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My Houston Auto Show 2010 Experiences

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It's time for me to talk about the experience known as the Houston Auto Show. Now as I type this, I'm still looking at photos to share online. I am also thinking of what to feature in my hopeful YouTube video.

Basic Overview.
The 2010 Houston Auto Show marks maybe my tenth-ever Houston Auto Show. This is where I had the opportunity to see lots of cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Everyone is having their opportunity to get into cars and possibly shop for their next new car. It was a day with highs anticipated in the mid-40s. Meaning that the prevalent fashion look (at least for ladies)... was sheepskin boots tucked into jeans. Staying warm was the name of the game. I went out in a Houston Texans' sweatshirt, a warm jacket, my Texans cap... all to try to stay warm. But really, the warmth of knowing there are lots of cars from many of the world's top manufacturers was enough to keep me warm. That... and the beautiful ladies both selling cars and walking around the floors of Reliant Center.

Meeting Kind Folks.
When I was at the Mercury section taking pictures of the Mercury Milan, a woman stopped me asking about the camcorder I use. I told her as much as I could about the Insignia NS-DV1080P. She was very kind. I even shown her where my online blog is. Very sweet person. I had two makeshift business cards sent out to people whom I've contacted. I added the link to my blog (which you're reading right now) on the backs of these pieces of paper.

That's one thing I love about the Houston Auto Show- you meet lots of people from lots of places. All of which, love cars as much as you do or even more than you do. I still didn't get to see any friends of mine at the show. I was unlucky... :(

Meeting Heidi Van Horne.
Among one of the beautiful ladies was Heidi Van Horne of the Houston Chronicle. Heidi Van Horne was both beautiful and friendly. Heidi is a columnist for the Houston Chronicle and a classic car lover. She signed a poster with my name on it as well as her signature. I even asked to have a picture taken with her (which costs nothing). I even complimented Heidi Van Horne's appearance, as she had a pin-up girl look. She wore a lovely red camisole, some dark blue skinny jeans, and some cute platform peep-toe pumps. Very much 1960s pin-up style in these modern times.

UPDATE (2/2/2010):
Here is a picture of myself and pin-up girl, Heidi Van Horne:

^ courtesy of: Houston Chronicle

To learn more about Heidi Van Horne, visit her official website.

Meeting the Hostesses.
What's more beautiful than a lovely car? A beautiful lady on a turntable telling you more about the car, of course! I feel that as a gentleman, I think the easiest way to make an impression is to compliment the hostesses and models. It isn't a cold day as long as there are lovely ladies to warm things up. The Toyota hostesses were dressed in some beautiful red coats, gray career pants, and black boots. There was one hostess that talked about the Jeep Rubicon. She was dressed in a chocolate brown cropped jacket, a T-shirt, and some dark blue jeans tucked into a lovely pair of brown boots (I even told her she was wearing some cute boots). Maybe the award for "Most Fierce Models" would be the Mitsubishi ladies. They were dressed in these leather jackets (I like to call them "bad girl" jackets), these black legging pants, and some flat or kitten-heel boots.

I didn't get to sit in too many cars because I was mostly trying to take pictures and do a few videos. The official number of pictures I took at this year's show was 169. That's more than my previous record, 131 pictures taken. I did about 16 videos. All of which, not even past one minute in length. I don't think I look right in a lot of my videos, and so I decided to only share a few of my favorites in a future YouTube video.

Best Moment!
Maybe the most fun story of all was that this one Asian girl gladly helped me film a small video. For once, I felt a bit popular doing my video. I talked about the Audi R8 V10. A guy asked me a quick question, "what would you do with the car if you had it?" And I answered... "drive all over I-45, maybe pick up a few girls along the way!" The guys were laughing, and I felt special. Maybe these guys didn't know that I have my own YouTube channel.

I'm uncertain as to how I'm going to share my Houston Auto show experience on YouTube. I will do my best regardless. Part of me wants to combine my favorite video clips and compile them into one video. However, another part of me wants to do a relevant slideshow where I talk about the cars in question. What will I come up with? You'll see in the future. For now, feel free to subscribe to my blog via FeedBurner if you love my material.

I have included a few pictures of my experience. Check them out here:
Myspace: 2010 Houston Auto Show (Myspace)
Facebook: 2010 Houston Auto Show (Facebook)
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