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Chihiro Yamanaka

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Chihiro Yamanaka is a Japanese jazz pianist. My favorite song of hers is "I Will Wait." Chihiro Yamanaka is the only other Japanese jazz pianist I know of other than the beautiful Keiko Matsui. I have fondness of Japanese jazz, and not just from Gran Turismo jazz themes. I first heard of Chihiro-san when I was watching an online channel called iiV Channel with a program called "Jazz Up to Date."

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Chihiro Yamanaka
^ from: - Chihiro Yamanaka. This picture is from her "Outside by the Swing" CD.

If you would like to hear Chihiro Yamanaka play piano to the best of her ability, here are some YouTube videos you can check out. Just click on the Play button and get to enjoy the music produced by the lovely Chihiro Yamanaka. First off, I show you my favorite song of hers, I Will Wait:

"I Will Wait"

And this was her performance of "Over the Rainbow" at the Japan Gold Disk Awards of 2009:

(WARNING: song in this video mostly plays from the right side only.)

Chihiro Yamanaka is a great jazz pianist. She plays passionately and never fails to deliver when on stage. Want more Chihiro Yamanaka? Check out more of her music with this Amazon widgets I've supplemented:

And here are a few MP3s of hers:

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