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Car Style - The Volkswagen Type 2 (T1 Model)

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(UPDATED: April 10, 2012)

If you were a teenager or a young adult in the late 1960s, and if you loved hippie culture, there was no better way to get around than with the Volkswagen Type 2. The Type 2 is more commonly called either the Transporter or the Bus. This machine was probably a precursor to the modern SUV as it had seating for lots of people. The bus was nothing special performance-wise. It boasted engines packing no more than 70 horsepower with displacement north of 1,000cc. The model I'll be referring to throughout this blog entry is the T1 model, which was VERY famous during hippie times. Here is a picture of the model I'll be referring to in this blog entry:

Volkswagen Type 2 (T1 Model)
^ from: - Meet the perfect hippie hauler- the Volkswagen Type 2 (T1 Model). A bus for the people.

It's important I mention this because there would be future generations of the Type 2. But really, this one is the most iconic. So let's talk style!


MAR 24 2012 - updated look of post

--- Car Style: The Volkswagen Type 2 (T1 Model) ---

Let's talk about this car's looks.


The packaging of this machine's style is very nice. It may be whimsical in this day and age, but it is just cool that Volkswagen made a car like this. The front bumper is very simplistic. Some have a little extra guard to the bumper for extra protection. Two big Beetle-like headlights occupy the front of this bus. Turn signals about half the diameter of the headlights occupy the Both are outlined with chrome detail. The Volkswagen logo is proudly displayed up front for all the world to see. In the hippie movement, some people made peace signs out of the Volkswagen logo. So this wasn't a bad way to represent the hippie counterculture. I've even seen some pictures of these with a spare tire in place of the big VW logo.

From the sides, the car is actually a bit aerodynamic. It's almost like either an aerodynamic loaf of bread or even an airplane. The front doors are big and spacious. It isn't likely you were going to take random people to work or school, but it is a great bus to enjoy taking around lots of people. There are only three doors- one on the driver side and two on the passenger side. The Type 2 T1 is also known for its "barndoor" doors (especially the T1a). There are four windows on either side of the Type 2 Ti (unless there are panel versions used). There are some vents at the rear quarter panel to give the rear-mounted engine some breathing air.

At the rear, you have a simplistic rear bumper. Minimal tail lights are at the rear. I don't think too many vehicles came with lights along the top of the rear of the car. The rear end is styled nicely and with a minimal rear window. The top door of the rear gives you the trunk/boot space you need. The bottom door opens up to the rear-mounted engine.


How often is it that you see a bus with a lavish interior? This one doesn't have one of those lavish interiors at the front controls. It's fairly simplistic as a whole. The bus has lovely second and third-row seats.

This is one of the most unique automobiles ever made. It's an awesome bus. Since it's such an iconic machine, there's no wonder there are plans to bring back the Bus for the 21st Century. The Microbus Concept was unveiled back about 2001 as a 21st Century Type 2. The Type 2 is basically a bus allowing you to commute through the city with lots of people. It's such a cool machine, even today. This bus got phased out by much more rigorous SUVs and crossover SUVs, but this Type 2 was still unlike any other car before it. It also has great significance as a cult car during the height of the hippie movement. There are still many a memory of the Summer of 1969 with this machine.

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