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Allowing Guest Blogging?

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John's Blog Space has been all about one person- myself, because only I feel that I am the best one to move my blog onwards and upwards. A recent message I received online was from someone who wanted to post a guest blog entry on JBS. The traffic my blog has sustained in recent times has been mostly substantial. I've bragged about getting blog hits from over 140 countries and every continent (except obviously Antarctica). External support wouldn't hurt, but I don't want my blog to be better only because someone's post other than my own is better than my own work. So therefore, I did not want to allow for any guest bloggers. This blog is underrated and under the radar, but it isn't sorry.

So what are you reading here? This post relates to me perhaps allowing guest bloggers to come in and contribute to my blog posts.

--- The Impact of Having Guest Bloggers ---
I think the biggest impact of allowing someone to post in your blog is because someone loves your content and wants to contribute with his/her/their content. People do contact me about certain things in my blog, but it was just earlier today that someone was interested in making a guest blog post about a relevant subject.

--- Issues and Concerns on Guest Blogging for my Blog ---
Time for specific issues on guest blogging on my blog...

Considering Guest Blogging?

There have been reasons why I haven't been in favor of guest blogging. One of the biggest is that I want to achieve my status on my own with my own content. So therefore, I don't feel personally happy or satisfied when my own work pales in comparison to others. Getting the traffic and the attention I've worked towards since becoming more serious about blogging. I always have something to prove to myself.

There is another big reason why I haven't been open to outside support- I am a poor teammate. I could never coexist seamlessly with others in making quality content. I've been neglected or even have my efforts mean very little in the final outcome of something. Even back in school, I didn't like the idea of working with others because I felt like I could never contribute or play a real factor in a team project working successfully. I am not a hot shot or a loose cannon, but I was just never good at working with others. That's why I have preferred doing my online content by myself, because only I could push my content to a direction I am happy with.

Therefore, there is only one reason why I am entertained by the offer of guest blog posts:


For as much as people visit my blog and have a read, not as many people are reluctant to comment. How do I know if my frequently-visited blog post are liked or not if people keep visiting? There aren't even people interested in becoming fans of my Facebook fan page. I don't get as many fans, and I am trying to get as many fans as possible without having to spend money just to get more fans or more support.

So this may be the biggest reason why I may consider guest blogging- involvement. I need to know that people care about my work and my blog to where people want to throw in their input. I need to see if my blog can reach out to more people and get more involvement. Because of this, I am allowing, but being careful, in allowing guest blog articles. All 600+ blog posts on John's Blog Space thus far have all been my own work. If this helps to bring more readers and get more involvement from readers, I'll be sure to consider this.

Lingering Fears.

This section addresses a few fears I have in allowing Guest Bloggers.

Still, I want my blog to still be able to be enjoyable with my own content. After all, I am the one who made my own blog relevant, so it would pain me to see my blog that I've worked to grow and expand become popular... because of someone else's work. I just need self-assurance that my work is still relevant and don't want to fall in anyone else's shadows. Or at least... not see my blog become popular for works by other people rather than because of my own content. In other words, I worked to create this blog to become highly-visited. I'd hate to see the success of my own work go to waste with OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT being better than mine.

I also mentioned being careful at what content I allow. I don't want my blog to take on a character different from what it was built on, so I'm not going to haphazardly allow content that is different from material I try to focus on. So for example, I'm not going to allow someone to post a blog post highly criticizing a political leader or allow a blog post attacking certain religions. I don't do topics I'm not comfortable with on YouTube, and the same goes for my blog. Having said all of this, I am open to guest blogging if there are those who want to contribute. I will at least try to make an attempt at being more open.

If anyone does want to make Guest Blog posts for my blog, then be sure to contact me with what you want to do a blog post about. I will need to take a look at the blog post in its completion and see if it is good enough to be posted online. In addition, I will mark "Guest" on the blog post to note that it is not a blog post of mine. Be sure to contact me directly by visiting my Blogger/Blogspot profile page and pass along an Email to me.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I'd be very interested to see how much guest support I can get because while this is still my house, you're welcome any time (unless you're a hater)! :)
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