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Tasty Fashion Influences

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(UPDATE: May 23, 2012)

Here's a fun little fashion-themed entry. All of the following are items that have either sweet themes or certain flavor themes. I guess the premise to this is on femme fashion that has some kind of sweet influences to them. These can relate to putting pieces together, certain multi-colored garments with sweet influences, and more. The title is on candy-inspired fashion, but this also pertains to some other cute looks.

There are two retailers I think of in regards to sweet fashion influences. One is Dylan's Candy Bar. (from Wikipedia) Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren who sells clothing and other items inspired by candy. Shoppers can even get their own candy at Dylan's Candy Bar. I believe we have still have the Dylan's Candy Bar at the Houston Galleria shopping mall. The flagship store is in New York City along with two other DCB stores in the New York City area. The only other line truly with sweet influences is the Pastry Kicks line of shoes. This line, started by Vanessa and Angela Simmons, is a casual footwear brand with lots of sweet influences. The most popular shoes of theirs are their Glam Pie high-top sneakers with lots of colorful accents to them.

So let's talk sweet fashion! :)

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

Here's a sexy picture I found online to set the mood:

chocolate candy girl
^ from: - a true candy girl- this girl is made of chocolate as opposed to sugar and spice!

--- Setting the Mood... ---

Before I begin, here is a quote I want you to kind of keep to heart as I try to showcase some more tasty fashion influences. This is kind of a quote I will use to set the tone for this blog post:

"Every girl deserves to look as sweet as her personality is or as her favorite sweets/desserts are."
-(quoted by me; just a quote to remember as you read along)

I do admit that I am quite a sweettooth. I think every girl is sweet in their own way. Perhaps that's why I take the expression "eye candy" a little to far sometimes. I often say that a girl is "eye candy with tasty good looks." So with these different tasty fashion influences, I will use this time to discuss certain edibles and any relevant fashion inspirations that can be taken away from such edibles and sweets. I want to dedicate this blog post to all my female readers who want to look and feel as sweet as certain edibles. This is for the girl who is as sweet and indulgent as a chocolate candy bar. This is for the girl who is sticky and sweet- like honey. This post is for the female who has such sweet fashion influences to compliment her sweet personality. However you express your sweetness through fashion is up to you. Regardless, you are sweet inside and within. Therefore, some fashion influences from sweets and other edibles will suffice.

It's time to let creativity run wild and offer up a sweet taste of fashion goodness! There's one important thing to remember in this blog post- not all items in this blog post are sweet edibles. In fact, I have one section devoted to other edible fashion influences... including alcoholic beverages. The majority of the blog post is still on edible sweets.

---Vanilla Fashion Influences ---

One of my personal favorite ice cream flavors is vanilla. Vanilla, as a color, is an off-white color with an extremely pale yellow hue to it. This creamy white color can be fine as a color for shoes, some dresses, outerwear, or things like that. About the only clothing line I know of with vanilla in its name is Vanilla Star, a feminine denim brand. I think you would most see vanilla colors with intimate apparel (which I will not feature in this blog entry). Here are some vanilla-colored garments I've found on Amazon.

What to Extract?
So the key for any vanilla-inspired looks would be to go with a nice off-white color with a hint of very pale yellow.

--- Strawberry Fashion Influences ---

Strawberry fruits are very luscious and full of flavor. So can your clothing. The strawberry influences are not just relegated to Strawberry Shortcake-style fashion. The name of the game here is on pink colors, both in bright pink and in bold dark pink colors (like magenta). So let's talk about some strawberry fashions!

What to Extract?
Strawberry colors are all about pink. That includes lighter pink colors as well as bold magenta colors. A variety of different garments adorn these shoes. There are also some other strawberry influences, primarily paired with brown. I'll get to that later in this blog entry.

--- Chocolate Fashion Influences ---

Here's a sexy picture I found online to set the mood:

chocolate candy girl
^ from: - Get a taste of chocolate with many different chocolate-colored garments.

It's easy to misconstrue chocolate colors. Often times, any dark brown color can easily be seen as chocolate, even browns like mahogany brown. Chocolate brown is actually a very dark brown color. I eat chocolate a whole lot. The one really good for me is chocolate milk.

From a fashion influence, you normally see brown colors associated more with accessories and shoes than in most fashion pieces. I hope to offer a little diversion. I think chocolate may be the most versatile of all the sweet inspirations.

What to Extract?
Dark brown. Darkest brown. I think chocolate is maybe the most versatile of these tasty influences since so many items (even for males) are in chocolate.

--- Other Sweet Fashion Influences ---

We've covered vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate... still have a sweet tooth? Here are some more sweet-inspired items and looks to try out. These incorporate certain fashion cues based on tasty and sweet foods. Check these descriptions out:

Chocolate Strawberry.

chocolate strawberry
^ from - Chocolate strawberries. Red and brown (or even pink and brown) is a good way to incorporate a chocolate strawberry-inspired color combination.

As I mentioned earlier, you usually see a combination of a dark brown with some light pink. There are two ways to go chocolate strawberry. One way is to wear a magenta or pinkish-red top with dark brown pants. Or just go with red and brown. A nice fashion example would be to go with a chocolate brown shirtdress or regular mid-length dress, and wear a light pink or magenta belt or sash below the bustline. There are also other items with brown and a bright pink, like swimwear, for example.

Mint Chocolate.

mint chocolate
^ from: - Mint chocolate- indulgent chocolate with a refreshing touch of mint. Your fashion can be both sweet and indulgent with a refreshing touch of mint, if you know what I mean.

Mint chocolate calls for dark brown along with a light pale green. Rather than light pink, light green colors will suffice for mint chocolate.

Chocolate Caramel or Chocolate Peanut Butter.

The cue here is on a combination of dark brown and some kind of camel or tan color. This can mean anything: chocolate brown T-shirt + dark blue jeans + caramel-colored boots tucked into jeans. It can be a dark brown top with tan-colored jeans and dark brown sneakers.


^ from: - Some girls prefer their style to be as tasty as cheesecake.

This calls for a dark (but not very dark) red top with vanilla white bottoms. Maybe think of a fitted red blouse paired with some a vanilla white high-waist pencil skirt and white pumps. A red shirt with white jeans is also not bad to look into.

Iced Mocha.

iced mocha
^ from - Wake up your style with some iced mocha influence.

I can think of only one possibility here: think of a lace top paired with a knee-length brown satin skirt.


Popsicles usually call for some multi-colored outfits.

The rest of this blog post includes a lowly-viewed blog post that was merged with this one. That's why this post is larger than it is. Keep reading to see my former post, "More Tasty Fashion Influences," if you are not reading the full post.

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--- More Tasty Fashion Influences ---

What used to be its own blog post is now merged with this one. Because of poor views for the blog post of the same name, this is now merged with this primary blog post as an all-in-one.

It's time to let creativity run wild and offer up a sweet taste of fashion goodness! There's one important thing to remember in this blog post- not all items in this blog post are sweet edibles. In fact, I have one section devoted to other edible fashion influences... including alcoholic beverages. The majority of the blog post is still on edible sweets.

In this section, I will attempt to discuss certain other foods and sweets, and then try to find some fashion items or pictures to demonstrate the look. I must use my creativity to make certain looks and styles based on various desserts and other things. I can assure you that these are all creative visions based mostly on sweet foods and desserts. It would be impossible (and gross!) to base fashion influences on T-bone steaks, for example. I'm just here to make you sweet girls look sweet! :) So let's begin.

What you will see are headings accompanied by pictures (if I can find any good ones). The main point is to give some inspiration. I will then try to find certain ways to make a certain look come alive based on certain foods or sweets. So let's begin!

--- More Tasty Fashion Influences: Condiments and Flavors ---

This is a look at fashion based on certain tasty influences. It is a continuation of my past blog post but with many more inspirations.


^ from: - Honey is sticky and sweet. If both words describe you and your style, you can be as sweet as honey fashionably too!

Nobody wants bees being around them. However, it can be sweet to have some honey influence. Honey is either a golden color or a tan-like brown depending on how you look at it. The actual color can either be golden or sort of a dark brown (but not chocolate brown). Honey is a common color for work boots. Here is a pair of honey brown work boots below:

honey brown work boots
^ from: - Honey-colored work boots.

But to me, honey is sweet. Work boots are tough. I am not saying that wearing work boots (or some other tough boots) that are honey in color is a bad thing. I mean, feel free wearing honey-colored work boots for a casual outfit. Don't let me stop you. That's a tough influence; here are some sweet honey influences:

honey jacket and honey stole
^ from: - honey-colored fashion pieces from Venexiana from their Fall 2006 collection. The jacket on the left lady and the stole (the huge scarf) on the right lady are honey-colored.

honey brown chic boots
^ from: - Honey-colored wedge boots.

If you're into movies, you may have remembered/seen the movie "Honey" with Honey herself played by the sweet Jessica Alba. Besides clothes, there are also honey influences in makeup and in skin care.


^ from: - Get a taste of caramel and indulge in its sweetness.

Caramel is a bold brown like honey. However, I think caramel is more of a darker brown than honey. It's something to look out for if you're considering wearing something of a caramel brown color. I hear about caramel ranging from caramel-colored fashion garments to caramel-colored hair to even caramel skin complexion. A number of celebrities, like Leona Lewis, has caramel-colored hair.

Here are some caramel fashion inspirations:

caramel skirt
^ from: - a caramel-colored handbag.

caramel ankle boots
^ from:, by way of - Caramel-colored ankle boots. These are the "Porch" boots from Rachel Comey.

Peanut Butter.

peanut butter
^ from: - Peanut butter is creamy and with a tan color.

Peanut butter can be great to have. You know you can't enjoy Resse's Peanut Butter Cups or any other sweet peanut butter treat without... peanut butter. You know you can't have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter. The real key color for this is a tan or some other muddy brown color.

peanut butter sneakers
^ from: - a pair of Nike sneakers colored in peanut butter.

peanut butter men's boots
^ from: - men's casual hiking boots in a khaki or tan color. Just take note of the color of these boots for some peanut butter inspiration.

--- More Tasty Fashion Influences: Sweets, Dessert, and More ---

The items in this section all pertain to various foods and sweets. You're here to look sweet, right? Well, the inspiration provided by these items will be my own explanation of various delicious foods and dessert. Each heading will be accompanied by a picture and a few thoughts on pulling such inspirational looks along (at least, as I see each inspiration). I will even mix things up by including drinks. This will be a fun project for me to present to you females out there! I hope you enjoy my content here.

This is all about fashion with inspiration from foods and drinks. I'm trying to present all of this without sounding like I have some kind of food fetish.

Banana Sundae.

banana sundae
^ from: - a banana sundae. This is a combination of a banana, ice cream, and pouring of chocolate syrup and caramel.

(key inspirations: yellow, white (can be off-white), dark brown or caramel/honey brown)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

peanut butter and jelly sandwich
^ from: - The sweetest sandwich one can ever indulge- a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Commonly, a sandwich with grape jelly and peanut butter is the most common peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If this is what you're going for, here is a casual look based on peanut butter and [grape] jelly: grape jelly-colored camisole or tank top with peanut butter-colored cargo pants and rugged tough oxford shoes (like the Club lace-to-toe oxfords from Dr. Martens). You'll probably want to go with some other kind of colored top to resemble whatever color jelly you want your peanut butter + jelly color to be inspired by.

(key inspirations: purple with tan (for peanut butter with grape jelly), but tan is the key color)

Neapolitan Ice Cream.

^ from: - Neapolitan ice cream- because pink, white, and chocolate never looked (or tasted) so good together!

Neapolitan ice cream is the combination of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate- all as a tricolored ice cream package. These three colors can all be worn as part of an outfit if you are creative enough. The only dark sort of color to neapolitan is chocolate. Therefore, you'll have to find light pink and white garments accompanied by some kind of dark brown outfit to complete the neapolitan look.

Here is an outfit idea: why not pair a pastel pink cardigan or shrug with a white shirt, and wear some chocolate brown pants or a chocolate brown skirt? I would probably have light pink and white on top and wear some brown bottoms to go with them if I was trying to pattern a look based on neapolitan ice cream. One of my fictional character concepts, Abbie "A.J." Garcia wears a pink shrug, a white camisole, brown gaucho pants, and some pink wedge sneakers. The pink for her, though, is more like a dark pink. That's an example of neapolitan.

(Key inspirations: pastel pink, white, and dark brown)

Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

strawberry banana smoothie
^ from: - Strawberries are luscious and bananas are tasty. Put the two together, and you have not only a very tasty drink, but a very tasty fashion influence!

Usually, the combination of yellow and pink is what you'd probably see little girls wear. You might see a little girl in a pink top with yellow shorts, or you may see a little girl in a yellow shirt and wearing pink overalls. Grown-up girls can lovingly wear yellow with pink too! Mixing together strawberries with bananas leads to a light pink color. If you just want a strawberry banana smoothie look, either a light pink garment or accessory will suffice. Strawberries and bananas together would mean wearing either light yellow with light pink or light yellow with a bold pink. Think of wearing a light yellow dress with bold pink accents or with a bold pink ribbon/sash.

(Key inspirations: light pink with light yellow)

Ice Cream Soda.

ice cream soda
^ from: - a timeless beverage is that of a root beer float.

Novel beverage idea- put some scoops of ice cream on top of a soda for a tasty experience. Most popular of ice cream sodas are root beer floats. Root beer is accompanied by scoops of vanilla ice cream for a delicious and creamy taste experience. Whatever inspiration of ice cream and soda you have depends. Since I know root beer floats best, you'll likely need a white top paired with a brown or dark brown pair of bottoms. Your combination will vary depending on what kind of ice cream and soda you want to inspire your looks on. So experiment away!

--- More Tasty Fashion Influences: Others ---

They deserve their own individual attention. These are just inspirations from other edibles. Some of these items may not necessarily sweet.


watermelon vans
^ from: - Vans done up like watermelons.

The inspiration is simple as long as you have a dark pink along with something green.

Possible inspiration:
• red or dark pink top with black polka dots
• dark green bottoms


^ from: - Cherries are every bit as luscious as strawberries.

Cherries are every bit as luscious as strawberries. Cherry red involves a bold red color. The color can be exceptional in fashion. This can be for makeup or for lovely garments like this:

cherry dress
^ from: - a cherry red evening dress.


To me, I usually think of lime sherbet. Lime is somewhat a pale green, but a bold pale green. A bold pale green would really resemble sherbet lime ice cream.


The best way to think of raspberry color-wise is a dark pale magenta.


Butter in fashion would mostly be noted by either a pale yellow or somewhat a bold yellow. Butter yellow, however, is less pale than lemon yellow. NOTE: I was unfortunately unable to find any good butter yellow garments to demonstrate butter.

Peaches and Cream.

Peaches have a yellowish-orange color. My idea of peaches and cream would be a yellowish-orange blouse paired with creamy white pants. You could also go with a yellowish-orange shirt with white jeans and some yellow or white sandals.

Strawberries and Cream.

strawberries and cream
^ from: - Strawberries can be as equally luscious in whipped cream as they are in chocolate.

The sweetness of strawberries along with whipped cream can equal a delicious and delightful treat. You can be delicious yourself if you dress up with a cue of strawberries and cream. For example, a magenta shirt with white jeans is an example of strawberries and cream. You may even go with a light pink blouse and a creamy white skirt.


Ahh, yes. That cup of joe. Coffee beans are essentially dark brown in color. I usually associate dark brown with chocolate, but the same dark brown can be associated with coffee. If you want to talk about coffee with creamer, then you're talking about tan-like colors once you fully add and stir in creamer with coffee. Like chocolate, the best garments for coffee-style fashion would be with shoes or formal dresses. Introduce some kind of creamy white garment to offer the impression of coffee with whipped cream. You want to be as sweet as coffee with whipped cream now, do you? :)

Wine Red.

Now for some tasty influence of a different kind, especially if you are a wine drinker. Wine red is usually noted as a burgundy red color. Wine red is especially appealing for formal wear

(Any Alcoholic Drink).

Cocktail dresses are usually inspired color-wise by certain cocktails. These usually make certain cocktail dresses so fun to wear. Read my "Party Time!" blog post for more regarding cocktail dresses (and other party fashions).

Well... that was a lot of tasty fashion inspirations! Can you think of any other fashion tasty inspirations? I may add a few more tasty inspirations in future edits.

--- Honorable Mention! - Sweet Fashion Influences ---

Some designers and such specialize in sweet fashions. I'll pay some tribute to the ones who offer such sweet fashions in this section. Click on the headings to visit the sites mentioned to visit their sites or shop for things from these sites.

Dylan's Candy Bar.

Dylan's Candy Bar was made for the girl who is as sweet as candy. A plethora of candy-inspired fashions and items are offered. Even candies themselves are offered here. It was founded by Dylan Lauren, the daughter of world-renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Dylan says that she wanted to "merge, fashion, art, and pop candy culture." The flagship Dylan's Candy Bar store is in New York City. There are also DCB stores in other cities including two other cities in the state of New York (East Hampton and Garden City), Orlando, and right here in Houston. The Orlando location is the only DCB that does not have a cafe among the DCB stores in the United States. For a preview of what Dylan's Candy Bar has to offer, check out this video:

If you want to see DCB's fashions offered, visit the Fashion link at the Dylan's Candy Bar website.

(For Houston/Galveston area readers only) If you live here in the Houston/Galveston area, Dylan's Candy Bar here in Houston can be found at the Houston Galleria shopping mall. More information on the Houston location of DCB can be read at the Dylan's Candy Bar Store Locator - Houston site.

Eat Something Cute!

Eat Something Cute! specializes in fun items for women that are nothing short of sweet. Women with a sweet sense of style can showcase their sweetness by reminding people to... eat something cute! Are you cute and edible (not literally, of course!)? Well, Eat Something Cute! has you covered.

NEFF (links to NEFF cupcake beanie).

Get a taste of the Cupcake beanie from NEFF. It is a cute beanie that looks like a tasty cupcake.


Pastry is a Junior-oriented company that was founded in 2007 by Vanessa and Angela Simmons (daughters of Reverend Run from Run DMC). They mostly offer shoes that have a sweet sense of style. Indulge in the sweet-inspired styles of thier shoes. The majority of their footwear offer high-top sneakers that have a lot of influences on desserts and sweets. However, they also offer other sweet-inspired shoes as well as some sweet-inspired clothes. So this is really for those teen girls who have a sweet sense of style and want some sweet shoes and clothes to express their sweetness. In addition to teen fashion, they also offer their sweet fashions to children ranging from toddler girls to tween girls. The line devoted to girl children is called "Cutie Pies."

(More resources will/could be added in future edits.)

This blog post has concluded. Here are some more resources on tasty fashion influences of many kinds:
Trend Alert: “So hot It’ll melt your popsicle!”
Katy Perry's "California Girls" song has inspired a candy-inspired fashion trend. Read more about candy-inspired looks and even find a few featured items with the link above.

(More resources will/could be added in future edits.)

Maybe the most fun and imaginative aspect of fashion is how there are so many ways to find inspiration. The initial impression I had for this blog entry was on "eye candy." A lot of these items are sweet in both looks and in design. It was a very long blog post filled with lots of sweet fashion inspirations. I must say that I had fun looking for some fashion garments for you femmes out there. I wanted to come up with something in the realm of feminine fashion while making it all fun.

People... if you love my material, let me know. Send me some replies to my posts. Subscribe to my blog via FeedBurner. To subscribe, check out my FeedBurner feed at: Let me know how I'm doing! Let me know if I'm doing a great job. Let me know if I can do much better. Just get on and interact. And if you love my blog, share my blogging madness with people you know. Maybe they'll love my material too.

Oh, if you want more of Dylan's Candy Bar and Pastry Kicks from my introduction, check out these recommended products:

For Dylan's Candy Bar on Amazon:

For Pastry on Amazon:

I have set up an alternative blog post where you can shop for various fashions on Amazon based on this blog post. Click below to visit my alternative blog post on this topic.

Tasty Fashion Influences

Thanks for reading! Now go look fab! :)

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