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Taupo Motorsport Park

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New Zealand's most beautiful and challenging course is Taupo Motorsport Park. It has even served as a round of the now-defunct A1 Grand Prix series. Fourteen corners make up the 2.17-mile full course. The track has about four different configurations as well as a drag strip. It is based in the city of Taupo, New Zealand and was completed in 2006. So not only is it a great racing facility, it is also a very young course.

--- Taupo Motorsport Park ---
Have a look at the track map to this course:

^ from: motorsport.org.nz - Taupo Motorsport Park.

This track has been around since 1948. It is perhaps the premier motorsports facility in New Zealand

One Lap Description.
After going down the backstretch, Turn 1 (Dunlop Hairpin) is an increasing radius left. It starts off slow, then sweeps outward. Turns 2 and 3 are both moderate-speed corners are give-or-take the same angle. Turn 2 is a right-hand corner, and Turn 3 is a somewhat faster left-hand corner. Turn 4 is a sharp right at an obtuse angle. Turn 5 is a sharp right-hand bend. Turn 6 is merely a right-hand high-speed kink, but Turn 7 is a very sharp left-hand hairpin. The road through Turn 8 is a very long left-hand corner. Turn 9 is a decisive chicane complex in right-left fashion. The road ahead sweeps out ahead to the right. Turn 10 is a simple kink to the left, then to the right. The road to Turn 11 is similar to Spoon Curve at Suzuka as it is a very long sweeping left that decreases in radius. You now arrive on the backstretch after exiting Turn 11. After this backstretch romp, the track's three remaining corners await you. Turn 12 is a very sharp left-hand kink. Turns 13 and 14 are about the same radius and are both fairly sharp. Turn 13 is a sharp right-hand corner, and Turn 14 is a sharp left-hand corner. You're now on the front stretch ready to do 2.17 miles of racing all over again.

The lap record around around Taupo was set by Nico Hulkenburg for the German A1 GP team. He clocked a time of 1:14.742 around this course in 2007.

Here is a racing video lap showing you around Taupo Motorsport Park:

Learn more about Taupo Motorsport Park by going to Taupo's official website. Thank you very much for reading, everyone!
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