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New Year Music

John Marine | 12/31/2009 07:20:00 PM |
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So the new year is coming. Some songs have that kind of vibe to them that would make them pretty cool to listen to in ringing in the new year with energy. Allow me to name a few songs that have that energetic vibe to them. They will be accompanied by links to YouTube videos.

"Waiting for Tonight," by Jennifer Lopez.
Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight

I remember this video back in 1999. This song and this video have that new year vibe to them from its high-energy beats and singing. You'll agree that this song is a nice one to ring in the new year once you hear it.

"Sexual (la da di)," by Amber.
Amber - "Sexual (Li Da Di)"

This is a light tune with a sweet amount of energy. This was also out in 1999, I believe. Great track. It's like a light song to ring in the new year with.

"Born Slippy" (Nuxx Remix)," by Underworld
Underworld - "Born Slippy" (Nuxx Remix)

The actual song is about 11 minutes long. You're hearing the shortened version. This is just old school Underworld.

"Into the Light," by MISIA.
MISIA - Into the Light (Live Version)

I just mentioned MISIA in a past blog entry. I'm including the live version of this song to stay consistent with high-energy. Even if you don't know Japanese (like I don't), you can still feel the power and the energy of this performance.

"Roots," by Airbase (Andy Blueman Remix)
Airbase - Roots (Andy Blueman Remix)

Okay. Maybe your version of "rocking out" is by enjoying trance. Well, do I have a deal for you! This is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever heard, especially the second half of the song. Here's a timeline for you. The song calms down around 3:30. It starts drawing energy at the 3:58 mark. When you listen around 4:54 of this song, imagine that the new year is about to come. Then by the 5:49 mark, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! As one YouTube comment put it:

"Airbase and Andy Blueman! A combination of GODLIKE proportions!"

Well said and completely true.

Finally, the only video game song to even be in the same discussion in New Year's style:

"Movin' in Circles - Ridge Racer Type 4 Soundtrack
"Movin' in Circles"

"Real Racing Roots '99 in... Shooting Hoops!" In Ridge Racer Type 4, this is the ONLY song to play in the Shooting Hoops event. The year 1999 transitioned to 2000 in this title. My brother and I joked about if the Y2K hype would make the cars fall apart when 2000 hit. But there's nothing like this song. The silky vocals of Kimara Lovelace only makes this song better. And as a bonus, here's a YouTube video showcasing the awesomeness of this whole deal. Consider it my thanks to you for reading my blog entry! Here you go:

These are only a few songs that bring about high energy. I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year.
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