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My 2011 Houston Auto Show Experience - Fashion

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Houston Auto Show 2011 had many lovely ladies dressed up representing their companies on the floor. These ladies were all in various uniforms or certain individuals in their own outfits representing their companies. This is a unique blog post regarding something other than cars. It is a look at fashion from the models who roamed the show floors. As great as the cars on the floor are, the models are equally lovely with the companies they represent. These are the ones who provide the human element and are the ones who are the faces for the companies on the floor. They are friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have about the cars featured. This blog post is a special interest blog post regarding the lovely ladies who roamed the floor at the 2011 Houston Auto Show. This is the first time I tried to make a focus any Houston Auto Show from a fashion standpoint.

I had initially intended to compile all or most of my material in one blog post. However, I will break them up into individual categories.

A Special Hello...

If any readers are any of the people representing the car companies at Houston Auto Show 2011 (such as the people who do the announcements and introductions of cars) or of anyone representing the Houston Auto Show itself, I say hello to you. Welcome to my blog!

--- Houston Auto Show at a Glance ---
The Houston Auto Show has been around since 1983, and has been held at the Reliant Center since 2002. It is a show where Houstonians and those in Houston can check out some of the world's cars right before their eyes. It is also a marketplace where many prospective buyers of cars look to gain more information about any cars offered on the floor. Many cars imaginable are offered for viewing and even to sit in. Concept cars and special cars are offered on stands. Some of which, are accompanied by hosts and hostesses who talk more about the given cars. There is also a classic car section featuring some of the most beautiful classic cars in their own section.

While the Houston Auto Show is about today's cars, it is also a place where people can purchase various other items from the floor. Certain other local businesses and such offer up many car-related and non car-related items. Even certain groups and dealers showcase their material for others to buy. This, then, is a something-for-everyone event that brings many people together to check out various things.

The Houston Auto Show is like Houston itself- it is not in any way purely glamourous. There may be cars making Texas debuts, but this is no international-type auto show. It is nowhere in importance and appeal like the Los Angeles International Auto Show, New York International Auto Show, the North American International Auto Show, or anything like that. It is, however, OUR auto show. It is our link to the automotive world. It is our link to cars from America, across Europe, and across Asia. So this is OUR auto show though it isn't as glamorous as any of the real international auto shows.

--- What You Will Find in my 2011 Houston Auto Show Blog Posts ---
This is a look at what my blog posts will entail:

* Cars - I talk about some of the many cars I've seen on the showroom floor.
* Experiences - I talk about what all I was doing while going around Reliant Center.
* Fashion - This is about fashion for the certain hostesses as well as some of the other show-goers.

This one pertains to fashion, so let's get started!

--- Houston Auto Show 2011: Fashion - Non-Models ---
From the many females at the Houston Auto Show, I was a bit surprised to see so many women wearing heels. Some women felt they should look quite fabulous sporting some sweet shoes. As a popular cold weather look, I've seen my fair share of boots tucked into jeans. These ranged from sheepskin boots to some fabulous leather and furry boots. The rare combination of tall lace-up boots tucked into jeans was also apparent.

The day was a warm one at just about 70°F. It is usually rather cold when it's Houston Auto Show time. Not so much this time. I just carried my jacket in case it gets cold when leaving Reliant Center. The fashionable types went with tights and varying kinds of boots. The most surprising thing to see were so many high heels and platform pumps. Some of the pumps the females were wearing almost suggested that the ladies wanted to hit the nightclub once they were done with the 2011 Houston Auto Show. However, there weren't any really nightclub-type looks. I guess if you're going to be in a packed place like Reliant Center, best to look fabulous! I just wonder if the ladies get tired and have to relax a bit in their platforms.

There were a lot of catchy, attention-grabbing denim worn as well. Everything from real casual denim to really chic denim was in full display.

--- Houston Auto Show 2011: Fashion - The Hostesses ---
This is an image to keep referencing back to as I explain the models' style:

HAS 2011 models
^ Some of the many ladies who roamed the show floors representing eleven different companies. These include uniformed models and some individual hostesses. From left to right, top to bottom: (top row) Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, Cadillac, Nissan, (bottom row) Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Scion, Audi, and Jeep. The picture with the only male featured was from the Scion stand. (from my Facebook photo album)

SPECIAL NOTE: I want to be careful in that I don't invade privacy or anything. I even took measures like blocking out visible faces to avoid any privacy issues. These pictures are only provided for entertainment purposes.

This section pertains to a look at fashion from the ladies who walked the floor or even those whom I've come across and managed to take pictures of.

What can be lovelier than some of today's best cars? Pretty ladies introducing these cars, of course! :) These models and hostesses are the ones who tell you about the various cars featured on stands. They also help in getting information on various cars. That is, if you want to go to the show wanting more information on any car that interests you. The different associates can help you in this department as well. This blog post concerns some of the favorites of mine as far as the many ladies and models on turntables and stands for cars. Here is the criteria for who is included: the ones included must either be (1) uniformed models, or (2) certain individual models. Uniformed models are the ones who wear a certain outfit as a uniform for the car company they represent on the floor. Those who don't have uniformed models are what I define as individuals.

I have taken count and noted 11 different uniformed models or individuals I've saved. So let's take a look at the ladies from the pictures I've taken. Remember to refer to the image above to see who I am talking about:


The Ford ladies were sporting some nice charcoal gray dresses along with black belts and tall knee-high boots. The boots were very nice on the Ford ladies on the floor.


While sporting a beautiful pair of platform pumps, the Dodge ladies (or at least this one) went all-black. A delightful elbow-sleeve dress was met with a black belt around the waist and some opaque black tights. The dress and pumps were lovely.


The Toyota ladies radiated in red long sleeve dresses with tall black boots. I absolutely loved the gathered dresses the Toyota ladies wore. Those dresses along with the tall boots meant they looked hot. That Saturday was rather mild, so you can't really say they looked hot even while the weather was cold.


For Honda, I say really only one lady, and she sported a very nice blue dress with some riding-style boots. Nothing too spectacular, but she did look very nice.


The Volkswagen ladies exercised three P's- prim, proper, and pretty. White elbow-sleeve blouses were paired with black sweater vests, charcoal gray skirts, and black knee-high boots. The look was very preppy chic.


Nissan went with a hot combination of black and red in a fierce package. These motorcycle jackets were paired with red blouses, black pants, and black boots. It was a proper look that had some edge to it.


Okay... they will NOT win the professionally-dressed honors. Scion was the most youthful and most different of all the models at the show. For a company whose name means "different," Scion's girls were surely different from all the others. I even chatted with one of the Scion ladies about how edgy their style was. It wasn't until I talked with one of the two that I noticed their names posted on dog tags. Scion went with an Army-influenced style. Bold neon yellow tops with some dark outlining, Army Green shorts, black tights, and black combat boots helped express the youthful and edgy style of Scion. By far, they'd win the "different" honor.


I am a sucker for ruffles. Therefore, I loved the ruffled blouses of the Audi models. These blouses were paired with black blazers, black pants, and black pumps. Nothing fierce or anything (like at Nissan), but polished and soft style.


This was a lovely look for this individual. A dress with a diagonal zip-front design was paired with a stylish pair of wedge pumps. It was a fierce-meets-chic style exercise that was nothing short of lovely.


The Chevrolet booth ladies had some pewter jackets paired with black tops, black pants, and black pumps (or boots?). The jackets were metallic in looks. They did look very nice, though.


The last of the favorites was this individual look when I was at the Jeep section. The look was a combination of black and olive. A chic cropped jacket was worn over a black top. Complimenting the top and jacket were olive straight-leg pants with jean-like styling (they weren't denim jeans) and some cute olive peep-toe pumps. She was very nice, too. I couldn't get a better picture, but even I was saying that she was "workin' it!"

That covers some of the significant ones I was able to take a picture of back on Saturday.

--- What If: Best in Show? ---
What if I had my own ideas on best-dressed? There are eleven I noted.

Who Would Be Favorites?

My favorites would come down to these:

WHY: Love those red dresses along with the boots. The lady I've used to showcase the Toyota ladies was very nice as well.

WHY: The motorcycle jackets really offer a fierce edge to otherwise still stylish clothes.

WHY: Obvious - why be prim and proper when you can rock your own style? This would likely be a favorite for most of my fashion-savvy readers. The Scion crew would definitely be commended for going with their own style. On the other hand, properly-dressed people for a youthful brand like Scion stand wouldn't really go right.

WHY: A dress with a diagonal zip has to be worth major style points. The wedge pumps were comfortable to be in, if not stylish. Some who dislike wedges probably would have liked some platform peep-toes or something to go with this dress. Still, this individual surely rocked her style.

WHY: With the combination of black and olive, and with the combination of these items, she was absolutely lovely with this look.

Who do you think would win if it came down to these five I mentioned?

--- Who Would Win? ---
Who would win if there was a "Best in Show" for the ladies? Here are my winners by category:

Uniformed Models.

My winner would be...

...the TOYOTA ladies!

The Toyota ladies had exceptional and exquisite style. I LOVED those dresses along with the tall boots. They were hotter than the warm Saturday. A close second would be the Nissan ladies. I loved the Audi ladies' looks, but I think Toyota and Nissan's ladies would be ahead purely. There is no such thing as worst-dressed. However, the top 5 would be rounded out by Ford's ladies in fourth and Volkswagen's ladies in 5th.

Individual Models.

My winner would be...

...the JEEP lady!

The look was sexy and urban while also being at least semi-casual. I loved this look. Otherwise, it would be a toss-up between the two individual models I suggested.

Creative Models/Individuals.

My winner would be...

...the SCION models (hands down)!

I'm usually not excited immediately about seeing combat boots or any seriously rock-style outfits. The army-influenced garb of the Scion crew is surely the most original and creative of all the models at the 2011 Houston Auto Show.

Outright "Best in Show" Winner?

My OUTRIGHT winner (meaning... best-looks by either models or individuals) is...


The dresses and boots were lovely on the Toyota ladies at HAS 2011. I was completely into their outfit. This would be my top 5 for Outright beautiful, based on individuals and models:

Top 5 "Best in Show" at HAS 2011 (if I had to choose):
  1. Toyota (models)
  2. Jeep (individual)
  3. Nissan (models)
  4. Cadillac (individual)
  5. Scion (models) - included because of being different

Who would make YOUR list based on my pictures? Feel free to comment if interested!

This was different because it wasn't about cars. This [may(?)] conclude my Houston Auto Show 2011 blogging material. Thanks to all for viewing my content! I am adding only so many pictures to my Houston Auto Show 2011 gallery. To see the pictures I've taken, visit my 2011 Houston Auto Show gallery on Facebook. I may consider adding a Picasa gallery in the future.

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with a diagonal zip has to be worth major style points. The wedge pumps were comfortable to be in, if not stylish. Some who dislike wedges probably would have liked some platform peep-toes or something to go with this dress. Still, this individual surely rocked her style.

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