Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rise to Relevance

John Marine | 7/28/2010 03:09:00 AM | |
Thanks to all of you for making my blog relevant! For this past week (according to MyBlogLog), my blog has gotten over 500 views daily for just over a week. It wasn't until this past Monday that my blog has gotten over 600 daily views. Just yesterday, I learned that my blog has finally crossed the 500 daily reader mark with 512 readers. I have all of you to thank for this. I just post blog entries. I just find pictures online to help identify my blog's entries. I input a lot of my own commentary into things, and sometimes even quoting from other sources. So where do YOU come in? Well... you read my blog entries, you probably share my blog entries with others, you click on items to enhance the experience I try to describe to you. People, YOU help make my blog relevant. For some reason unbeknownst to me, you somehow find my blog and interact with it in a way that helps me to know my work means something. You become respectful of my work that I can only feel humbled and respected. Whatever your reasons or whatever you expect out of my blog, I am thankful you've found my blog and found something to love about my content. You help me to become relevant.

I won't lie- I am a 27-year old guy with only an Associate's in the Arts, absolutely no idea what I want to get a Bachelor's in, yet have a love of making online videos and blogging. My room also serves as my office and my studio. Thanks to you, you've helped me to realize that my work means something. I thank you for making my blogs relevant.

No matter what your field of study is, the one thing you want to achieve (besides success) is relevance. Here is the difference between relevance and success- relevance leads to success. You can not have one without the other. I commonly learn of cities and nations which visit my blog. I sometimes look at FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feeds of certain other blogs here on Blogspot. I sometimes fear that my blog isn't usually as successful as it could be. I see blogs that get more FEEDJIT traffic more often than mine. All I know is, I am someone who does not specialize in one specific topic. And because of this, I've gotten a lot of views, especially recently. Getting 200 or 300 daily views used to be commonplace. I used to be fortunate to get up to 100 daily views. Nowadays, anything north of 300 daily blog views is commonplace. Well for the past week and change, my blog has over 500 views each day. Monday and Tuesday of this week have yielded 600+ daily blog views.

--- A Story About Blog Traffic: Who Do You Trust? ---
Here is something to note about traffic to your blog. I usually rely on MyBlogLog to tell me who all is visiting my blog and what traffic I am getting on it. Other sources give other stats about your blog. Let me demonstrate for you:

(demonstration: my blog stats for July 27, 2010)
MyBlogLog: 27 offsite clicks, 687 page views, 512 readers
Site Meter: 617 visits and 828 page views
Blogspot Stats (between JUL 27 2010 at 3:00 AM and JUL 28 2010 at 2:00 AM): 605 page views

So who do you trust? Because I like the reporting that MyBlogLog gives me (I'm using the free version), I like the MyBlogLog report the most.

--- A Special Request From Me to You... ---
As much as I am proud that my blog is becoming more and more relevant and active, I want you to help me. I have a blogging friend named Warren is trying to make his own blog (also here on Blogspot) relevant. He's come across my blog looking for advice as to how to get his own blog more traffic and make it more profitable. PLEASE... if you love "John's Blog Space" and/or "John's Shop Space," please do me a favor and visit/subscribe/interact with "24K Forever!!!!", his blog.

The reason why I am even mentioning him is because he is a friend of mine in blogging and really needs some more support from the whole of the Internet. So please, if you are a fan of my blog, please do me a favor and visit his blog. I want his blog to prosper and become more relevant as I have worked to do for a year and a half with my blog. I just want his blog to get traffic and profit because he's been so supportive of my work. When there's someone who looks up to you as a friend and for support, the one thing you want to do to show your support in return is to help a friend any way you can. So if you have time, visit and interact with "24K Forever!!!!" for me, please. Thank you. I don't want my blog to get popular while a friend sees his/her blog prosper slowly (or even be stagnant). So please help out my friend with traffic.

Having said all of this, I'll be making more blog entries about ANYTHING at ANY given time. Random topics, but NEVER randomness! Thanks for your continued support! You all are the brightest stars in my space. Thank you for everything! :-)
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