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Car Style - The Cadillac CTS-V

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I'm personally not a Cadillac person, much the same way I'm not really a Nissan guy. I've been critical of Cadillac in the past, even laughing at them when they wanted to make their cars more youthful. Since 2004, the CTS-V has been the kind of car that tried to woo people away from the likes of Lexus and BMW and Audi. The car possesses sharp style with tall lights and a bold grill. It boasts plenty of edges. The V-Series means that you're not getting just any Cadillac. Oh, no. You're getting Cadillac's absolute best. Maybe I've liked Cadillac recently because I've all of a sudden just become better adjusted to today's Cadillac. I'm not going to tell you that you should stay away from BMW and Lexus and go with a Cadillac instead. Of course, that's your choice. This car (the latest model) boasts a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 putting out 556 horsepower and 551 lb. of torque. Here is Cadillac's baby here:

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I'm mostly going to talk about the latest Cadillac CTS-V. If I don't specify a model, I may mostly talk about the latest version.

--- Car Style: The Cadillac CTS-V ---

The looks of the latest Cadillac CTS-V are of boldness. The grill is bold and proudly bearing the Cadillac badge. Both the front grill and the opening under the front grill have grill styles reminiscent of a small chain link fence. Both are outlined with chrome. The headlights, which I've criticized a lot in the past, are actually pretty nice and match the boldness up front. Very minimal fog lights occupy two small openings on either side of the front bumper. The bumper as a whole protrudes in nice ways. The front is in no way vanilla. The front hood is very bold, while not being overaggressive. It doesn't have big vents or louvers or anything.

The side profile of this car boasts some extra edge. Sharp and edgy lines accentuate the sides of the car. A minimal side vent outlined with metallic accents is on the front quarter panels near the side mirrors. This four-door sedan comes with a lovely set of wheels. The side skirts are bold along with the overfender designs.

At the rear, there are some tall tail lights along with a very long third tail light at the trunk/boot of the car. A pair of mufflers accentuate the rear decked out in... you guessed it- extra chrome. There's even some chrome above the license plate area.

I must say... I actually like the interior of the Cadillac CTS-V. The metallic pedals are sporty to match executive-type class. The steering wheel is pretty nice, but not as nice as the lovely instrument panel and center console. A big navigation system screen accentuates the very top of the center console. Comfortable seating is available, but the big piece at the top of the front seats... I'm not sure if that's really any comfortable on the neck or not. The rear seats, however, aren't as stylish as the front seats.

I've eased up on Cadillac, and I've shown that with this Car Style blog entry. Not in love with Cadillac as I am with Mercedes-Benz and others, but my easing up process is apparent. You probably love this car more than I do. It's a very nice car.
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