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Stars of Pleiades

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The Stars of Pleiades (also called the Seven Sisters) are seven bright stars. This star cluster is also called Messier 45 (or M45). You can find these stars in the Taurus constellation. They are 400 light years from Earth. Even though the Stars of Pleiades are known as the Seven Sisters, only six of the stars are visible to the human eye. I learned a lot in my research of this topic. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of Atlas in Greek Mythology who were turned into stars. The Stars of Pleiades consist of Atlas, Pleione, Alcyone/Halcyone, Merope, Maia, Electra/Eleckra, Celaena, Taygete/Taygeta, and Asterope/Sterope. Atlas and Pleione in Greek Mythology are not Pleiades.

Here is a picture I found online through a Google Images search to show you the Stars of Pleiades:

Stars of Pleiades
^ from: - The Stars of Pleiades.

And here is some video insight on the Stars of Pleiades:

^ "Seven Sisters or Pleiades (M45) - Deep Sky Videos"

Stars of Pleiades: Subaru.

If you are a fan of Subaru, you know their logo is based on these seven stars. Those seven stars of Subaru bear the Stars of Pleiades. If you know your Subaru cars, then you may know Subaru made one car called the Alcyone, which is also called the SVX. Here is a picture of that car bearing the same name as one of the Stars of Pleiades:

Subaru Alcyone SVX
^ from: - This is the Subaru Alcyone (also called the SVX). The Alcyone is named one of the Stars of Pleiades.

And here is some video insight on this car:

^ "MotorWeek | Retro Review: '91 Subaru SVX"

You probably have a hint about the Stars of Pleiades if you played Gran Turismo games and competed in the "Stars of Pleiades" events. If you like racing games (including the Gran Turismo series), I invite you to visit my racing/driving game blog called "John's Race Space."

So now you know about the Stars of Pleiades... and also gained some factoids about Subaru.

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