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Is it necessary to hate on people? Think about it for a moment. Necessary- as in required or mandatory. Like it's required to hate on someone or something. Like it's necessary to throw various slurs at people. Like it's necessary to disgrace people who have done nothing wrong to anyone. Looking back in my time on YouTube, I think about people whom have really made me feel terrible. Yet, most of these revel in and enjoy making others feel terrible inside, especially if they didn't do anything to harm anyone. Some people feel the need to personally attack and belittle people to personal extremes. Think about hating someone (or attempting to do so) to the point where you ask extremely sensitive questions, make extremely insensitive comments, and have an absolute absence of malice. Almost as if most people hate on others... because they can. Some people do roasts and grills of people (jokingly making fun of others). That's fine if done right. Heck, I've been roasted before on YouTube and liked it! Hating someone forcefully, however, is totally different and totally wrong.

One of the most popular expressions these days is, "just sayin'." Well, this blog post if my "just sayin'" on hating. It may be a lot to read about, but most of this has to be said because I feel strongly to some crap people like posting about others. Someone has to make mention of these things in a well-crafted blog post.

--- The Need to Hate? ---
Do we HAVE to be haters? Spewing hate seems warranted and has to be made according to some people. All the teasing and bullying seems required by some people. Some people even like being intimate and personal in attacking people. How would you like it if someone described you or somebody else like this:

"He/She is a person who is totally a disgrace to humanity. He/She has no life, sleeps all day, plays video games all the time, and completely lacks a quality education. He/She lives in a terrible neighborhood in an even more terrible city. His/Her family is even more hopeless than him/her. In fact, he/she can't look after or provide for himself/herself, so his/her parents are all he/she has for survival and stratification. And when his/her parents die or get divorced, he/she will too hopeless to live another day. For all the hard-working and able people in this nation and this world, he/she is lowlife scum that needs to be banished from the earth."

You'd hate it for someone to describe you in this context, would you? Going to personal extremes to attack someone is not only discomforting, but also just immoral. I would think there has to be a legitimate reason to dislike someone. If you just dislike someone as a person "just 'cause" and insist on making someone feel absolutely miserable, that is just absolutely wrong.

Maybe some (or all) of the rants people make things may be true about you. You know what, though? What business is there for someone else to disgrace you (or somebody else) in an intimate context like this? It's like some people insist on personally attacking people. If nobody knows you personally, yet attacks you like you're the worst human being on earth; it speaks to the stupidity of people who pretend they actually know you. Haters think they know everything about you on videos and stuff alone. Therefore, they feel it is necessary to post bad rumors online and make up fake websites and groups specifically designed to attack you. Remember- haters attack based on what they think they know about you and presume about you.

That's why I hate haters. How can you hate somebody on a personal level you think you know on an intimate level? Why air someone else's dirty laundry to the world? You can NOT hate somebody you think you know or generalize/stereotype about.

--- A One-Up Society? ---
Is that what society has come down to? Do we feel that other people are put in this universe to be disgraced mightily for little things or nothing at all? Does society have to impose its will on others who aren't in line with what most other people consider fair or acceptable? Think about it for a moment. If you see someone who is overweight and flabby, do you think it's necessary to stop what he/she is doing and say, "lose weight, fatty!"? Do you think it's necessary to stop an unattractive girl and tell her to get some breasts and a nice butt? Is it ever necessary to personally attack someone by posting bad rumors on the Internet and fake websites clearly meant to demean people? That overweight person may be fairly healthy while most haters think they are slowly inching towards death. Maybe that overweight person remains happy and confident about his/her image and his/her life even if you find it disgusting. That unattractive looking girl may be beautiful within even if she may not look beautiful on the outside (true beauty for the win!). She doesn't have to be some super-sexy adult entertainer to be of interest to you. What business do you have insisting on spewing hate or belittling anyone whom you think is some sort of social outcast?

Some people feel like they are doing society a favor by imposing themselves on others with demeaning words and acts. Words hurt. They hurt no matter who is making them- peers, friends, family, anyone. Words bring people down about as easily as any sort of physical abuse. I was disgusted one time when one of my blogging friends had her pictures illegally posted on a not-safe-for-work website to where she was made of distastefully. The pictures were posted to draw a reaction from people visiting that website. When my friend found out about this, she told everyone in a blog post that when she requested those pictures be taken off that site, the webmaster said (basically), "I will... once you lose weight." How classless is that? Only getting rid of something only if one loses weight or changes a certain habit. Completely terrible. I wish some people would stop messing with my online friend. IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: To read more about this atrocity my friend had to endure, check out "OOTD: And I Studied Lolita Religiously" in (her blog).

The reason why I felt so violated about that incident is because that could have been me who ends up the target of some haters online. Throughout my active time on YouTube, I have received criticisms that I have almost never received in person or with other people. People have said things about me online that hardly anyone has said about me in real life. Hating in cyberspace because you can be as anonymous as you like- meaning you can seemingly get away with hating on someone without fear of someone knowing exactly who you are. This sense of security is probably the biggest reason why there are so many haters and bullies online. Since no one knows you other than by a screenname (if you choose to give one), that one person can enjoy being hateful with little or no fear of getting caught or disciplined.

It is for the reasons in the above paragraph why I sometimes don't make any more videos available for YouTube regularly. You try to post content regardless, but you know in the back of your mind that there's someone out there ready to strike you at a moment's notice. That's why I'm careful when someone posts a comment or a reply to my videos or channel. I've come to the point where I can pretty much expect someone may be set to hate on me. I'm ready- because when I receive a comment that I deem distasteful, I have YouTube's Help and Safety Tool bookmarked so I can quickly access it when I get hated on. I then report the loser so that I hopefully get the last laugh. It may be wimpy compared to cursing somebody out, but it's a safer alternative. I don't want to get in trouble for doing the same thing someone did to me. That was a lesson I learned chatting on America Online (AOL, of course) back in the day.

--- Why Do Haters Hate? ---
Haters gonna hate, but why? There are a number of reasons:

Boost of One's Appeal (at Another's Expense).

Let me give you an analogy. If you're a basketball fan, you may hear of players getting "posterized" when they get slam dunked on. Basketball players delivering ferocious dunks on players often get great pictures that make for great basketball posters. Well, haters try to "posterize" certain people just to boost their appeal. It's like when someone tries to make themselves look cool by making somebody else look like crap. That boosts the hater's appeal significantly knowing they've taken somebody down.

Being Too Different (to warrant dislike).

In a society that praises being different, it is sometimes possible to be too different to where ridicule is warranted. This can be (but not limited to) someone who has an unusual voice, certain looks, a certain body figure, certain talents, etc. You may be too funny or unusual to where certain people feel it is truly necessary to dislike you as a person. So you can be TOO different to where you become a hater magnet.


The giant-killing concept is that one is at a disadvantage compared to someone a hater sees as a target. So in an effort to bring a more capable power down to the hater's level, they employ various tactics to bring someone down. Basically, it is as if a hater realizes another's greatness, so they try to bring down someone they know is better than that person by belittling a higher-favored person or entity. This effect is much different in life compared to in sports or business. And usually, doing this in life doesn't lead to greatness or legendary status compared to sports or business.

Insecurities with Oneself.

Some people feel like making fun of others will help others feel better about themselves. It's the opposite of one of my thinking patterns. A thinking pattern I have is that I can make myself feel better by making others feel better. Well, this is the opposite. It is the opposite in the sense that a hater can make himself/herself feel better by making others feel bad. They are too insecure with themselves that trashing someone else makes haters feel better.


I can't begin to tell you how much I hate when people do stupid things "because they're bored." So you decide on making somebody else feel terrible just because you're bored? There is NOTHING refreshing about making fun of or hating on somebody out of boredom. There are much better things you can do if you're bored. Heck, when I'm bored and when online, I usually type up a draft of a blog post or just fool around going to certain websites online. I have much better ways to beat boredom (even if it's just sleeping or pretending to care about certain things) than to waste my time making somebody else feel terrible.

Of course, there are many more reasons. These are just a few of the more common ones.

Are you enjoying what you're reading so far, but not reading the full blog post? I have MUCH more to discuss, so be sure you're reading the full blog post (or disregard these lines if you are reading the full post).

--- Online Hate Through Social Media, Websites, and Blogging ---
The appeal of hate online goes through social networking and through blogging. Both of which, I have experienced and seen. There is even the appeal of setting up certain websites just to make you or certain people look bad.

Social Media Hate.

I've been on Myspace since July 2005 and Facebook since... 2006 or 2007. In my time, I've endured just a few more haters than I have in my entire active time on Myspace. People set up pictures, groups, fan pages, and more on social networking sites to attack and demean others. The reasons vary for whomever sets these up. Some people have even gotten into the trend of making de-motivational pictures (or "motifake" pictures) to express themselves.

All it can take is for someone to set up a bad rumor or an embarrassing moment and post it online. Spreading such material may reach viral limits. This goes back to bolstering one's fame at another's expense. What you experience is a feeling of disrespect and hate... almost as if you were trampled on and disrespected. Such things need to be reported immediately. In some cases, you may need to contact local authorities for certain cases, especially if these are acts committed by people in your area or city.

Not only can YouTube video comments do harm, videos themselves can be just as damaging. Some people even set up YouTube channels specifically designed to attack you. They may make comments and/or videos specifically designed to attack you. Trust me... it's happened to me before, and I was mad as Hell. Worse than this is when I encounter certain haters on YouTube and take note of some of their comments. What gets me riled up is how I end up being a statistic or a stop of one hater. For example, a person on YouTube who specifically hates people of a certain ethnicity or culture mostly targets certain videos of certain themes, and they post demeaning and damaging comments. One such hater I encountered commonly used (a racial slur) to describe people the user obviously doesn't like. I usually think most YouTube haters would hate someone else on YouTube (including myself) competitively to show that one channel makes better videos than the other. When the hater's channel doesn't have any videos or any videos of good quality, it's basically just one troll just being a punk to others. Yet... they don't think or care if they are doing anything wrong.

The trauma that can result from these actions can lead people to feeling violated, or at the most extreme- suicide. Someone may be broken down so much emotionally and physically that they feel like killing themselves or hurting themselves badly.

Setting Up Phony Websites and Accounts.

Someone may post a website specifically made to attack someone else. They set up a domain and post something quickly online just to draw the attention of people and attack them afterwards. Some may even set up fake blogs and just post distasteful content about someone. It all can leave someone feeling down on themselves. Obviously, this is exactly what haters want- making themselves be great by making you feel terrible.

Blogging Hate.

There's nothing I hate more than anonymous trolling. I am using "Anonymous Trolling" to mean anyone who identify themselves as anonymous and posts mostly bad comments in blogs. Trolls are very common online. All they do is try to start trouble by posting something insensitive to warrant a negative reaction. Almost as if decent comments are too boring, so to spice things up, they post something incredibly stupid to ruin the flow and vibes of a discussion. I've experienced blogging hate myself as well. If you choose to be anonymous in posting blog comments, that's fine. Just because you are anonymous, however, doesn't mean you have to go around posting all sorts of foul and misleading comments. I choose to announce myself to the world because I want to show I am a human being and not some faceless thug. I also have class, so my comments are from my own mind and heart. I don't need to get on someone's bad side just to get noticed. Anonymous trolls kill blogging and the actual point and joy of posting comments.

That's why I immediately changed up the commenting system. If people choose to comment on my material, I at least want to be assured that the people who post are people who actually understand my content rather than haters or spammers. I recently checked out the comments I've received in my blogs and deleted any suspicious material. Some spammers search blogs based on the comment system. I realize I've been too generous in allowing comments, so I've started removing comments or marking them as spam that don't seem genuine enough from genuine people.

So people find many ways to spew hate on others. There are other methods, but I've just made a simple digest of what all people do in hating on others.

Time to REALLY answer the question now...

--- Is Hate NECESSARY? ---
Is it necessary to hate people? Is it necessary to assert yourself on people and things?

No, but people do it anyways. Some people feel like hating someone is a lifelong opportunity. Like it is a can't miss moment to hate on someone. People just think "I HAVE to make fun of this fat girl," or "I HAVE to make fun of him because he's a funny-looking (gay slur or racial slur)." Almost as if we have these spontaneous moments where we HAVE to react with hate and disdain. Because of these moments, we feel we may get only one opportunity to trash somebody or something we don't like. Are we as a society too driven on hating things to where we feel it is necessary to do so?

As much as you feel you *have* to make fun of somebody, another part of you [should] know you have something better to do than make fun of people who did nothing to harm you. That is ANOTHER element of hate- do you fight back if you are not provoked first? Do you gain revenge or retribution against somebody who hasn't caused damage to you, your friends, your family, or your property? Or take the "chip on the shoulder argument" for a moment- do you attack someone who hasn't knocked that chip off of your shoulder? No one in their right mind would dare pursue anyone who hasn't done any harm to you.

The one who attacks without questioning is usually the one who feels like everyone is a threat and feels the need to hate anyone that isn't on the same "cool" level of the hater in question. Basically- bullying. The problem with some people in society is we act on suspicion and assert ourselves on others with vicious dislike. I like to think there is no such thing as haters because I know certain people are better than how they conduct themselves online and/or in public. However, there are those people who just have healthy disregard for people and things. And really, I don't know how to help them. Maybe they need lots of counseling.

Long story short- hating is never necessary, especially when people have done nothing to really hurt you. Maybe you've done something you didn't know offends someone so much that they feel like attacking you fiercely. If that's the case, then a simple apology and change of attitude is enough to resolve the matter. But if it is something you can't control or have no control over (like being a target for haters just because of nationality or ethnicity), deeming it "necessary" to hate someone on these grounds is just classless and distasteful. It isn't necessary to hate anything that hasn't done anything to warrant ridicule or dislike. The trolls and haters who insist on wasting their energy to attack others forcefully with fake websites, demeaning comments, bullying tactics, wasting the bandwidth of other websites and services just to make fun of someone... are all because of insecurities among haters themselves. They don't care about themselves, so they want to regain confidence in themselves by taking down people whom they perceive as threats or obstacles. Even if at the expense of getting themselves into trouble, what is more important to these people is ruining the days and times of other people. These are people who try to ruin our happiness when they could be worrying more about improving their own lives without the need for disgracing people they don't know (or think they know).

Here is a quote you can use if you care to quote me:

"We find every reason to hate others, but not enough reasons to coexist with (or at least respect) others."

-John B. Marine

Just sayin'...

These things needed to be said from someone who has experienced all sorts of hate. SOMEONE has to speak out about hate online and in our daily lives. People are too bent on making others feel terrible rather than trying to help out their own happiness and self-worth. I have too much class and respect for myself to want to lower myself in trying to lower other people. This isn't the best advice or comments to offer on this matter, but they are my own thoughts on the notion that you *have* to hate on people, as if hating is warranted and necessary. I extend my sympathies for anyone who has been bullied or hated on and didn't deserve to be hated on. It is just sad people feel it is necessary to hate when they could be worried about more important things in life and in their own lives besides hating on people, especially people would-be haters think they know. One last time: hating is not necessary, but there are those who feel it is necessary to do so. Terrible shame.

Thank you for reading! Don't hate... appreciate! Just sayin'...

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