Monday, December 28, 2009

Chandelier Earrings

John Marine | 12/28/2009 10:49:00 PM |
Nothing adds such bold and divine beauty as a lovely pair of earrings. The most dramatic way to shape one's look is to wear a pair of chandelier earrings. Here are a few examples that I've found online:

Chandelier Earrings 1
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Chandelier Earrings 2
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Chandelier Earrings 3
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Personally, I become a bit uneasy seeing such large earrings worn by females. However, the appeal they provide is absolutely priceless and only enhances the beauty of the lady wearing them. You don't have to wear something formal or fancy. You could simply have a pair chandelier earrings while wearing a black T-shirt, indigo jeans, and some red high-heel pumps. The designs can range from little teardrops, various jewels, little hoops, or any other kind of accents. The one thing I'd care careful of is that you don't find a pair of big earrings that dominate and cover up the sides of your face.

Chandelier earrings are a dramatic fashion statement and really adds some elegance and boldness to your overall appearance. I know about two friends of mine who have worn or wear chandelier earrings. These chandelier earrings adds some beautiful appeal to their overall look. Chandelier earrings, to me, are best left for chic and stylish looks. So these earrings aren't going to look great with some trashy rocker chic look (for example).

To any ladies who wear chandelier earrings, wear these earrings proudly and show your style!

UPDATE 2/21/2010: New search widget added, in case you want to shop for chandelier earrings:

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