead of Google Maps. You can also access and insert YouTube video through Windows Live Writer. Blog posts can be created with this program without needing to spend one second with any browser. You can save drafts of your blog posts or immediately send your finished work to be posted online.

Needless to say, Windows Live Writer is a completely functional tool for blogging. It has a vast array of features and capabilities to make blogging easier and without needing to spend a good amount of time with an online browser. I would really recommend this program to anyone who wants to make professional-quality blog posts and doesn't have much knowledge on how to make them. I think this is a great package. If you are not a Windows user, you may want to look for a similar desktop blogging application that supports your operating system and/or your favorite blogging interface.

For more information on Windows Live Writer, or to download Windows Live Writer, I invite you to click on this link: Windows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer is part of the Windows Essentials package.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I mentioned that I use NoteTab for my blogging. If you want to learn more about this program, please read my blog post "NoteTab" here on John's Blog Space.

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