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Dress Your Pet!

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(UPDATED: June 12, 2012)

You're the most chic girl on the block. However, what about your pet? Some feel that cats and dogs should be every bit as chic and as cute as any girl. I'm personally a cat lover, but there are also creative fashion choices for dogs as well. I'll try to cover both bases with this blog entry. I'll present a lot of different clothes available to cats and dogs. Some people who feel that cats and dogs should be as chic and as fun as their owners have made clothing for both cats and dogs. Do you have your own cat or dog and want them to wear some stylish clothes? You came to the right blog entry. I'm mostly going to discuss clothes for cats and dogs.

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.


JUN 12 2012 - made several edits and completely made over post (initial post made Feb. 3, 2010)

--- Clothing for Cats and Dogs at a Glance ---

Before I discuss clothing for cats and dogs, check out a few pictures I found online. This will give you some perspective as to what I'm about to discuss in this blog entry:

For cat lovers (like myself), these are for you:

cat clothes
^ from: - One stylish cat... literally!

clothes for a cat
^ from: - Another stylish kitty!

For dog lovers, these are for you:

clothing for a dog
^ from: - Pretty puppy princess! A dress for a dog.

clothing for another dog
^ from:, by way of - Clothing for dogs.

Some people wonder why clothes are made for pets. It's not like there's a legimitate reason; some just want their cats and/or dogs to show some style. It's unlikely Christian Louboutin will make any fierce pumps for cats, or even Oscar de la Renta making exceptional dresses for your puppy princess. It's... possible you could give your cat or puppy some Ed Hardy gear so your pet can look as hard as you do. It's just an interesting style to try out.

--- Clothes for Cats ---

This section will consist of items I've found on And because of this, you are welcome to click on any of the images to learn more about them and even buy them if you choose to do so. Some of the items I specify in this section may also be available for dogs, too.

I hope you're not offended that I start off with cats. Actually, I'm scared of dogs. I've always loved cats. Never had a cat, but I've always loved them. Clothing for cats can range from head accessories to clothes that cover most of their bodies. Here are a few items:

Zanies Halloween Cat Costume Witch Hat

^ This is a cute witch hat for your cat. It's a good way to bewitch people. Or at least... that mouse the cat's been trying to catch.


^ Puss 'n Boots, anyone? Your kitty would love nothing more than to go on an epic crusade to... destroy the evil cat scratching post terrorizing the world. :)

Casual Kitty "Mouse Patrol" Humor Tee (Cat Shirt) - Medium

^ Why only should you have all the fun? Let people know that the cat is ready to devour any mouse that gets in his/her way with this shirt!

Dog and Cat Lovable High Quality DRESS - Small - Black - Mommy, Look ... I am all Dressed up - Only 1 Left

^ Haute couture for cats (and dogs too)! Give your girl cat or dog some cute style as she'll look as cute as you do with a dress like this.

Dog and Cat Gorgeous High Quality Black Hooded DRESS - Medium - Black - Mommy, I look like a Cute Gangster - Only 1 Left

^ ...or maybe you prefer a pet equivalent of Juicy Couture? It has just the right touch of shiny and bedazzle. This is an eqivalent of that Juicy Couture hoodie you may have that has sequin designs on the back.

When I show off items, I don't really specify size. So that's why if you like to learn more about these items, I encourage you to click on them to learn more about every nuance of each product.

--- Clothes for Dogs ---

This section will consist of items I've found on And because of this, you are welcome to click on any of the images to learn more about them and even buy them if you choose to do so. Some of the items I specify in this section may also be available for dogs, too.

Man's best friend. Since more people like dogs than cats, there are a lot fashion options for dogs that want to look prim and proper. Check out some of these items I found on Amazon (of course, click on the images and links to learn more about them).

"Security" Dog T-shirt - Small (fits 5 - 7lb pet)

^ Yeah. Show those turkeys that nobody screws with you and lives! :P

Z & Z Glen Plaid Sherpa Coat Xxsm

^ This is a nice way to keep your pooch warm. Not to mention keeping him/her warm in style.

Fashion Pet Bone Patch Small Cable Dog Sweater, Camel

^ This is another stylish way to keep the puppy warm. It's a cute cable sweater that even includes a little bone design on it. This is for the preppy puppies of the world.

Dog Baseball Jerseys / Sporty Jerseys for dogs / Small Size fits 9"-12"

^ Take the baseball diamond with this nice jersey for your poochie. Just remember not to do steroids when whacking home run balls.

Zack & Zoey Button Candy Polo Dress Raspberry Sorbet MEDIUM Dog Puppy Apparel

^ For your pretty puppy princess, this is a cute dress for your puppy.

It's stuff like this that shows that even your pets can look stylish. You have to credit the designers for coming up with fun clothing for pets, even if you don't think these items are worth anything. So all of you who have pets can find something you may like. Everything from staying warm to looking stylish are available so that your cat or dog can be clothed. Want more? Search for more cat and dog clothes in my widget here:

Happy shopping! :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. I actually have been getting tanks for my cat from Cat-toure at They have cool stylish designs as well as basic ones. You should def try to get some pics of their model cute.


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