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John's Corner: eBooks?

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If I created an eBook, would you read it? "John's Corner" this time is somewhat an announcement. Someone suggested long ago I could be an eBook author with lots of the niche content I've created. I never considered trying to make an eBook on anything previously. Considering the fact I am that dude from Houston, Texas, USA who will blog about almost anything, why not test the waters of eBooks? Just like anything in the realm of creative works, I have a number of ideas but nothing to fully focus on towards completion. I do have an idea that I do want to entertain as the basis of my would-be first eBook. Usually, I never reveal anything because I usually want to keep the element of surprise intact. It is much the same way I am with blog posts and videos. I usually release material when I feel like it. Not being under any pressure from others and making myself responsible for content I post are why I do what I do in blogging and videos. What you are about to read is more on my thoughts on trying out the eBook realm, and maybe I could get you to try out making an eBook. But first, this commercial break. This is "John's Blog Space!"

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Now back to the blog post.

eBooks: A New Challenge.

Because I am stepping into territory I have little experience, I am not really expecting to come up with anything spectacular in my would-be debut in eBooks. I surely will still give a solid effort regardless because that is what I do and I have a certain amount of pride and reputation to maintain. I certainly have one thing going for me here- the ability to type up a bunch of stuff to somehow get people to care. Hey! I've done that for years online! I've done that for over 2,000 blog posts across all of my blogs... even when I blogged on Myspace! So what makes eBooks different? Well, as much as I feel a blog post has its own level of appeal, I feel making an eBook entails a certain level of professionalism. eBooks range in price online from free to who knows much. They can have less than 20K words to perhaps over 100K. If I am going to make a blog post on something, I want to do so knowing I provide something useful and/or entertaining. Same goes for the eBook scene.

What is the biggest barrier and challenge for me in this possible venture? Believe it or not, I think the biggest challenge is that I am not a pro at formal writing. I feel doing something like an eBook requires a little more professionalism than most bloggers and most blog posts. Not to disgust any of my past English/composition teachers, but I couldn't properly make a formal-type book (let alone an eBook) even if my life depended on it. I figured since I almost basically live in cyberspace, why not offer something I feel others can use? I also feel this can be an opportunity to maybe make material I feel I could profit from financially. Of course, I care more about offering quality material before even considering making even a penny for my work. It is the same way I feel about simply making a blog post here or in any of my other blogs. On top of that (this may REALLY disgust my past English/composition teachers), I haven't developed a general love of reading or writing to where I make myself any true aficionado of reading or writing. Even still, I have long had the passion to express myself through the means of words. I do admit that I've developed a habit of being slightly poetic in something as simple as posting comments on Facebook. Most of these include alliteration and sometimes rhymes.

eBooks: Inspiration.

One such inspiration for eBooks was provided by the fact I have some software capable of making eBooks with. Never have I succeeded yet in making one, though. I began to think about what it would make to make even a simple eBook. For the most part, I think I could create something that I think people would be even slightly interested in. The biggest inspiration of all- that ultimate dream of making something I can be proud to release that earns me fame and respect. Of course, that's the same thing I hope for with some or most of my blog posts.

That piece of software I have capable of eBooks? I have Corona SDK. I may use something more proper for making eBooks with instead. To make an eBook for free, I read online it is possible to simply use something basic (even as simple as Wordpad (not Word)) to make even a halfway decent eBook.

eBooks: Expectations?

If you have read my blog posts for the longest, you sort of know what you're going to get from me in an eBook I post. You are going to get my own thoughts in an almost unapologetic way about topics I am educated enough to make proper opinions on without making a fool of myself. I am somewhat contradicting myself to something I posted earlier in this blog post, but I am going to bring the same sort of vision and panache to eBooks as I do any of my blog posts.

Message to my Fans.

I hope you all get to enjoy my content and support my eBook efforts as much as you all do my other material. I thank everyone- friends, family, fans for all of your support of my work. Help support my work should my eBook work ever materialize. Thank all of you for your support over the years.

That's it for this post. Maybe I can work my magic and come up with something awesome in the eBook realm apart from my blogging. Why? Because that's the John Marine way, gosh darn! :) Anyhow, go have a great day/night. And as always, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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