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Since the mid-1990s, Amber has been one of the very best in club-style pop. This was mostly in a time where electronica was a bit more mainstream in mainstream American music. One of the many leading the way was Amber. The sultry Netherlands-born Amber has captivated people the world over with her amazing vocals and sweet beats. The Dutch diva delivers silky and sexy sounds with some powerful vocals. Here is a look at the beautiful Dutch singer:

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Born Marie-Claire Cremers, Amber really delivered when "This is Your Night" was released. It was one of the first songs I (and anyone else for that matter) impressed many with impressive vocals and lovely instrumentals. I would go on to enjoy many more songs of hers such as "One More Night," "Above the Clouds," "Sexual (Li Da Di)," and more. It wasn't until a few years ago when Amber came along with a nice mix of all of her past hits. Speaking of mixes, a lot of her songs were made better through remixes. In fact, see for yourself here:

One of my favorites is the Eric Kupper remix of "Above the Clouds." This remix has a lounge feel to it.

--- My Favorite Amber Songs ---
If I note a remix, I mostly like the remix than the original song.

This is Your Night (1995).
This was the song that started it all. It remains one of my all-time favorite songs of any genre in the 1990s. It's even one of my favorites in the '90s style of dance.

One More Night (1997).
Here is another classic. This is yet another great song of mid-late 1990s music. She delivers great singing complimented by lovely background music.

Sexual (Li Da Di), (1999).
Amber delivers sexy vocals with some pretty hot lyrics and and awesome song. The video is pretty awkward, but the song is absolutely incredible.

Love One Another (Pathos Original Mix).
The message in this song is powerful. It's a song about world unity. Why hate another bunch of human beings when we can all come together in peace? That's the message delivered in a beautiful way in this song. This was from the "Amber - The Hits Remixed" album.

Above the Clouds (Eric Kupper Remix).
I discussed this remix earlier. It has a funky lounge vibe to it while still sounding incredibly cool. This was from the "Amber - The Hits Remixed" album.

Color/Colour of Love (Mousse T & Borris Dlugosh Remix).
Also from the "Amber - The Hits Remixed" album, this song has some great beats along with Amber's bold vocals. This is also a bit like a lounge song, but with plenty of kick to get you going.

I have the utmost respect for Amber and her amazing singing over the many years. She has to be among one of the best in (at least) club pop. Hardly anyone can compare to her in powerful vocals along with equally powerful beats. To learn more about Amber, check out Amber's official website. You can also visit Amber's Myspace page or check out her YouTube channel. If you want to get some of her music, why not get music at Amber's Amazon store?

Thank you all for reading. Hope you have an amazing day!
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