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My blog passed 2,000,000 hits all-time (Blogger/Blogspot statistics) today! John's Blog Space celebrated its fourth anniversary on January 23, 2013; and now this view milestone was wonderful to accomplish and recognize. Very few blogs under Blogger/Blogspot statistics have 2 million blog hits, let alone even reaching seven figure views. So I feel like I have reached rare air among most blogs among the Blogger/Blogspot interface. Am I happy? You bet your backside I am!

This blog post is a look at reaching this milestone of 2M blog hits. It also features other musings I want to share.

Thoughts on Reaching 2M Views.

Getting so many views can really be done by anyone. However, I am proud to provide quality content that actually generates views and gets so much support from a loyal audience. I do wish I had a lot more loyal readers respond to and interact with my work. I am not and will not complain about getting so many views. While I do admit I can be cheap often times, I am not cheap in the point of bumping up view counts. I hate offering my own views to my own blog posts. I do not randomly view my own blog just to increase view counts. I guess you can say I want my blog to earn 2M views rather than cheaply earn 2M blog hits. I want to feel like I've EARNED the attention I've garnered. I do get suspicious when I note people visit my blog based on suspicious web searches or from shady websites. But regardless- views are views. I just care more about authenticity and loyalty than randomly getting all kinds of views. I want to feel like I've earned 2M instead of feeling like I've been GIVEN 2M views. I want to be assured that readers (like you right now) are helping contribute to this blog getting so many views.

Based on reaching this goal of 2M, you readers worldwide have answered the bell. You never want to give up on something you love. The success of my blogging has lent itself to getting so much attention from a worldwide audience. If I never cared so much as to provide quality content to a global audience, I wouldn't have put so much effort into my posts; and I don't think I would ever get to meet so many people worldwide. Some of the many whom I've encountered online encompass a vast array of locales- the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Brazil, England, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea Republic, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Fiji, and American Samoa among many other places. My blog has hopefully crossed into multiple cultures. I have also been fairly blessed that the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) community has even embraced my blog over the time I've been blogging. I admire all whom have enjoyed my work and hope to win over more people with my blogging.

Looking Ahead, Moving Ahead.

The efforts to try to enhance and broaden my audience over the years of "John's Blog Space" have all been beneficial and fun. I remember long ago when I tried to appeal my blog to the South Pacific. I talked about beautiful women from various countries. Maybe one of my most recent accomplishments was in meeting more Central Asian

As for my topics... well, what more can I do? Just try to come up with more topics that will hopefully get more views and more attention. Blogging and YouTube is what I am fixated on. The least I can do is make the most of my time in both industries and keep on keeping on. I have a few topics I am very interested in and hope will generate views and attention. I'm not lowering my guard. I want this blog to be as successful as I want it to be. Only thing is... I need your help in making this happen. I can only do so much. The success of my work depends on you sharing, caring, and interacting with my work. I try to make my material as enjoyable as possible. The least you can do is show that I've done a good enough job.

I am just a humble blogger who may have been fortunate and/or lucky to get to 2M hits. In four years of blogging on Blogger/Blogspot (including a lot of experience blogging on Myspace), I can only get better. I can only reach higher places. I will use this new sort of confidence to continue providing great content. At least these two million views all-time have agreed that "John's Blog Space" is one of the most popular blogs out there.

Maybe the weirdest thing is that since I blog about anything and everything, I'm able to get so much attention and views even without a whole lot of interaction from readers. Almost like I could blog about anything- whether readers expect me to blog about something or not- and my material can still generate a good deal of traffic. I only announce certain topics I am working on or considering. Does it mean I will release a post on that topic soon? Not always. For example, I may talk about releasing a post about a video game and end up releasing a post about some music group. The element of surprise plays a role often times in keeping this blog entertaining. And of course, I don't want to focus on one topic all the time or most of the time. So if you want to be part of something special, you'll need to subscribe and follow my blog. I would vastly appreciate your support.

Get Social With Me!

Now is a great time to share ways you can get social with me if you love my work. Chances are, you may be visiting my blog for the first time and may know only so much about me. So here are ways to get social with me as I celebrate this milestone of 2M blog hits all-time. Here are ways to get social with me:

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For Fashion Lovers...
For those of you into fashion, you may be more interested in visiting my fashion blog, "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine" than here on "John's Blog Space." I do appreciate you coming here for fashion chatter- just that I've mostly moved on to a better and more dedicated arena to discuss fashion. I am on LOOKBOOK and Chictopia. Just don't expect to see any outfits from me, though. I'm just there to comment on others' fashions. Find me:

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If you are already fond of my work and subscribed, then don't worry about this section. Just be sure to share my wonderful blog with other people.

More than ever...

Thanks to all of you for entering my blogging universe and my various blogging spaces (including "John's Blog Space"). I really and truly appreciate your support for as long as I've been blogging. Hope I can continue making great blog posts for all of you.

Need I say more?

Let me just say again- thank all of you for making my blog so popular and respected. I care so deeply to continually provide such content for all of you. One last time- thank all of you for even caring to visit my blog and read its posts. You all made one Texas boy very happy.

Thank you for reading!

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Thats really Amazing Blog. keep it up


That is a big deal!!!! Congrats to you! Can't wait til you hit the 3mil button!!! xx


Congrats John, keep up the great work! :)

xo, Yi-chia


congratulations!! :)


Well 2.000.000. congrats to you dear John!!:) If someone deserves it- it's certainly you!!!! Looking forward to the next millions!;)

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