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Gun Control

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Though JBS is a positive place, I can't guarantee every topic is a comfortable one to discuss. This is certainly one of them. I am absolutely uncomfortable discussing anything related to violence or lethal weapons. However, gun control has been a hot-button issue of late. Various incidents such as the mass shootings at Virginia Tech, the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater for the premiere of "Batman: Dark Rising," and the disgusting mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary have all lead to discussion of and reviewing of gun control. So for this blog post, I am going to address gun control and my thoughts on this issue.


Let me stress again that I am not comfortable discussing this topic. That is because this involves both a sketchy subject and certain political matters. I am poorly educated on political matters and rarely discuss such matters in my posts. While I am not comfortable discussing this topic, I am at least going to make an attempt to discuss this topic professionally. What you are about to read on JBS are my thoughts on gun control. I will discuss this topic in a way that I mostly understand things. I am not educated properly in political matters, so I will avoid political discussion in attempting to discuss this topic. What you are going to get is opinion-based casual (yet professional) thoughts on gun control. I hope you can appreciate my efforts here.

Because this is a discomforting and loaded subject, I can not let my world audience view the full post. You must be reading the full post to view the rest of this post. Please click on "Read More" to read this post in its entirety if you want to continue. But remember- you are reading at your own discretion. Disregard this paragraph if you are reading the full blog post.

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--- Gun Control ---

Before I begin, let me begin with a quote you may have heard before:

"Guns don't kill people."

What does this mean? It means that guns themselves don't kill people- it's people who kill other people with guns. Many gun owners would feel disgusted at the notion that getting rid of guns altogether would put an end to gun violence. Look at it this way- I have played violent video games before. You name them, I've played them: Duke Nukem 3D, the Saints Row series, various Grand Theft Auto games, the Unreal Tournament series, DOOM, and the list goes on and on. Even though I've used virtual guns, it doesn't mean I'm somehow crafting my skills to be a real killer just by playing these games.

Why do people own guns anyway? Many own guns for protection- protection from intruders, thieves, and other immediate threats. Some own guns for recreation- especially outdoor sports like hunting and skeet shooting. Some even just collect guns. Whatever the case, no one can really say that even touching a gun automatically makes me capable of killing people. People don't own guns just to be "cool." People own guns mostly for protection. People go to firing ranges to practice using guns. There are even those who'll say that they are armed and aren't afraid to use their gun when threatened or feel the need to defend themselves.

So what do you do here? The toughest possible thing is to disallow mentally unstable people to carry guns. Prevent people from having any sort of access to military-spec rifles and other such weapons. Younger folk who think it is attractive to have a gun need to be educated properly on guns.

--- Misconceptions Regarding Guns ---

Let me tackle a number of misconceptions and thoughts people make regarding guns. Each section features a quote someone would make about guns, and below them are my thoughts. So have a look:

"Guns kill people."
Guns alone don't kill people. Saying that guns kill people is like saying that you're going to die just because you own or touch a gun. People die in car crashes; do cars kill people? No. It takes people to operate cars much the same way it takes someone to operate a gun.

"If you play video/computer games with guns, you are training yourself to be a killer."
Again- just because you play video games with guns doesn't mean you are going to be a future killer. So by virtue of playing a game like any "Call of Duty" or whatever, that I am somehow assumed to be likely of committing gun crimes? There is a difference between virtual gun violence and real gun violence.

"If you watch TV shows and movies with guns, you will be motivated to kill people with guns."
I've seen movies like "Friday," "Bad Boys," "Die Hard," "A Christmas Story," several James Bond movies, and even "Hard Boiled." These are just fantasies. I would NEVER allow a TV show with guns or a movie with guns to motivate me to own a gun. You are out of your mind if you think TV shows and movies with guns help people to want to own and use guns. Some people are only motivated by TV and movies to get and use guns only if they compelled enough to actually want guns. Some people get to be so motivated to kill that they want to emulate the kind of violence they see in television and in movies.

"Teaching a kid (especially for recreational sports) how to use a gun will only make him/her become a future gun killer."
You can teach a kid how to use a gun for recreational sports (like hunting, skeet shooting, paintball, etc.), but because you do doesn't mean he/she will commit gun crimes in the future. There is a lot of responsibility involved in attempting to teach youth about guns. A lack of responsibility or proper education will only make youth more hostile with guns. You can properly teach youth about guns without making them be intrigued or inspired to have a gun.

These are among many different quotes and misconceptions in regards to guns and gun usage. They are at least some of the things that come to mind for me regarding guns.

--- Gun Control: Final Thoughts ---

I'm with the crowd who say that "guns don't kill people." As much as I am not comfortable talking about or involving myself with guns, I at least believe that more can be done to tighten gun control so that more gun violence incidents are curbed. You can't say that guns alone give anyone any sort of power. I dislike guns. I don't find anything attractive or appealing about guns. However, I think better gun control is needed and needed to be better enforced. How you actually go about executing better and tighter gun control depends. Just like there are certain diseases that can't be cured, gun control can certainly treat the issue. Guns don't kill people- people kill people.

In my attempts to discuss gun control and my thoughts on this topic, I am doing so by discussing something discomforting and by avoiding getting into political matters. I don't involve myself in politics, nor am I properly educated on political matters to add a political layer to this discussion. I failed Government both in High School and in college. I've tried my very best to state my opinions in my own way. My only hope is that you appreciate my efforts. I did not create this blog post because someone wanted me to. I chose to do so because I have opinions to express. Despite the fact I discussed a topic I am uncomfortable with and with a limited amount of education of the matter, I did my very best to provide a topic for people to read about and discuss. All I can hope for is my audience to be able to respond to this topic and appreciate my efforts despite these factors working against me.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and my efforts in addressing the issue of gun control.

How do you feel about gun control? I did my best to discuss gun control from a perspective I was most comfortable with. Feel free to offer your own opinions if this topic interested you. Thank you for reading.

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