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Car Style - The Morgan Aero 8

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The car (series): Morgan Aero 8

The Morgan Motor Company introduced the Morgan Aero 8 back in 2001. The Malvern, England-based company produced this car that brings a modern car with vintage styling. Many love it, many more don't.

--- Car Style: The Morgan Aero 8 ---

(NOTE: I look at many models. And in so, the real Morgan I'm trying to discuss is going to be varied. I apologize for this.)


The Morgan Aero 8 isn't consistent with the latest trends in car styling. However, I don't think they really care. You have no appreciation for cars if you think this car is too ugly and don't think it deserves any face time in this postmodern world. The car has beautiful style up front. This car looks like the center of the car was punched in, making the car look like the front sides bulge out while most of the rest of front seems caved in. Its lights are Porsche-like, while its front grill is very vintage in design. The front grill may look like a tombstone. but the grill on the bottom of the car kind of looks like it's a shark ready to bite any opposition it smells.

The sides of the car are very vintage. I'm almost reminded of a Bugatti (which fails my memory) that has similar style. There is abundant overfender in its design. The front quarter panels feature a set of five gills next to the front tires. The fenders bulge out while still looking very classic. The doors and their hinges are very vintage as well. The front windshield is also (yes, you guessed it), vintage. It's not exactly a swoopy windshield. The rear of the car is very long from the sides.

A whale tail spoiler can be found on the trunk/boot of this car. A simple set of tail lights and signal lights accentuate the rear. Below the lights are two mufflers (one on each side).

The only aspects of this car that are modern is the little stereo system, the shifter, steering wheel, and the seats. So while the outside is very vintage, the inside is MOSTLY vintage. The vintage character remains intact with the dashboard. There is no real center console for this car.

The Morgan Aero 8 series is a beautiful car that blends modern style with vintage flair. It is a beautiful car. At least I think it's beautiful. Many more think it's an ugly mess. Even these cars have found some action in GT racing. Love these or loathe these, they are lovely automobiles. You really need to have a fondness of vintage-styled cars to appreciate this car's loveliness.
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