Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mulsanne's Corner

John B. Marine | 12/23/2015 03:18:00 AM | | |
I have always loved sportscar racing. One reason why is all of the incredible and unique prototypes past and present. One website called Mulsanne's Corner has provided incredible insight on these fabulous machines since 1998. Mulsanne's Corner is a site featuring all kinds of information on various sportscar racing machines. Its editor and owner, Michael J. Fuller offers insight and pictures on various sportscar prototypes in racing. I have used the likes of Mulsanne's Corner to educate myself on a variety of different prototypes. I have even seen my personal favorite race car- the Ferrari 333SP, among the many featured machines on Mulsanne's Corner. There have been a few posts of mine here on "John's Blog Space" where I talked about certain prototypes.

Even more than featuring prototypes on Mulsanne's Corner, its Facebook group offers up more insight from many sportscar racing fans. Just to get more insight from dedicated and loyal fans who also like sportscar racing only make the experience better. Some of these even offer some deep memories. For myself, personally, I am used to most prototypes 1998 and later. So when I see some of these machines featured on Mulsanne's Corner, I am pleased to see various pictures and specifications on these prototypes. Some of the pictures even include certain variations in aerodynamics and such. For example, when I saw pictures of the Ferrari 333SP, I noted a few different aero packages and design variations of the Ferrari 333SP. Most of all, I was pleased seeing my all-time favorite race car- the MOMO-liveried Ferrari 333SP. Eveything is fairly simple about each car and isn't overbearingly technical or super-advanced.

To be honest, I have never been disappointed in seeing almost any car featured in Mulsanne's Corner. So to all of you who are into sportscar racing and the various sportscar racing prototypes past and present, I vastly recommend you take a look at Mulsanne's Corner. In case the editor and owner, Michael J. Fuller is reading this blog post... let me just say to you to keep up the good work with your site. I think a lot of people who maybe want some extra insight on various prototypes will not be disappointed with the provided pictures and specifications you provide. Anyone who even remotely cares about sportscar racing should at least give your site a visit.

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Want to visit Mulsanne's Corner? You can visit this site by going to Links to other material within the site can be found there as well upon your visit.

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