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Boleros and Shrugs

John Marine | 2/20/2010 01:59:00 AM |
(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

Boleros are meant to be short jackets to wear. Some have short sleeves, and some have longer sleeves. They are basically meant for those who want to keep their shoulders and arms warm without having to wear a full jacket or coat. Some boleros can be fastened together to make them functionable and wearable. Some can not fasten together. Depending on the style of bolero you look for, you can add some extra appeal to an outfit by simply wearing a bolero with whatever outfit you're wearing. Shrugs are mostly the same way, but shrugs are mostly casual. Most shrugs are very lightweight and stretchy. So it's been no wonder why they've become so acceptable in warmer weather times.

Here is a bolero to set the mood for this blog entry:

plus size bolero
^ from: - a satin bolero for Plus Size women.


JUN 16 2015 - a few edits to embedded material

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"Boleros and Shrugs" (StyleSpace by JBM)

--- Casual Boleros ---

Casual outfits can get some cuteness with a simple bolero. A bolero that can be fastened has some functionality, but those that can't be fastened just make for a cute accessory to compliment any casual outfit. A nice look for a casual bolero would be a bolero, a T-shirt, and some flap-pocket pants. Here is a casual bolero look with a denim bolero:

bolero with dress
^ from: - A bolero paired with a dress.

(ADDED: September 20, 2012)
This look demonstrates how much boleros can transform a certain look from plain to interesting. Have a look:

bolero with shirt and jeans
^ from: - Without the bolero, this would be another boring shirt and jeans look.

(ADDED: September 20, 2012)
Denim boleros can be as fun to wear as almost any denim jacket. To prove the point:

denim bolero with dress
^ from: - This is a nice denim bolero.

And this one is a cute bolero pattern for girls. There are three different boleros, and I think the one in the center is the cutest look (burgundy bolero, white lace T-shirt, brown pinstripe gaucho pants, and brown boots):

sewing pattern bolero for girls
^ from: - sewing patterns for girls, including three bolero jackets for girls.

--- Formal/Dressy Boleros ---

Some boleros accompany fancy outfits to add an extra sense of cuteness to any outfit. Some boleros act as extensions of a lovely outfit. Most boleros for fancy outfits just make an outfit even more cute. There's also the added benefit of keeping your shoulders and arms warm on cool days.

Even while some shrugs are purely meant for formal or dressy fashions, you can always give a dressy taste to any look by pairing a fancy or stylish bolero with a certain casual look. For example... think of a beautiful red satin bolero to be paired up with a white camisole, dark blue bootcut jeans, and black high-heel pumps.

--- Shrugs ---

teal tie-front shrug
^ from: - a teal blue shrug.

teal sweater shrug
^ from: - Some shrugs, with the exception of sheer or most crochet shrugs, can be worn as very sexy tops if worn alone as a top. This shrug is an example of a shrug that can be worn as its own top. It wouldn't be a bad idea for nightclub clothing.

I used to despise shrugs since these were essentially cropped tops that could have been better off as their own tops. It was something I disliked in the layering trend. Of course, that's just the '90s child in me. The very sexy types in photo shoots would probably wear certain shrugs as tops, leaving the rest of the body bare. But... shrugs were meant to compliment a top look.

dancewear shrug
^ from: - these shrugs were made for dancers.

There are also shrugs for dancers. They come in regular kinds and even some fishnet or mesh shrugs. So there's a shrug for everyone. If you want a cute shrug that can be manageable in warmer weather, try going for a crochet shrug. At least crochet shrugs allow you to cool off a bit on warm days. You have to look into what kind of shrug you're most interested in. Do you fancy one with a tie-front design? What about sleeves? You prefer long sleeves, elbow sleeves, cap sleeves, or what?

--- What Should Boleros and Shrugs Go With? ---

Boleros and shrugs, for the most part, can be worn with almost anything. There are many shrugs and many ways to wear them whether you are a girl or a woman.

• A look I tend to like is pairing a denim bolero with a cute pair of jeans. Even better if they are matching. A basic T-shirt or tank top to go with the shrug can be lovely.

• A tie-front shrug can nicely compliment a T-shirt or a tank top. Think of a pink shrug with a white T-shirt or tank top, jeans, and your choice of shoes or sandals.

• A denim bolero with a cute sundress or maxi dress is also lovely. Same goes with if you go with a shrug.

• Here is a look I think I've seen before. If you have a dressy pair of high-waist pants, why not try going with a dressy blouse or camisole and pair it with a cropped bolero?

This one is for those of you ladies who are daring...

• You can go with a bolero jacket or shrug worn over a cropped shirt or tank top. Pants or jeans are up to you.

While I've never created an image, my fictional character, A.J. Garcia, wears a strawberry pink bolero over a white satin camisole and brown gaucho pants. My fictional character, Candy Love, wears a brown cropped bolero over a dark pink satin camisole, and wears brown cropped pants with brown leather boots. So you have many options. Now let me see if I can help you get your own bolero or shrug through Amazon. Read on after the Page Break to go shop for some boleros or shrugs that I've found on Amazon that you might like. Care to continue reading? If not, I thank you for reading this blog entry. I'd like to offer you some sweater shrugs on Amazon. Find one you like (if there is one you like):

--- Boleros and Shrugs on Amazon ---

I'll include a search widget with more boleros and shrugs in case the ones I feature aren't to your liking. This part of the blog entry consists of various shrugs and boleros I've found online. I want you to be able to find something you like. This is all to make the most of Amazon Associates, and this is because I want to thank you for reading my blog by showing you some items relevant to this blog entry you may be interested in. All images below are from I encourage you to click on the images below to learn more about each item or purchase them if you're interested in them. I'd like for you to have something to take away from this blog entry. I aim to blog about certain things in fashion, and then allow you the opportunity to check out items on Amazon in case you're further interested in. You come to my blog to read about certain fashion items, but I also want you to be able to purchase certain items in case you're interested in the items in question.

Here is a preview of items I've found for you all on Amazon:

THIS LINE (from left to right):

  1. Knit bolero with satin trim from Ruby Rox. This is a bolero for plus size juniors. A basic bolero like this can be worn to add a little extra style to your overall look. You could wear a camisole and simply wear this bolero over it. You can wear a strapless maxi dress and wear this bolero over your shoulders. Nothing says cute quite like elbow-length sleeves, which this bolero has. It is both simple and cute at the same time. Two colors are available. Sizes for Plus Size Juniors are: 1X, 2X, and 3X.
  2. a knit bolero from Adi Designs that is as comfortable as a cardigan.
  3. Torrid, a plus-size fashion specialist, Torrid provides this lovely satin ruffle bolero.
  4. This sweater shrug features studs to provide a little edge to this otherwise cute bolero sweater.
  5. Even boleros can be edgy. Take this leather French Connection bolero, for instance. It is like a bolero version of a motorcycle jacket. Add the right amount of edge while not totally sacrificing girly charm with this bolero.

There are MANY more boleros and shrugs out there on Amazon and elsewhere! To find more of what you're looking for, I've arranged two different search widgets. You are free to browse these two to find the bolero or shrug that interests you most.

For boleros:

For shrugs:

Thank you for reading! Loves you! :)

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