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Car Style - The Lotus Evora

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The Lotus Evora evokes a sports car with plenty of style. She is a princess who rules like a queen. It is what I would consider beautiful- not seriously hard or full of character, but it is an automobile with lovely lines and great style. The Evora is a Lotus that demands your undivided attention. I could connect with the Evora's style and charm, unlike my attempts to connect with the Esprit. Graceful and luscious style makes this car one of the hottest automobiles set for the road. You probably can't afford it unless you won the Lotto. I was fortunate enough to see this automobile at the 2010 Houston Auto Show. A picture is below. Below this picture will be yet another entry in my "Car Style" series of blog entries.

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--- Car Style: The Lotus Evora ---

The overall style cues up front remind me of the Ferrari 575, only without the single front air scoop. The headlight arrangement is minimal while packing great style. The front bumper's opening has kind of the same smile look to it like on Mazdas, only that this opening a bit lovelier than most recent Mazdas. Two long openings on the sides of the front bumper accompany the big opening up front. The front bonnet has two vents close to the windshield for some mean style.

Its swoopy character extends from its side profile. A nice set of wheels accompanies this lovely car along with a combination of dramatic fenders and edgy lines. Its side style suggests that this car wants to run through the wind like a child at recess. The Evora has wings, and it wants to fly on the road even as winds howl. Some of the sculpted lines around the bottoms of the doors add an aggressive touch. The roof of the car has a nice aerodynamic profile while it seems to suggest this car provides decent comfort for your head.

From the rear, the Lotus Evora's overall graceful style extends to the rear. A circular taillight accentuates either side of the car's rear profile. "LOTUS" is in bold letters between two hazard lights. There is somewhat a rear valence that consists of a muffler with two exhaust tips. You COULD mount a spare tire in the trunk/boot, but also remember that this car is mid-engined. So looking at the rear will let you know that the 276 horsepower heart of the car is in between the seats and the actual trunk/boot.

The Lotus Evora is in no way a car that could dominate anything before it. Its interior design, then, doesn't suggest a car that can blow the doors off any high-dollar sports car. The steering wheel is very racy along with the shifter arrangement. A lovely collection of gauges and lights occupy the instrument panel along with some extra buttons on the sides. The center console is minimal, but it does offer something of a navigation system. The seats of this coupe are very racy. These seats suggest this to be a race car for the road. In fact, these two seats are made by Recaro. The car comes in a nice variety of colors. The one I've seen from Lotus USA's official website is a combination of black and almond. It is a lovely combination for a car as lovely as this.

I think the Lotus Evora is a beautiful automobile. It has graceful lines and sweet charm with an acceptable dosage of sharpness and boldness. I could connect with the Evora much more than I could with the Esprit. It was great seeing this car at the Houston Auto Show.

UPDATE: 3/28/2010
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