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Next in Line

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Let's face it- we won't live forever. To carry on an industry or a tradition, you have to wonder who will be next-in-line to carry something on into the future. A level of dedication and love is needed to want to continue something going. Generations and eras will happen to try to extend the life of something for a long time to come. For example, sports teams will have new coaches, some even replacing legendary coaches. Hosts of shows will look for new talent to host such shows. There will always seem to be something or someone to determine who takes over and takes control of something once a previous person moves on or dies. Someone or something next in line will always take over to try to carry on a business. This blog post is simply about being next-in-line in regards to being in control of something.

No matter what, retirement or death will mean those who want to carry on certain industries will be the ones next in line to try to move something forward into the future. It isn't a guarantee that whomever takes over something will do a better job than the previous person or group. That is, unless someone drove a product right into the ground where it is tough to recover. When you think about something or someone being next in line, you think so in regards to who is best equipped to carry certain tasks. One example can be found in gridiron football. Teams often times have depth charts detailing who the best players at each position are. When one player is injured or isn't playing very well, a team will go to a different player at a certain position. Families or companies may look to certain individuals to inherit a certain business or certain belongings in the event the current owner passes away or retires. Some companies may have new management, and their management will take the company in different directions apart from the previous manager. Political systems have their own depth chart (if you will). In the case the major political leader of a city or nation resigns or is assassinated, there is a list of people that determines who takes control of that city or nation from the major political leader.

Where being next in line does NOT come into play is when a business or venture to be extended is created and managed by one person. Yes- like a lot of us bloggers. Yes- like a lot of us who produce our own content. When we're gone, we're gone... pretty much forever. That is unless someone is brave enough (and maybe foolish enough) to try to carry on what we started. In these cases, there is no next-in-line unless we really trust someone to continue our content and hope they do it best or even better than we did.

The future success of any industry depends entirely on what the next-in-line individual does to try to extend the life of such an industry. As mentioned earlier, it is not a guarantee someone new will do the best job or push something better into the future. The only good is that something is extended for some time to come. What it doesn't guarantee or assure is that it will be a longer standing institution with a new face even after an older figure has moved on. Let me give you a real life example. Through my childhood, I have enjoyed game shows. One of my favorites is "The Price is Right." I would watch that game show almost every morning if I was not in school. Ever since Bob Barker retired, I rarely even seen the show ever again. Bob Barker wasn't the original host of "The Price is Right," but he reached legendary and iconic status from the original host of the game show. It just wasn't the same anymore once Bob Barker retired. Success varies depending on who takes over what based on who is next in line.

Final Thoughts.

If you are next in line for something or you credit someone as being next in line for something, seek someone or something who is willing and dedicated to push something into the future and extend the life of an industry or a tradition. Having such people and things to proudly take something over speaks to a level of trust and dedication. Can someone be trusted to such levels to where he/she can take an industry or tradition and maintain it or make it better? You have to be careful picking someone to be next in line to take something over from standards set by a previous owner. If the next-in-line figure(s) take control of something experiencing tough or slow times, that next-in-line individual surely needs to make things better! No matter what, a lot rides on future success and future life of an industry or tradition. Someone or something next-in-line will surely help dictate the future for a long time to come.

This blog post looked at being next in line in regards to ownership of something or extending a tradition. So let me ask you...

What do you find most important in being next in line to control a business or extend the life of an industry? Can someone or something do it better than others?

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