Thursday, October 28, 2010

Charlie Brown and His Issues

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Heaven forbid, I LOVE Charlie Brown! However, Charlie Brown and all that goes on in this classic cartoon series, sometimes, Charlie Brown reminds me so much of myself and some of life issues I have faced before. The cartoons are simply classic, especially the more holiday-oriented cartoons (like "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"). When you look at the various issues impacting Charlie Brown and some other characters, it is an animated depiction of just how cruel and unfair life can be. Think about what Charlie Brown goes through- falling on his back trying to kick a football, getting hit by a baseball after pitching, picking a short and wilted Christmas tree for a Christmas play, having nobody believe in him to do anything right... reminds me a lot of myself some times. Only so few get to actually think about the episodes and cartoons of the Peanuts.

Charlie Brown
^ original picture credit: - Charlie Brown. "Why me?"

What is one way I think of this cartoon series? I can think of being around peers and being disrespected in some such fashion. There have been people who always seen me as not being "cool" enough to hang out with others and be happy around others. Charlie Brown is also usually never given any hope or promise to get anything done right- just like me sometimes. He often times has no one really to look up to him to give him any hope on his worst days. In other words, he has to live with his struggles basically on his own (or with limited help from others). Going life alone and being so isolated from others is a feeling I've especially felt. There is actually a reason as to why the late great Charles Schulz depicted his depression with Charlie Brown- Charles has endured severe depression in his life, and so he uses Charlie Brown to depict some of his own transgressions.

So as much as I love the Charlie Brown cartoons for the humor and timeless cartoons, part of me thinks back to how Charlie Brown and I are sometimes one in the same with a lot of issues. It can be entirely surreal how a cartoon can sometimes remind you of yourself and your life. If anything, these Charlie Brown cartoons remind me to treat other good people with more kindness and respect than what some others have felt. Having endured my own personal hardships, the last thing I want to see happen is for other people to suffer similar hardships. I always want the best for people because I always know what the worst outcomes have been for when nothing goes right. You could say that I want to help make other peoples' lives better just because I want others to have what I've been unable to have in my down times.

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