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WARNING: This blog post and its content matter may NOT be suitable for all audiences. Read at your own discretion.

The transgender realm branches itself into a number of topics and subtopics. There are a lot of people who have a lot of views about varying degrees of transgendered folk. Some think they are the scum of the earth. Some are disgusted by them. Some don't fully know or understand transgendered folk to respectfully discuss topics concerning them. Because of this, one of my real aims of this blog post is to properly and professionally discuss transgender and all of its connotations. When I created the "LGBT Issues" label, I created it with the intent of discussing issues involving LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) issues and topics. I will CERTAINLY discuss the "T" to "LGBT" in this blog post!

This very long blog post is a look at transgendered folk from a respectful standpoint. Prepare to experience a lot of reading because I will try to mention as many topics regarding transgendered folk as possible. It is all in an attempt to better educate my audience. I wanted to discuss a few subtopics regarding transgendered people, but I have possible related blog posts in the works related to different aspects of this huge topic. If you are even going to think about this topic, at least be properly educated and introduced to transgendered folk. My massive blog post may hopefully get you started.


I have blogged about many topics that may please or displease my readers. One of my most ambitious blog posts is sure to be one that I am sure will either be acceptable to my readers or be a completely unacceptable topic to read about. It is nothing new for my blog. I discussed a few topics sure to get some people uncomfortable or not result in any sort of negative reaction. I sometimes bear an important responsibility by introducing certain things to readers. I bear a greater responsibility discussing something truthfully for educational purposes. Remember that my blog is about anything and everything I choose to discuss with quality. So if I don't post anything of quality, I am doing a disservice to myself and my readers/visitors who visit John's Blog Space for quality material. Therefore, this post was made on factual proof and on professional-style opinions.

Are You or Someone You Know Transgendered?
If you are or know someone who is transgendered, and if you're reading this blog post; I'd like to say hello to you and hope that my blog post will be to your liking. I'd like to welcome the "T" community of LGBT to John's Blog Space and this topic on transgender.

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JUL 17 2014 - edited final table

Contents of This Blog Post:

With a lot of reading ahead, I decided I share my points with you in this makeshift Table of Contents. This is your preview of what this blog post entails.

general info on transgender
...basic info and introduction to transgendered folk.

understanding transgender
...basic terms are explained here regarding transgendered people. This even includes a look at misconceptions and media portrayal of transgender people.

personal and psychological aspects of transgender
...a look at personal issues and psychological aspects of being transgender.

Transgendered Youth Focus: transgendered children?
...believe it or not, there are children who experience the same sort of doubts about their true gender. This section takes a look at transgendered children and the different challenges they face.

Transgendered Youth Focus: transgendered teenagers
...transgender issues involving teenagers and young adults are mentioned here.

grave danger for transgendered youth
...certain dangers expressed by me regarding transgendered youth.

how to be confident as a transgender do you become confident when transgendered?

final thoughts on transgender lasting thoughts to consider when thinking about or mentioning this topic.

Resources resources you can use to learn more about transgender people from a factual standpoint.

The Wikipedia entry on "Transgender" makes up a great deal of my facts for this blog post. Most of what I've typed, however, relates to personal opinions and items I've picked up from visiting multiple sites online. So let's begin!

--- Transgender in General ---

Transgender Pride Flag
^ from:, by way of - Created by transgender activist Monica Helms in 1999, this is the Transgender Pride Flag. It consists of horizontal bands of two baby baby blue and pink with a single white stripe in the middle.

I have a diverse international audience. I've had readers and hits from every continent (except Antarctica for obvious reasons), various Caribbean nations, various South Pacific nations, a few Indian Ocean nations, and elsewhere. When you have a vast and expansive audience, you have to be aware that your audience is diverse in customs and beliefs as much as they are diverse in where they come from. Among one of those aspects of an international audience is that of transgender. Depending on where you live, they are either accepted to some degree or punishable by any number of penalties... including death. According to Wikipedia, the following nations have certain liberties granted to transgendered folk (source: Wikipedia):

• Canada - legal recognition of sex changes.
• Mexico - can legally change legal gender and name. Done only in Mexico City, Mexico.
• Uruguay - can legally change legal gender and name.
• Iceland - sex changes are legal.
• India - vote as "other" (or "O") in political elections and for passports.
• Japan - legal gender can be changed, but only after sexual reassignment surgery

This is only some of so many different countries that either acknowledge or disallow LGBT rights. To read the full list of LGBT rights by country, visit this Wikipedia entry on LGBT rights by country and read about if there are any laws concerning gender identity and/or expression.

There are many names for certain transgendered folk depending on where you live and in what culture you're associated with. There are names associated with them including (but not limited to): ladyboys, newhalf, kathoey/katoey (Thailand), hijra (South Asian nations), all among other [acceptable] names. I mentioned acceptable names because the term most disliked in describing transgendered people is shemale (unless in the adult entertainment industry).

So many people have only so much understanding and knowledge of transgendered folk and the many issues facing them that some people just need to be better educated and better aware of transgendered folk. Because of this, many have a one-sided view on these people. Some like to say these are diseased people. People who think of being transgender as a disease think of transgenderism as a disease that can be remedied, like treating a sore throat. Even worse... rather than "he" or "she," some use "it" as a pronoun to describe a transgendered person. A lot of transgendered people have had many issues regarding themselves and being around others. Part of their struggles relate to being discontent with the body they were born in and with their assigned gender.

If you want to look at this topic in a certain light, note that there is sort of an exploratory phase most people have, especially early in life. Such an exploratory phase involves (especially in the case of males) males wearing certain feminine garments. A little boy who has a little sister may dress up in his sister's clothes. Or in the case of a boy and his mother, the boy may wear some of mom's clothes for fun. Even I once wore a jumper dress that my mom wore back when I was a little boy. Sampling of clothes from one's other gender is part of an exploratory phase of transgenderism, but it doesn't LEAD to wanting to crossdressing or transsexualism. It only leads to becoming transgender when there is either discontent with one's birth gender or with finding a certain thrill in wearing clothes from the other gender.

This section was just basic insight on transgendered people. A little more insight, including how I eventually become involved with this topic, will be explained in the next section.

--- Understanding Transgender ---

How did I get into this topic? How did I educate myself on transgendered folk? I'll explain here as well as give you a few basic bits of info on transgendered folk.

My Education of Transgender.

This is going to sound corny or unrealistic, but I once saw "The Jerry Springer Show" back in 2000 or 2001 when one guest shown up on stage. I think it was one female guest's brother (named Dakota) who came out looking pretty appealing. Being the artist and artistic thinker I am, I became immensely curious and fascinated at how beautiful a crossdresser or transsexual can be. The ability to be taken and regarded as a member of the opposite sex is often referred to as being passable. Being passable relates to how much a transgendered person can be perceived as and accepted as someone from one's opposite sex.

So on my own, I decided to educate myself on transgendered people. I visited websites and even been in some America Online (AOL these days) chat rooms trying to learn more about transgendered people. I started to grasp an understanding of them. I understood transgendered people better as I became more educated about them. Over time, I even wanted to connect with transgendered people online as friends to increase my knowledge and to just meet new people.

I never got to meet someone transgendered in person until one day in 2007 or so. I am cautious in giving names out, but I met a young man in a bathroom at my community college. He had beautifully long blonde hair. I thought initially he was in the wrong bathroom. But when I talked with him, he was a nice guy. I saw him again in the hallways dressed up like a girl. He had a different hairstyle, a T-shirt, some jeans with glittery back pockets, black flip-flop sandals, and painted toenails. This young man is a transvestite, and I met his feminine half right before me. It is important I mention this person because he was the first transvestite I got to meet. I even wanted to connect with him online. If he needed encouragement or kind words, all he needed to do was email me. He had some drug problems, so I was gravely concerned for his health. I am not sure what happened to him. I hope he's alright.

So I learned from a TV show, did my own research and education to better understand something for myself, and made myself a better and wiser person as a result. Epic win? Your call.

Basic Terms.

Transgender, like almost any subculture, has many different variations. I am using transgender as an umbrella term, but there are many varieties of transgendered folk. There are four primary terms I want to touch up on to make this section complete, all of which noted by subsections.

--- Transvestites ---
transvestite RuPaul
^ from: - Drag queens are the most common transvestites. And yes- this one in this picture is a deity in the realm: RuPaul.

Transvestites enjoy crossdressing (crossdresser and transvestite mean the same thing or are very similar at the least) and living as their gender opposite either as a hobby or as a lifestyle. Because it is for hobby or lifestyle, they often do not seriously consider wanting to have surgery or want to permanently become their opposite gender. Many transvestites, especially drag queens, usually wear a number of items to help enhance their image and look as fabulous as they like. Some items include things like wigs, breast forms, and various intimate and body-shaping apparel (like corsets) to help drag queens look and feel their best. Drag queens even have fun going by certain aliases and stage names.

Some transvestites, however, find a sexual thrill in wearing clothing from the opposite gender. This leads to fetishistic crossdressing. Some find sensual thrills in crossdressing that they enjoy the feeling of wearing clothing from the opposite gender as well as acting as the opposite gender. This can be a problem if with an opposite sex partner, especially considering that nothing angers or discomforts a female partner like her boyfriend/fiancé/husband wearing HER clothing! It can cause a divide that could lead to relationships being broken.

It also goes to show that not all transvestites are gay. Some people immediately assume that all transvestites are gay just because they wear clothing from the opposite gender and act as a member of one's opposite gender. This is the reason why I mention transvestism as a hobby or a lifestyle (or even as a sexual thrill). Transvestites want to enjoy being an opposite sex member but want to return to being their real selves. Think of this (in a surreal way) like being Cinderella, where you become this different and fantastic person, until you return to being your original self in your original state.

--- Transsexuals ---
Transsexuals are those who permanently wish to become his/her opposite sex through the means of surgery and certain exercises. Males who want to become females are often called male-to-female transsexuals (or commonly labeled "M2F" for short). Females who want to become males are often considered female-to-male transsexuals (or commonly labeled "F2M" for short). F2M transsexuals are less commonly featured than M2F transsexuals, but there are those females who want to become males.

There are two other varieties to subdivide transsexuals- pre-operative (or "pre-op") and post-operative ("post-operative") transsexuals. As their names suggest, pre-operative relates to a transsexual who either has not or has not fully developed and transitioned through surgery. Post-operative relates to those who have fully transitioned and have had all of their surgery done in becoming the person's opposite sex.

Transsexuals go through a number of different procedures to help make the transition from male to female or female to male complete. Without going into too many details, one such aspect is gender transition. This involves things like developing your voice. In the case of having surgery done to modify your body to better appear as your opposite gender, you undergo sexual reassignment surgery (or SRS). Modification of genitals, the breasts, and other body parts are all part of making the transition (at least with the body) complete. You can subdivide transsexual surgery further by two more terms- top and bottom. Top surgery relates to transsexual surgery that mostly covers the upper body and head. It is the most common in transsexual surgery. Bottom surgery relates to lower body and genitalia surgery for transsexuals. When it comes to male-to-female transsexuals, what provides the biggest controversy and stress is in having a male's genitalia removed. There are a number of transwomen who argue that true M2F transsexuals don't retain their penises after sexual reassignment surgery. These same transwomen would also think the only M2F transsexuals who decide to retain their male genitalia either are not seriously considering becoming proper M2F transsexuals or (in offensive cases) likely want to be in the adult entertainment industry as shemales. So therefore, it is a serious decision to want go through with the entire surgery and transition in becoming a true transsexual.

--- Intersex ---
Intersexed people (also referred to as hermaphrodites) are people who were born with both male and female organs. A serious misconception people make is that all transgendered people are intersexed. Transgender and intersex are two COMPLETELY different concepts. Transgender relates to dressing as and living as a member of one's opposite sex; intersexed means you have both male and female organs and (to quote Lady GaGa) were "born this way."

If you have three minutes and 37 seconds to spare, here is some video commentary you can watch to learn more about intersexed people (it is blurry, so just pay attention to what is being said). Because the video is a bit touchy, I have decided to give you the link to the video rather than embed it. So watch (at your own risk) "intersex," by kimxxxyyy on YouTube.

--- Genderqueer ---
If you come across someone who is genderqueer, that means the person does not associate himself/herself as any specific gender/sex. I honestly don't know enough about genderqueer to professionally discuss this. This video, however, is a cute little video with a little insight on being genderqueer from a fellow named Jason. The video is 5:45 long:

Transgender Misconceptions.

Some people make serious misconceptions regarding transgendered people. Most of those misconceptions are considered vulgar to them. For example, some use "shemale" to refer to a transgender person. Two things- (1) calling a transgendered person a "shemale" is vulgar, and (2) "shemale" is a term in the adult entertainment or pornographic industry used to describe a post-operative M2F transsexual who still has (certain male genitalia) attached. Calling any transsexual as a shemale is totally offensive. By calling a M2F transsexual a shemale, you make the assumption that (because of the adult entertainment industry) that a M2F transsexual is a male living as a woman, but still has his (male genitals) attached. You can look almost anywhere on the Internet to find a proper shemale, but don't EVER call ANY transsexual as a "shemale."

"Transgender" as a term is a misconception to most people, though I am carefully using it as an umbrella term.

These are only a few misconceptions that I am discussing for my initial blog post. I may come up with more in future edits.

The Trap Factor.

One of the biggest issues when encountering transgendered people is the trap factor. What is defined as a trap factor is in being easily tricked into thinking a female is a real female and born a female (we use terms like "genetic" to mean people born as their birth gender. Example: genetic girl). When the truth is revealed that what someone believes is a real female/male, most people freak out at the notion that someone is actually a male/female or born a male/female. The trap factor becomes most apparent in loving relationships. A male who wants to start a family with a transgendered female may get the shock of his life when the transgendered female discloses that she was born a male. It can be very difficult to actually disclose to someone as being a transvestite or transsexual. Therefore, the trap factor can be a damaging quality in more ways than one.

Media Portrayal of Transgendered Folk.

Crossdressing is often used in a number of entertainment deals. Certain actors dress up as females for TV and movie roles. There are also some shows that portray transgendered folk in a variety of ways. There is a reality TV competition called "RuPaul's Drag Race." However, most people have been exposed to transsexuals (negatively) with The Jerry Springer Show. Transgendered guests on Jerry Springer either are sexy flings or people who fail to disclose they were born a man/woman.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: If you want to view some related reading on dating transsexuals, read my "Same-Sex Relationships" blog post and go down to the section about transgender dating.

From terms, to misconceptions, to media portrayal of transgendered folk... you now have a more coherent understanding of transgendered people.

*** Jump Break reached! Do you wish to continue? ***
I will break things off here, but if you are not reading the full blog post, please click on "Read More" to read the rest of this blog post and more of my comments and segments. Here is a look at what else I have to discuss regarding transgendered folk:

• personal and psychological aspects of being transgendered
• transgendered children?
• dangers for transgendered youth
• resources for transgendered people

Click "Read More" to see the rest of this post (or disregard this entire section if you are reading the whole thing).

--- Personal and Psychological Aspects of Transgender ---

A lot of people don't have (or don't care for) a general grasp on transgendered people. Therefore, when they try to act like they know everything about them, these people end up offending the transgender audience. Either that, or they discuss a number of things that they intentionally or unintentionally know is hurtful to transgendered types. There is nothing I really hate than when people think transgenders are diseased. There are cultural and religious connotations (look elsewhere online for religious matters- I do NOT specialize in this topic) regarding transgendered folk.

Certain issues come into play when discussing transgender issues. For a lot of people who become involved in transgenderism, one of the biggest elements is in finding people within them. Some people feel they were born in the wrong body and want surgery to become their opposite. Some who become older in life discover some sort of person within them that wants to emerge, usually of their opposite gender. There are four key points I want to discuss: being born in the wrong body, finding that opposite half within you, sexual arousal in wearing clothes from the opposite sex, and the biggest issue of transgenders- being accepted by others.

Born in the Wrong Body.

More than just alter egos, some who feel born in the wrong body have a psychological condition often referred to as gender identity disorder (or GID), where people feel discontent and unhappy with themselves with the gender they are born as. Remember- do NOT think of transgenderism as turning on a switch to become someone different. The psychological aspect of being transgender can stem from a number of different experiences and personal feelings. This is about much more than simply wearing clothes for fun. Some people truly and honestly feel they were born in the wrong body and want to take steps to take on a new life.

People Within.

I'm not talking about Beyoncé and Sasha Fierce. I'm talking about those who feel they were born in the wrong body or have some person within them different in personality and gender. I'm talking about a male named (and I am using sample names) Michael who has a person inside of him named Michelle. I'm talking about people who want to emerge from their original self to let their inner person emerge.

How does one person discover their opposite half? It can happen from a number of perspectives. One such perspective can begin with a desire to take on a new personality and wear certain clothing while also acting as a member of one's opposite sex. In its initial phases, a person discovers his/her opposite half. He/She envisions what this opposite half loves to wear and how that inner person reacts with society. The problem for most transgendered people isn't finding that opposite half... but coming out AS that opposite half. Therein lies the problem- having that person emerge. Not every transgendered person immediately has the power, confidence, or bravery to emerge as one's opposite half. You may often hear the expression "closet crossdresser" to denote someone who just wears clothes from the opposite gender around the house and not have the courage to come out and emerge as one's opposite half.

Transgender Fetishes and Sexual Thrills.

There is also a transgender perspective based on sexual thrills. Some who find sexual gratification or sexual enjoyment out of crossdressing usually crossdress for sexual purposes or fetishes. These are people who find sexual enjoyment out of wearing clothing from the opposite sex. Part of the initial fascination can begin with wearing certain clothes of the opposite sex and becoming sexually aroused wearing them. For example, a male could wear lingerie or a very feminine skirt and become aroused and attracted to how soft the feel of these garments and intimates are. The softness of the fabric and the feeling of wearing such clothes and intimates lend themselves to fetishistic crossdressing (at the least). In addition, this can also lead to wearing swimwear for beach/resort environments.


Perhaps the most stressful element of being transgender is being accepted among others. There are some family members and friends who would absolutely detest someone wanting to be a transvestite or a transsexual. Just the feeling of being disrespected and disregarded can sever relationships and loving bonds almost permanently.

Just the notion of not being happy with your own gender and your own body is enough to bring most people to depression. Even more so if your own family and friends don't want to accept you. Some of my long-time readers may have read my blog post on transgendered pop star Kim Petras. Kim Petras used to be a boy named Tim before becoming the beautiful Kim. Her parents were very understanding of Kim and got such support to go through with the whole operation. She got hormone replacement therapy when (then) Tim was 12, then got gender reassignment surgery at age 16.

The first-ever transvestite friend of mine dressed up as a girl, until his grandmother talked about wanting him to no longer wear women's clothes if he expects to live in her house. That's why acceptance is such a key issue long-term. Not being accepted and loved just leads to more depression and more sadness. It could even increase suicidal tendencies in extreme cases. It's why a number of transgendered folk feel so strongly about being accepted among others.

It is these four issues (among others) that are among the biggest in regards to transgendered people. How these are handled and addressed vary greatly.

--- Confidence as Someone Transgendered ---

So you decide to come out as a transvestite or a transsexual. How do you gain confidence in yourself as your opposite half? How do you be and remain confident as a drag queen or as a pre-operative or post-operative transsexual? PLEASE note that I am not speaking from ANY sort of personal experience, so these are just personal opinions of mine.

Just like in fashion, a confident person is a stylish person. Same applies to transgendered people. You have developed the confidence to come out transvestite or transsexual. The next part of the task is to live in society as a transgendered person. It isn't as easy to do such, as you've read in my section regarding personal and psychological issues involving transgendered folk. Some transgendered people can't even confidently walk outside the house, go to the store, go to the mall, be at school/college, or any place like that as your new self.

If you fear not being completely passable, I think the most important thing is about just being yourself. I've known girly-looking guys and boyish-looking girls. Don't predicate yourself as transgendered on the basis of looking inconceivably like the gender opposite of your birth gender. Life should never be a competition. Don't feel like you have to outdo everybody in trying to be the most handsome or beautiful person in the city. Just be yourself rather than try to consistently compete with everybody else. In fact, this is even good advice for people in various subcultures.

Just be yourself and confidently go into the world as a transgendered person! And if you can... live life with little or no regrets.

--- Transgendered Youth Focus: Transgendered Children ---

Yes- even children can feel they were born in the wrong body! This represents a percentage of children who feel born in the wrong body. You have already read about gender dysphoria earlier in this blog post. Imagine being the parent(s) of a child unhappy with his/her birth gender. Raising a child is tough work in itself; imagine raising a child who is not happy with his/her birth gender. Not as many people are aware that children can be unhappy with their birth gender as much as anyone who is at least a teenager. One part of that percentage of children who feel born in the wrong body is a boy who became a girl named Jazz. This was little Jazz at only seven years old in an interview:

I am always careful in topics pertaining to children. It can be too easy to post something to lead to protest and dislike. However... it's reality. I tried to find some statistics regarding transgendered children or of any transsexual surgery done to children, but I have been unable to find any in my initial blog post. I may edit this section with more information if I do find any.

Transgendered Children at a Glance.

In a 20/20 special in 2007, there was a special called "I'm a Girl" involving transgendered children. I saw some YouTube videos long ago featuring the stories of children unhappy with their gender and feel born in the wrong body. It was really powerful to think that even children can be discontent with their own gender. To me, children should be able to frolic and play and have fun. They shouldn't have to worry about any serious issues while they are still young. The fact is, however, that is not always the case. A child unhappy with his/her birth gender is something that concerns the child himself/herself and (more importantly) the parents. It has been the parents' responsibility to help raise and nurture children. When a child is unhappy about his/her birth gender, a massive responsibility has to be taken in trying to get help for the child. Some truly understanding (as well as financially able) parents will help to get the various surgeries and procedures done to properly transition a boy/girl into a girl/boy.

If you want to do some extra reading on transgender children, read this four-page ABC 20/20 article called "'I'm a Girl' - Understanding Transgender Children". It is a completely convincing read.

Little Jazz in the above video is one of many different transgendered kids featured as part of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. Here is more information on this cause:

Services: TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation (or TKPRF).

The TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Boca Raton, Florida, USA dedicated to transgendered children. It is dedicated to things like education of, providing encouragement to families of, encouraging school systems to have better acceptance and proper rights of, and various other powers for transgendered children and their families. To learn more about this cause or to donate, please visit (or click on the header, which is the same site).

Don't worry- this link will appear later in this blog post when I link you to online resources for transgenders of all kinds.

--- Transgendered Youth Focus: Teenagers ---

Kim Petras
^ from: - Kim Petras (whom I have featured in a past blog post) is an example of a transgendered teen. She had her transitions at an early age, going from a boy named Tim to a beautiful girl named Kim. She made waves as a 16 year old with her pop star aspirations. Read my blog post on Kim Petras for more on.

When you're young, you obviously think of a lot of things in your life. Some decisions you may make early in your life can have a serious impact heading into the later years of your life. What is most disheartening is knowing that certain decisions could possibly get you killed or badly injured. Teens can lack the confidence to proudly come out as a transgendered person, whether as a transvestite or a transsexual. Considering being around peers, it becomes increasingly tough to try to become content dealing with unruly peers in school or elsewhere.

One of the saddest stories in transgendered youth is nearing its tenth anniversary. On October 19, 2002; a teen named Gwen Araujo was killed in Newark, CA, USA. Gwen (born Edward) went to a house party in Newark, CA, USA (30 miles away from San Francisco) as a girl named "Lida." She was beaten to death at this party by four men when the girlfriend of one of the men found out Gwen was transsexual. A vigil in Gwen's honor was held. Gwen's story would later be reflected in a Lifetime movie (or at least as a TV movie) called "A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story." I saw most of the movie once on the Lifetime Movie Network.

--- Dangers for Transgendered Youth ---

Being young and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered can really put a young person in grave danger. That is why I am most concerned for any teenager experiencing this, and especially in the context of this blog post, regarding transgendered teens.

When you're young and have to deal with society and peers, you will encounter people who feel very strongly about things and are unafraid to impose their will on those who are (so to speak) out of line. Part of being in society is in blending in with other people. Blending in, however, can be very difficult. People have personalities that lead them to ridicule and abuse by peers. Most of my blog post has been about transgendered people, but this can relate to anyone in the LGBT realm. In the case of transgendered youth, any number of damaging actions and behaviors can lead to abuse and even death. Nothing is more difficult to bear than young people dying or getting killed.

We do so much to try to bring together many people of many kinds into mainstream society. Yet, there are times when some members of society find it best to impose their will on anyone who is seen out of line of mainstream society that it merits abuse. Some people can't live with themselves or live with decisions and beliefs they have to where some feel it is absolutely necessary to be chastised by anyone who is too different to be considered acceptable. Schools have to expel students who are transgendered. Peers have to chastise (in varying degrees) any transgendered teen to some sort of degree.

Transgendered youth is even more frightening with transgendered children. I am even more gravely concerned for transgendered children than I am transgendered teenagers.

I may consider making a future blog post regarding LGBT and mainstream society. Stay tuned to "John's Blog Space" if I do post a blog post about this topic.

--- Final Thoughts on Transgender ---

What you have read (and perhaps experienced) was a factual and educational look at transgendered people. I am a man of quality, and so I did not stoop to showcasing people in any sort of negative or humorous light. There are a number of people online who would post any kind of distasteful comments and pictures regarding transgendered people. Once you begin to understand and connect with transgendered folk, you understand all the various emotions and actions associated with them. They become the butt of so many different jokes. Mainstream society, media, and multimedia all try to showcase aspects of transgendered folk as a source of humor or of disgrace. Too many people either have a one-sided view of transgenders or completely disregard transgendered people for all the issues they have.

I did not mention transgendered people in any sort of comedic or sarcastic context. I made mention to crossdressing for fun, but not in the context of crossdressing for casual reasons (like a male losing a bet and have to wear a skirt or dress). I did not mention transsexuals in any sort of disrespect. My blog post was long and detailed regarding transgendered people, but that's because I want people and would-be transphobic types to be better understanding and respectful of these people. This topic of transgender involves so many aspects that just a few paragraphs isn't going to cut it. You may be able to introduce people to it with a few paragraphs, but it takes a lot more to truly EXPLAIN everything.

Transgendered people are not the scum of the earth. They are not the butt of jokes. They are not people who exist only for a quick laugh or some sort of reaction. There may be countries that have different regulations and recognition levels of transgendered people, but they are not monsters or aliens. Being transgender is not a disease; it's not like feeling born in the wrong body is anything that can be cured with medicine. They are humans, like you and I. They breathe the same air we do, drink the same water we do, eat the same food we do, communicate the same way we do, and countless other human actions and interactions. My blog post was an attempt to better educate my audience and any would-be haters. You don't have to like transgendered people, but at least offer them some semblance of respect. Don't look at transgendered people as fake males/females who are only good for laughs and abuse. Instead, they want to be regarded and respected as any average human.

If any actual transgendered people have read this blog post, I hope I've respectfully talked about this issue with professionalism and respect. Let me know if I did a good enough job or if I need to improve on something.

--- Transgender Links and Resources Online ---

I can respectfully discuss this topic because I have met some people in person and online whom are trasngendered, be it a transvestite or a transsexual. I would never post anything that lacks professionalism or quality. I am very well aware that I may mess something up or miss some facts. I will not, however, stoop to any low by posting anything guaranteed to offend my audience. So you have my word that I'll discuss this topic to the best of my ability with professionalism and respect. I sometimes bear an important responsibility to post material professionally online that may potentially be of use to others.

Now maybe my blog post has made you more tolerant and aware of transgendered people than you might have been before reading this blog post. Everything was provided in an educational and professional context. It is now time for me to post some resources for you to learn more about transgendered people across a number of different aspects. I will begin with perhaps one of the most well-respected resources regarding transgender issues. Please have a look:

Laura's Playground - MANY resources here.
Susan's Place Transgender Resources - MANY resources here.
Transgender Care - health information regarding transsexuals.
Transgender Foundation of America
LGBT Community Careers
Transgender Community on LiveJournal
Reporters: How to Get it Right on Transgender Issues - an interesting commentary piece on how news reporters should properly report on transgender issues. - a site about gender dysphoria and factual proof on transsexualism
Transsexual Road Map - various resources for and about transsexuals
(ADDED: April 3, 2012) United Kingdom Transgender Resources - Transgender resources for those of you in the United Kingdom

GenderQueer Revolution (GQR)
GenderQueeer Coalition

Intersex Society of North America
Intersex Initiative

Trans Bodies Across The Globe
INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS AND INTERSEX ASSOCIATION - Info on all news and legal issues involving the LGBT community (including transgender and intersex matters)

--- Transgender Material on YouTube ---
TransgenderChannel on YouTube - first YouTube channel on transgender issues.
candiFLA on YouTube
TGtales on YouTube - feminization fun and entertainment

transsexual pop star Kim Petras' YouTube Channel

--- Transgender Youth Issues ---
"'I'm a Girl' -- Understanding Transgender Children," an ABC 20/20 Special
"Born in the Wrong Body," on MSNBC
Links for Transgender Youth
TransYouth Family Allies - resources for transgendered youth and their parents.
Transgender Youth and Their Parents, on Psychology Today
Trans Youth Support Network (a Blogger/Blogspot blog!)

--- Transgender Youth Services ---
TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation (or TKPRF)

--- Houston/Galveston Area ---
Houston Area Transgender Community: Verify It! - a social network for Houston-area transgendered folk
Houston Transgender Unity Committee
Answers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity, from the American Psychological Association

NOTE: More links and resources may be provided in future edits. Contact me if you have any other useful resources that may be of use to my readers/visitors.

That concludes a massive blog post on transgender. Thank you for reading! I hope this read was worth your while and that everything was to your liking. If you enjoy my work, feel free to get social with me! Show your support by subscribing and even connecting with me via Facebook and Twitter. Here are ways to show your support for my work:

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John B. Marine said...

I have a transgender relative, and it can be truly hard for them, as I know from the experience in being around her. She is having trouble finding work, and living life, generally because people don't understand how or why a man would want to be a woman. I am not gay, but I have many gay friends, who all express themselves differently. So, it is my understanding that there are different degrees of expression and feeling when it comes to sexuality, and transgender people truly feel that they were born the wrong sex. Most people, and more importantly, most men don't want to touch this subject or even try to understand, so you have my utmost respect for this very factual and frank post on a subject matter that so many see as taboo.

Ladystachette said...

After coming across your blog and reading some of your posts, I can see that you are an incredible person. Your transgendered relative is lucky to have you in her life. Thank you for being brave enough to tackle subjects like this on your blog, and, more generally, being very respectful towards LGBT people - it's something the world could use more of, for sure.

John Marine said...


This seems to be a bit of a necro post but whatev. Above you mention that mtf and ftm have surgery to become male or female. A mtf trans person is already a female and ftm is also already a male. The surgery is merely a step that some take to further the congruence between body and mind. Not everyone is able to undergo this major and invasive procedure for various reasons whether it be financial, personal, or for other health reasons. Some who do not fully grasp the concept of gender argue this but the reality is that the surgery is not necessary to be a female (mtf) or male (ftm).

Just wanted to clarify :)

I found your post to be well thought out and I do like how you came at the subject by trying to increase trans visibility by casting it in a positive light. Thank you for that ♥

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