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Jessica Simpson "Dany" Sandals

Perhaps Jessica Simpson's Most Popular Shoes.

(UPDATED: October 26, 2011)

Equally as popular as the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots are the "Dany" sandals from Jessica Simpson. I guess if the Lita boots are the most popular platform lace-ups, the Dany sandals are one of, if not the, most popular platform sandals. They are certainly the "it" sandals among fashion bloggers. They're the of-the-moment sandals for blogging fashionistas. I am opening this blog post to discuss these popular sandals from the collection of one of my fellow Texans- Jessica Simpson.

Welcome to John's Blog Space and another blog post of mine!

--- Jessica Simpson "Dany" ---

Let's take a look at the "Dany" sandals:

Jessica Simpson Dany
^ from: - Jessica Simpson "Dany" sandals. Think of them as the sandal alternative to the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots.

So who is Dany? Well, Dany is a delicious diva who stands tall because... she is tall. She is honey because she is sweet. And like honey, she sticks with you.

The "Dany" sandals have about the same style platform and shapr as the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" boots. Only differences are that these are sandals and secured by a strap rather than by laces. These are sandals with a T-strap design and a back piece to secure the heels. The heel measures about 5.25 inches. I've seen these worn with everything from skirts/dresses to jeans/pants. I've usually seen these worn with socks or tights. Lot of the fashion bloggers go with tights for these, so I don't commonly get to see pretty toes from ladies who wear these. These come in a variety of colors and materials for the body of the sandals and for the heel.

Here are some videos to showcase these sandals. This one features these heels in action:

And here is a cute young lady sporting her "Dany" sandals:

Jessica Simpson "Dany" Highlights.

(ADDED: October 26, 2011)
Let's take a closer look at these sandals.

• 2-inch platform
• 5.5-inch heel
• leather or fabric upper; man-made sole

Now you know about these sandals.

--- Dany Sandals Around the Blogosphere ---
So what ladies rock a pair of Dany sandals? I'll try to find as many as I can to help showcase these sandals to you.

Dany Insight: My Own Private Xanadu.

Of "My Own Private Xanadu," Xiomara tells me the platforms she wears are the Jessica Simpson "Dany" sandals. She wears a lovely tunic with a sweet pair of flared jeans. The sandals are not shown in any significant detail. Though, see these sandals being worn with a pair of flared jeans in "The Bohemian Manifesto" on My Own Private Xanadu.

Dany Insight: My Capacious Bottega.

I chose one blog post in particular from Mulika because I love the look along with the "Dany" sandals. The colors are lovely along with the top and shorts she wears. Perhaps you'll love the combination too after seeing "High Street Tart" by My Capacious Bottega. I must warn you that she wears a different pair of shoes later in the post. Still, the important element of the post is the "Dany" sandals.

Dany Insight: Keiko Lynn.

Keiko Lynn is next up for "Dany" inspiration. This time, here is your first proper blog post featuring the "Dany" sandals in their full beauty. Keiko Lynn's style is glorious in the blog post I'll share with you. She wears a beautiful cherry red blouse, a long tartan skirt, and a cute handbag. She is absolutely beautiful in "Take That Woman on Down to New Orleans" on Keiko Lynn.

Dany Insight: Missing Avenue.

Melody's beauty is in perfect harmony pairing the "Dany" sandals with a super-cute pair of shorts. This was a very recent blog post, and so, I will share with you her cute looks. The beautiful young lady from Singapore shares you her gracious style in "Better Than Love" on Missing Avenue.

Dany Inspiration: cute and little.

Finally, the cutest little petite in blogging, Kileen, shares with you her style.

If I find more blog posts I like, I will feature them to enhance my blog post on these sandals.

Unlike the "Lita" boots from my thread on those boots, you CAN find these "Dany" sandals on Amazon.

If you want to get you these sandals on Amazon, have a look:

1.) "Dany" sandals from Jessica Simpson with a man-made sole.

2.) "Dany" sandals from Jessica Simpson with a wooden platform.

Or if you prefer to shop elsewhere, here is where else you can score your Dany sandals:

* Dany sandals, from the Jessica Simpson Collection
* Dany, on
* Dany, on

Thank you for reading!

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