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Nothing to Live For? Really?

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(UPDATED: July 31, 2012)

There were times where I felt like I had nothing to live for. Like everything in my life matters little, if at all. Times can be tough, but we most need to remember that for every transgression, there is a chance for hope and good fortune. If we only focus on all negatives in the world, we'll most likely feel like nothing good will ever happen. Something I always try to do is think about and find things to be happy about and feel happy about. There's so much negativity in our lives. You know... people dying of cancer, parents arguing fiercely at each other, couples break up and want nothing to do with each other ever again, excessive damage from Mother Nature... it almost makes the world feel like a terrible place. It almost feels like we're living to die rather than living to enjoy ourselves and feel better about ourselves.

Personal Insight.

I sometimes feel I could be (and sometimes SHOULD be) in a better place than where I am now. Most people my age probably have their own families and are having happy lives. They are probably having well-paying jobs and are doing very well. Done with college and living life. But me? I'm 27 and got my Associate's in the Arts last year. I don't even know what I really want to study and concentrate my efforts on. I wanted to be in Computer Animation, then Broadcasting and Journalism, then Graphic Design. And now? I'm basically focusing on my YouTube videos and my blogging.

Am I happy with myself? Yes, I am, because at least I'm occupying myself with something and feel like I have something to work towards. Do I still regret that I could have been more successful than the amount of success I have (or lack thereof) on YouTube and this blog? Absolutely. If life was any easier, EVERYONE would be in more successful places than where they may be at present.

Nothing to Feel Positive About?

Here is an example of when it feels like there's nothing to be positive about. Tell me you've never seen this or seen anything of Ed Hardy like this:

nothing to live for
^ from: easyart.com - Some people feel as if they have nothing to live for.

There's probably a real meaning to "Love Kills Slowly," but I take it more like, "do people even care about falling in love or wanting to be together anymore?" There may be people who may have had bad luck meeting the perfect someone, but I have to constantly remind myself that people do care. A few friends of mine are happily in love with each other. That alone helps me feel better knowing that people do care and that there are happy things to look at in this world.

I know there are positive things in this world, but I just want to keep re-reminding myself of positive things in this world and in our lives. We always just become fixated on all the negatives.

The "We're All Going to Die, Anyways" Attitude.
The one thing I hate more than people feeling like we have nothing to live for are people who think like, "we're all going to die, anyways, so why bother?" You have a whole life ahead of you, and you like to think that just because we don't live forever doesn't mean that we still can't enjoy the lives we have. Every one of us has a chance to live our lives the way we please. You should be happy to be alive and be able to enjoy as much of life as you can. Don't think that death is right around the corner. Instead, live life like while our time in God's universe isn't forever, at least be able to enjoy what life you do have.

So if you think you have nothing to live for, think again. Everyone has a chance to be and become better. You need to be motivated and have something in life to be happy about instead of feeling like life deals you a bad hand of cards all the time.

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Thank you for reading!

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