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Sword of XOLAN

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You don't mess with the XOLAN! :) "Sword of XOLAN" is an action platformer made by indie developer Alper Sarikaya, and it offers an intense pixel art experience as you try to save the world from evil. Your mean sword and sharp wits will be more than enough to tame the 33 levels of this game. I'll let you know if this should be worth your time or not with this review. This review is based on my experience playing this game on my Google Nexus Player.

--- Sword of XOLAN ---

This blog post is a look at "Sword of Xolan." The review is based on my playing of this game on my Google Nexus Player. This is a mobile game available for both Android and iOS. It was made by Alper Sarikaya.

Sword of XOLAN
^ from: - Sword of XOLAN is an action platformer from indie developer Alper Sarikaya.


The story is centered around a colossal evil named Borzandar, whom has had his minions ravage the land and seize many villagers. Tulvir is a wizard who tried to fight off Borzandar's magic, but he too was captured. It is up to Xolan to go into the world and rescue the trapped villagers and also defeat Borzandar. Can you save the world from this madness?

Briefing and Strategy.

"Sword of XOLAN" features two modes of play: Adventure and Challenge. The main story plays itself out over three Acts each with 10 levels and one boss fight. So you are looking at a total of 33 levels in Adventure Mode. Challenge Mode consists of nine levels. The total number of levels among both modes is 42.

In Adventure Mode, you must complete all ten levels and beat the boss at the end of each Act. Each regular level has three villagers trapped in cells and a treasure chest. If you want to beat the game, you need to find and rescue all three villagers and find the treasure chest in each level. The most important thing to remember is that you must complete the level. If you fail to do so, all of the progress you've made will go null and void. That even includes how many Coins you collect in each level. If you simple complete a level rescuing only a few of the trapped villagers or if you only find the treasure chest, your progress is saved, and you don't need to re-rescue any villagers you've freed or once again find and open the treasure chest. So the most important thing to do is to complete each level.

In Challenge Mode, you will need to destroy 30 uniquely-placed targets as quickly as you can. You can unlock more Challenge levels by rescuing more villagers from the Adventure Mode. If you want to unlock all nine Challenges, you must rescue at least 80 villagers.

There are ten Game Cards to collect. Each Card costs 1,500 Coins to unlock. The Game Cards offer perks to help give you an edge in a number of departments in the game. Collect all ten to have the greatest edge in your journey.


Your weapons are your sword and your fireballs. These are more than enough for you to complete this game. You are unable to upgrade your sword or magic. Thankfully, many of the enemies won't require too many hits to bring down. Few enemies take only one hit to defeat, and some enemies could take as many as four hits to defeat. Most will take about three hits to defeat.

When loot is dropped by enemies and items, nothing goes away. So you can go back track through levels to pick up certain items to replenish health or mana. Same goes for collecting coins. After defeating enemies sometimes, Xolan will say something as a taunt, such as "Xolan is in the house!" They are a bit cheesy, but it offers a nice touch to the action and keeps you interested.

With this briefing, it is time I review this game now. Get ready.

--- Sword of Mana: Review/Thoughts ---

"Sword of Mana" began as me trying to find a game for my Google Nexus Player that requires a gamepad. What ended up happening was this game taking up minutes and hours of my time with enjoyment. This game is a very solid action platformer. Nothing seems repetitive or boring. While the action isn't brash or in-your-face, the game is still a fun, classic experience. This is the kind of game you can probably recall playing in the days of 16-bit gaming.

The only real faults to this game are the rather uninspired boss battles and some minor English grammar faults. Other than that, I would recommend this game for action RPG and action platformer gamers.

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Learn more about "Sword of XOLAN" by going to". The developer's website can be found at

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