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Second Chances

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In life, not everything goes right the first time. A sad part of life is that we get only one chance at certain things. Life and living are so precious. At times, we wish to have second chances to promise to ourselves and to others that we will do better than previous times suggest. Some of us are fortunate enough to get second chances. Some of us- Heaven forbid- get second, third... seemingly infinite chances. So the thought of this blog post is about second chances. I invite you to read on and have a look at thoughts I have to share here.

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--- Second Chances in General ---

Why do we offer second chances or request second chances? The biggest reason why is because with people we love or want to impress, we've done wrong. It means we can do better than what our first efforts have shown. Wanting/Granting second chances means we want opportunities to show improvement and to assure others of our talents. When we make negative first impressions or spontaneous thoughts on someone or something, part of us believe in our hearts that something can really be better than what we initially believe. So we wish to give something a second chance if we were not impressed on the first time around. MAYBE things will be better and MAYBE something really is better than what we initially bashed. The power of granting a second chance can be just enough to try to win the respect of others or assure others of our abilities.

People have to be generous and trustworthy to allow for a second chance to be granted. If we are never given a chance to show improvement, so many of us would be in incredible pain and suffering- basically having to do everything the right way the first time. No mortal is ever perfect. Nothing we do is ever done the right way the first time. Having to be perfect or having everything be done right the first time only increases the stress on being perfect. The more we feel like perfection is required, the harder we have to work to try to prove others right about us. Some of us feel like perfection is required. So after trying something for the first time and failing, it only increases our desire for second chances if we are trying to win the respect of others.

Second chances especially play a role in relationships- both among family/friends and among those we are romantic with. Some acts are forgivable, and other acts aren't forgivable at all. Some people can see the goodness in someone's heart in taking back a lover or reconciling with a friend. Second chances with family can be very emotional. Think about a family member who committed an unspeakable act that disrupts a family or lessens one's character. "Forgive and forget" is not as easy in these situations. It may surely be a snowball's chance in Hell for some second chances to be granted. But if there is another chance for us to be better than what we have previously done, we surely want to make the most of these opportunities to help improve our quality of life and strengthen our bonds with others.

--- The Power of Second Chances ---

Some second chances granted help ensure that something is established for the greater good or to help preserve one's life. Here are a few instances where certain second chances can be empowering:

Second Chances: Preserving Lives.

Someone may be in need of some organs or some sort of life-saving surgery. Generous donors or dedicated doctors and surgeons can help to extend peoples' lives. These are second chances that could help provide hope to those who most need them.

Second Chances: Sports Teams and Personnel.

A team is doing poorly, and fans want the coach fired. However, a team may reject the idea of a coach being fired because the players think that coach is just the right person to lead a team to some sort of prominence. Therefore, team chemistry is paramount to help people deal in a rough sports environment. Some people who get second chances in sports may often do much better than when the team was in a funk.

Second Chances: Love and Relationships.

Scorned lovers may note someone being better lovers and better parents (if the couple has children). Who knows what could happen if a second chance is granted as a result of a past action? Two people may be vastly in love, and one person may be doing certain actions that break up a relationship. A lover may cheat on his/her lover with all sorts of infidelity. If granted a second chance, it is because the power of love among a couple is too strong (or just strong enough) to want to stay with that person. It is like admitting someone make someone else complete, and that person couldn't imagine being in love with anyone else. A second chance at love while in a relationship is a chance to rebuild a past love.

The other aspect of second chances may be about falling in love with someone and being in love... until you either get dumped or dump someone. You feel like being in love is overrated and that no one person can truly satisfy you, or you can never truly be satisfied with another person. A second chance at love can help you to realize that there are people out there that care about and love you. You begin to feel happy and whole again when given another chance at love.

Second Chances: Parenting.

When a family member disgraced the family and asks for a second chance, it is usually with the intent of rebuilding a bond with a loved one in the family. I think of daytime talk shows when unruly siblings exhibit stupid and dangerous behavior. Some families and family members are willing to work with siblings to help them be better.

There is also the side of negligent parents who admit they can do better. It can be tough for siblings to consider parents as being worthy of having a second chance based on certain aspects that have ruined family bonds. A parent who is granted or wants a second chance does so to show he/she can be a better parent to his/her sibling(s).

Second Chances: Responsibilities and Tasks.

If you fail a test, do something to get fired/demoted, or anything like that; a second chance can be granted if you feel you can do better. That higher figure has to be generous enough to see great in you and think you can improve. You have to improve, and the higher figure has to see improvement within you to be granted a second chance. Not having such chances means you've failed someone. And when you feel like you've failed people, you lose confidence in yourself and feel like you have created irreversible damage.

These are just some of many things that constitute and encourage what second chances can do for those who most want them.

--- You Have Been Given a Second Chance... Now What? ---

So the first time didn't go well. What do you do if given another chance? For many people, it's simple- don't screw up again. Truly genuine people who are given second chances on life or relationships work to make sure their last fail doesn't come back to haunt them. Truly generous people who offer second chances see a chance of improvement for people who most want that opportunity to improve. You have to put your trust in others if you do offer a second chance to others, and the ones who you've instilled your trust in has to be able to do you right and prove you right.

Make the most of the second chance(s) you are given!

--- Second Chances: Final Thoughts ---

If you are given a second chance at something, or if you offer someone/something a second chance, it is because of the goodness in your heart. No one person or thing will be perfect or do everything right the first time around. Sometimes, we need these moments of weakness to realize that we really can be better than what we eventually do in our lives. Some of us may even be fortunate to get multiple second chances. But if given multiple second chances and continually failing each time, the next best option is to just give up and move on. Why waste your time trying to care about something or trying to see improvement be made from others after offering so many chances?

Make the most of any second chances you are granted. If you can improve and know you can improve, show it. Don't make constant mistake after mistake or play around with others' generosity. Second chances are granted for a reason. Realize what has to change for the better and make sure to make the most of any extra opportunities you are granted, especially if you are working to make things better and to win the respect of others.

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