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Sports Car Challenge

John Marine | 3/24/2011 05:48:00 PM |
Originally a mod for F1 Challenge 1999-2002 by Racing Sim Developers Group (RSGP), Sports Car Challenge (or SCC) was faithfully converted for rFactor after quite some time developing for rFactor. SCC was still in development when I bought rFactor in 2006 and later joined some time later. SCC features sportscar racing machines from 2001. Because these were old model cars re-created for rFactor, that means you won't need a super-powerful PC to set up races with these cars.

I need to post more topics on more things. I don't want to leave this rFactor thing on its lonesome, so I will try to post a bit more with rFactor because I want my fans and readers to enjoy this great game and the many mods that make it enjoyable and fun.

Why would you want to get this mod? When I first got rFactor, there was nothing that really intrigued me as far as sportscar racing was concerned. Only thing close were the ProtoRacer mods. The ProtoRacer was more like the only thing to proper sportscar racing with these GTP-like prototypes. It wasn't, however, traditional sportscar racing. This was at a premium in the rFactor community back then. So therefore, I followed the Sports Car Challenge mod in its development. When it was finally available to download from, I was ecstatic and willing to play it.

Sports Car Challenge is traditional sportscar racing with both prototypes and GT's racing on the track at once. The first version featured cars from 2001 (and maybe even 2002 as well). A later patch would add cars from 2003. Among the additional cars from the 2003 patch, the Le Mans-winning Bentley EXP GT. Among the many cars you get in this mod in all of its versions:

* Audi R8 LMP
* Dome S101
* Cadillac Northstar LMP01
* Cadillac Northstar LMP02
* Panoz LMP Roadster
* Chevrolet Corvette C5-R
* Ferrari 360 Modena GT
* And of course, you can NOT have GT or sportscar racing without Porsche, and there are PLENTY in this mod.

You also get to race cars from many real-world teams. Teams include Risi Competizione, Audi Sport North America, Corvette Racing, and many more.

To say the least, if you want traditional sportscar racing in rFactor, give Sports Car Challenge a try. The cars are all nicely detailed even if these aren't as highly-detailed as the Serie Internationale du Mans mod. You can easily set up a race of about 16 to 20 of these cars on a track to enjoy racing. I recommend you enable all classes of car so that you can properly have true traditional sportscar racing. Or, you can set races to only include GT cars or only prototypes. The sounds and interiors are all done very nicely. It's great hearing these cars roar loudly.

Speaking of the Serie Internationale du Mans mod for rFactor, you can read about that mod here: Serie International du Mans (or International Le Mans Series).

Video Preview.

This video is a preview of Sports Car Challenge (couldn't find a good one without music):

You can download this mod from Download this mod Sports Car Challenge on You can also download skins (including blanks) if you want to design your own cars for this mod.

Thank you for reading!

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