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UPDATE: edited 4/24/2010 with more descriptions on each song.

You know about T-Pain, but what about T-Square? The Square was formed in 1976, but changed their name to T-Square in 1978. For most people (including myself), the first song you immediately think of is "Truth." T-Square is kind of like a cross of jazz and rock. It's actually a jazz fusion band, now that I look on Wikipedia. The aforementioned "Truth" served as the Formula 1 theme song between (I believe) 1989 and 2000 for Fuji TV. Various installments of "F-1 Grand Prix" for the Super Famicom has this song as the theme song. T-Square is more than just "Truth," however, as you'll find out in this blog entry.

(information below from Wikipedia's entry on T-Square)
As a small note... the name Masahiro Andoh may be familiar to you if you're a Gran Turismo fan. Well, he was part of this lovely jazz fusion group. Other members include Mitsuru Sutoh, Takeshi Itoh, Hirotaka Izumi, and Hiroyuki Noritake.

Time to set the mood with a picture:

^ from:

--- T-Square Music ---
Here is some of T-Square's music in YouTube videos.

^ Omens of Love

^ Breeze and You - This one is funky and cool. Have a listen to the awesome sounds of T-Square in this video. It's must-listen in my opinion.

^ "Explorer" - You GOT to listen to this. The guitars are wonderful and funky for this song.

If I talked so much about "Truth," how come I haven't mentioned it? That's because (in the words of Vanessa Williams), I've wanted to save the best for last. I tried to find the best video to showcase this awesome song to close this blog entry out. So here's your dosage of Truth! :)

I must say that I have more respect for T-Square by checking out more of their music on YouTube. I know them best for Truth, but they have MANY more outstanding songs. You can also find some T-Square for yourself if you visit Amazon's T-Square Store. Thanks for reading!

--- Truth: Casiopea vs. T-Square (Bonus!) ---
As a way of saying thanks, here is a bonus video for you all. Who did it better?

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