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(UPDATED: December 5, 2013)

Nothing can be more girly, fun, and cute than the sundress. It is a dress that can take you through Spring and Summer. A sundress is usually a very airy and light dress with intricate styles and designs. These dresses can be very beautiful and cute. Whether the skirt is short or is a maxi dress, there is a sundress for you. Just take some inspiration from Taylor Swift. I've had nothing against going with denim mini skirts as your skirt or dress, but I've often missed seeing femmes simply wear cute sundresses. Anything to let me know that the casual dress isn't dead, I'm happy. What you're going to see in this blog entry is a host of sundresses. You'll even get my own kind of commentary on them. And if you're looking for a sundress of your own, I can help point you to some through Amazon.


DEC 5 2013 - edited pictures and some links

--- Sundresses at a Glance ---

How can you not love a nice sundress? They are breezy, feminine, fun, girly, and cute. Or maybe some just think a sundress is too boring ('cause everybody likes being hard all the time). Maybe just that while a sundress was made for Spring and Summer, they aren't stylish enough to where more wear these. Whatever the case, I've always loved these even while some loathe these. Another such deal is that not as many femmes can confidently wear a dress.

Lovely patterns and nicely-designed dresses make for some fashionable and lovely clothes to wear. Let's take a few examples from around the Internet...

short sundress
^ from: - Here is a beautiful and airy sundress. It's very fun and cute, as I love sundresses.

long sundress
^ from: - This is a maxi-length sundress. A dress like this begs for a pair of cute platform or gladiator sandals.

mini sundress
^ from:, by way of - Here is a mini sundress from Rebecca Taylor. More sexy than cute to me with its short looks.

Now you have a little inspiration on sundresses.

--- What I Look for in Sundresses ---

I'm most intrigued by beautiful patterns (if any) or just a dress styled beautifully. It's all about easy comfort to me. That's what I usually love seeing in a sundress. Floral patterns are always lovely for a dress. Whatever length dress suits you is your call. Doesn't matter if it's a short dress or a maxi dress- a sundress is a sundress is a sundress.

If you're looking to accessorize, you have a number of options. You could possibly wear a sash around your waist or just below the bustline for a cute and slim look. You could possibly go with a belt instead of a sash belt. There are also always vests, boleros, and shrugs to add to the loveliness. See my blog entry on boleros and shrugs for more info on them and to find some you like.

--- What Footwear is Appropriate for Sundresses? ---

Since sundresses are casual for the most part, no dressy shoes will be needed. You can take your pick- flip-flop/thong sandals, espadrilles, gladiator sandals, fashionable sneakers, the like. You may even go with some cowboy boots, like in a previous blog entry of mine. I've always thought that staying consistent with the overall style of a garment or look should be complimented with the right shoes. So in this case, wearing a super-chic dress with a pair of '80s high-top sneakers just doesn't go well at all. A pair of wedge sandals or espadrilles will serve you well in the Spring and Summer.

It's now time to see if I can show you some sundresses you might like. If interested, read on!

--- Sundresses with Boleros/Shrugs ---

A sundress can be cute, but a bolero jacket or shrug sweater is equally cute. A bolero for Spring to go with a cute sundress adds extra appeal and style.

bolero with sundress 1
^ from: - Here is an example of a bolero paired with a lovely dress. The bolero adds an extra level of style and an extra level of cuteness. I hope none of you are offended by me constantly using "cute" to describe sundresses, but sundresses are lovely and stylish. Also, I get a bit burnt out on denim mini skirts. Dresses are not dead.

bolero with sundress 2
^ from: - A proper bolero jacket is paired with this white sundress to make a beautiful look.

The right kind of shrug or bolero adds extra appeal. For more information on boleros and shrugs, and to shop for some boleros and shrugs that I found on Amazon, I invite you to visit my blog entry called Boleros and Shrugs.

If you like this blog entry, I want to show you some sundresses after the page break that I've found on Amazon that you might like and want to get. Read on if you want to check out some lovely sundresses I want you to check out. I want to show you some sundresses recommended on Amazon. Please visit this widget below to find a sundress you like. You are free to order any sundress you see below that you like. Read on after the page break, and I will show you many more sundresses you might love. It's your choice, but accept this widget below as my way of thanking you for reading this blog entry so far.

These are only a few sundresses I can show you in this blog entry. To see MANY more, I want you to look at this widget of mine and pick out a sundress that interests you:

For Sundresses on ShopStyle (Women's sizes):

For Sundresses on Amazon:

Or click on the link below to find many more sundresses on Amazon that I've found for you all! The image links to my secondary, shopping-exclusive blog:

"Sundresses" (John's Shop Space

Thank you for reading! Proudly wear your sundresses with pride! Hey- if you love fashion, why not visit my fashion-oriented blog, "StyleSpace?" Visit today!

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