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I Want the Best For You

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When you meet people, or at least when I meet people in person or online, I always tend to think of others' dreams or problems. I feel the best way to win one's respect is to offer hope and good fortune towards dreams, and working with people who may have certain problems. I always say that if you are able and capable to help others with problems that others have disclosed, do your best to provide calming and respectful words to others. Someone may have visions of greater things and reaching certain long-term goals. Maybe someone is already working towards those long-term goals but may need a little motivation. So what you can do is think of someone and their goals and offer some great words. And of course- if you can help in helping someone reach those long-term goals, do your best to offer your support.

This is one of my positive-themed posts where I just want to tell loyal and respectful people:

I want the best for you.

Allow me to go further with this point.

--- I Want the Best For You. ---

If there are people you care about and who have allowed themselves to be cared for, what you want is for people to succeed in almost anything they set their mind and heart to. I even want people who hate me [for whatever reason] to accomplish their goals. This is a world driven mostly by negativity. Few people want to offer kindness. It's mostly a world where personal gain and personal greed are more important than offering any sort of solace or respect towards other people. Some people in life are never given enough opportunities to allow themselves to shine. Some people never feel important no matter how hard they try. And of course, there are people who think everyone online is fake and that nobody truly cares about anybody.

You need to think again if you think I am one of those people who don't care about my audience. I follow many peoples' blogs and think kindly of my fans, friends, and family. I recently personally offered kind words via E-mail to certain bloggers I follow. I want people to succeed in life in various other industries and arenas. There are people I sometimes think about the more I see them online or in real life. Honestly, I wish I could help everyone whom I even remotely cared about and even remotely love/respect. That is not humanly possible, however. I know only so much about dreams others have and problems they wish they could resolve. Reading some blog posts and online status updates, I often wish I could help certain others if I had the capability and ability to resolve certain matters certain people may have. There have been certain people whom have disclosed in blog posts about being hated on by others. Some people feel like they get more haters than loyal and respectful people. While it is always okay to disagree with others, it is NOT okay to treat someone like a dartboard while haters just throw their proverbial darts at you.

Long story short- I try to think of many people and offer my best wishes and kindest regards to people whom I care about. You may not see it. You may not know it. Regardless, I am thankful for many people whom I've come across in person and online. I don't want to be one's absolute best friend, but I at least want to show and prove I have a true heart and great hope for others to accomplish their goals.

I Want the Best For You: Defined.

Let me demonstrate what I mean in saying "I want the best for you" for a moment:

• I want school/college students to graduate. Even if you are not a good student, at least you can be done with school/college by graduating. I was not the best student in any of my classes, but I at least graduated. I'm proud to do so.

• I hope a couple who loves each other is able to get married and enjoy lifelong love.

• I wish for financially struggling people and families can resolve their financial difficulties.

• I hope expecting parents will be well and healthy to deliver birth and take care of their children. I'm hopeful the father will be alright. I am hopeful the mother can remain healthy and strong to successfully deliver birth. Speaking of birth, I can only hope the baby/babies can be healthy. I would be saddened to hear of any stillborn babies or whatever.

• I want children to be able to live happily and healthy for a long time.

• For people who have dreams of greatness, I want people to be able to live out and enjoy being great.

• Those with burning dreams of starting something they've long wanted to do or establish, I want those dreams to come true. And for those who establish a business or whatever, I want that business to thrive as best as they can.

• I want those who face multiple problems to be able to live easier and happier from their problems. While it is okay and normal to have problems, it is nice to know that one can still be and live happily.

Part of this mindset also involves already-successful people to be even more successful. An example would be for a little-known musician or group to perhaps have something like a World Tour or have greater fame than they have ever received.

A Special Salute...

In my blogging on "John's Blog Space," there was one fellow who thought of me in some of his rough times. His name is Warren, and his blog is called "24k Forever!!!" The reason why I want to pay respect to him in this blog post is because I think of him often times as he faces some of his own personal demons. His blog mostly talks about some of life's problems and links them to certain songs, usually classic rock or a handful of other oldies.

If Warren himself is reading this blog post, let me say that even though I don't visit your blog often, I do think of you and regard you as a very special person. You didn't have to open up to me, but you did. All I've wanted for you ever since is the very best life can offer. The world has many negative people and negative things. However, your unique approach in blogging about life and connecting these issues with music is worthy of respect. Just the ability to disclose these things alone takes bravery. If anything, you should be credited for offering something special to the Internet. As with most bloggers or video makers, not as many are blessed to get so much attention from the general public-at-large. I am nowhere near a blogging superstar. I used to get at least 2K or even 3K blog hits daily. Nowadays, my views are in the range of 1K to 1.5K daily (if I'm fortunate to surpass 1.5K). Still, I have great respect for you and all you do, Warren. Please take care, and I wish you the very best life has to offer.

If you would like to visit Warren's blog, you can visit (or even follow) by clicking on this link: 24k Forever!!!!.

--- Final Thoughts ---

I want the best for everyone. Some people may wonder why I even bother making posts like this when more people care about viral video material or Internet memes. I actually care about the many people who visit my blog or my YouTube channel. Think about it for a moment. Anyone can grab your E-Mail address and spam the crap out of you, or even put your material in suspicious web searches. People will be willing to find ways to hate on you or spam you. However, not as many people want to treat others like they actually matter. Not as many people want to try to make positivity viral (hmmm... not a bad idea! :D). If my blog didn't matter, then I would have given up on this a long time ago. If my attempts to try to offer something positive and inspirational didn't mean anything, then I wouldn't open up the way I do.

People have aspirations and dreams. The least I can do and hope for is for those aspirations to come true. The least I can do is hope people can live happier and healthier and be financially stable. Since I can't help everyone's problems, my best method of encouragement is to offer kind and calming words to help others with their issues. Words heal just as much as actions do. I want the best for everyone. I want the up-and-coming singer from Small Town America to become a Grammy-winning superstar. I want the prospective fashion designer to be one of the finest in the business. I want the person who may have unusual or deadly health issues to live a happy and healthy life while changing the world for the better. I want people to make the impossible possible. One last time and with passion:


I really do because I really care and think about loyal people who respect and interact with my work.

More than ever, thank you for reading! I hope I have brightened your day/night some with these kind words from me to you.

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John Marine said...

I'msad, but thank you for the uplifting words. I look forward to my future and you putting it in your own words wishing the best for me (us) is wonderful. Thank you John!

XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com/

John Marine said...

Keep it up! I like people who are positive :)

Thank you so much for nice comment :)

John Marine said...

I'm sure that wherever you leave a comment, people can tell you care. I thank you so much for your support and kind words over the years. This post was very touching!

John Marine said...

You are such a genuine, honest, and sweet person. :)

xo, Yi-chia

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