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Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes

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(UPDATED: June 16, 2014)

Previously posted on December 28, 2009; this post badly needed an update. Peep-toe shoes combine all the elements of closed-toe shoes, while also giving open-air comfort usually provided by sandals. A lovely pair of shoes can be made better by offering a little opening at the toes to show off a female's toes while still enjoying the comfort of closed or mostly closed shoes. Peep-toe shoes come in a number of varieties. Pumps are usually the most common peep-toe shoes, but wedge espadrilles with a slingback design and open-toe design also have these peep-toe elements. This updated blog post is a look at these shoes.

Before I Begin...

This blog post was previously posted on December 28, 2009. The old post was deleted to make way for an updated post.

For the record, I will refer to peep-toes as shoes with a narrow opening to show some toes. I will refer to open-toe shoes as shoes with a wide opening showing all of the toes. The example below is a pair of peep-toe shoes, then:

peep-toe pumps
^ from: www.amazon.com - a tasty peep-toe pump from GUESS.

This would be a pair of open-toe shoes:

^ from: www.footnotesonline.com - Because of the wide opening, I will refer to these as open-toe shoes. These are Michael Kors


JUN 16 2015 - some edits to embedded material; comments disabled (spam concerns)

This post is mostly outdated. To see an updated post in a more proper fashion blog, I invite you to visit my fashion blog called "StyleSpace by JBM." You are more than welcome to visit:

Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes (StyleSpace by JBM)

Otherwise, enjoy this old blog post!

--- Peep-Toes at a Glance ---

I think peep-toe shoes are for the girl who wants the open-air comfort of sandals while wearing a mostly enclosed pair of shoes. Peep-toes can be cute to wear for those looking to wear something comfortable. The stylish girl would fancy a chic pair of peep-toe shoes to compliment her casual or semi-formal look. Whether the peep-toe shoes in question are peep-toe espadrilles or any kind of sexy pumps, having a peep-toe design can instantly add style and charm to any sort of outfit.

It probably also helps to have some lovely toes for which to show off. Some, though, usually wear sheer tights or stockings to go with peep-toe shoes. One time, I saw a woman with black peep-toe pumps with her toenails painted in this neon green color. It wasn't a very nice combination in my humble opinion. Black peep-toe shoes with toenails painted red or pink are perfectly fine.

Equally important to a pair of peep-toe shoes is the overall style at the toes. A lot of pumps usually have some sort of interesting details at the vamp. The most common is usually a cute bow at the vamp of the peep-toe shoes. This is just something to draw further attention to a female's toes. As long as any details at the vamp aren't overbearing, they are fine. The size of the peep-toe opening also plays a serious role in the overall beauty of the peep-toe shoes. A narrow opening at the toes can be sexy enough to add some alluring style to the female wearing the peep-toe shoes. Some peep-toe shoes have openings that show about two toes, sometimes three toes. I think peep-toes with narrow or small openings can be hotter than those that have just about all toes visible.

Peep-Toes for Every Occasion.

If you're thinking of what to wear with peep-toe shoes, there are a number of choices. One can wear a black top, a pair of indigo blue skinny jeans, and wear some popping red peep-toe pumps. The office girl can go with a lovely long-sleeve blouse, some high-waist trouser pants, and a sophisticated pair of peep-toe pumps. Maybe you're going to the mall for the weekend. No problem- a lovely Summer dress with some peep-toe espadrilles will set you straight. Maybe it's Party Time, and you need to glam it up and get all dolled up. A lovely party dress or cocktail dress with some sexy platform peep-toe pumps will do the trick.

Peep-Toe Shoes I Like.

I fancy a pair of high-heel pumps (whether wedge or not wedge) because I think of peep-toe shoes as being shoes that are both stylish and elegant. You can't just have any kind of shoes that, oh... has a peep-toe or open-toe design to it. I've rarely seen a pair of flat or kitten heel shoes that I liked that had a peep-toe design. So I like high-heel wedge peep-toes or even a decent pair of stilettos with peep toes. Platform peep-toe shoes are incredible to wear if you fancy platforms.

Peep-toe shoes are shoes that I think exude sex appeal and elegance. Nothing says sexy (without overdoing it) like a high platform. A pair of platform peep-toe shoes that would look great on a femme would either be a great pair of wedge pumps with a platform one inch or higher. Or even better would be a pair of high-heel stiletto-type pumps with a platform one inch or higher. Material is also important. Do you go for a pair of leather peep-toes, or do you try out something like patent leather or suede or something? The size of the peep-toe opening also adds to their loveliness. A small opening with about one or two visible toes can make a cute touch to a lovely pair of pumps.

Because I see open-toe and peep-toe shoes as an elegant touch, I dislike flat and low-heel peep-toe shoes. They just don't equal elegant or stylish to me the way a proper high-heel pair of peep-toe shoes do. I have even respectfully noted that I am not a fan of low-heel or (especially) flat peep-toe shoes. Never seen a pair I like more than a proper high-heel pair of open-toe or peep-toe shoes.

--- How Do You Like Your Peep-Toes? ---

Peep-toe shoes come in a number of varieties. The majority of this entry has been about peep-toe pumps. However, they aren't the only peep-toe shoes.

Peep-Toe Boots.

I've been critical of peep-toe boots because they are a total fashion mismatch to me. It's illegitimate marriage of sandals and boots. Fail. Yet, from (a message board I used to be a regular at), every time I've put down peep-toe boots, I get lynched. So how do you feel about boots like these:

peep-toe boots
^ from: www.omiru.com - Peep-toe boots provide closed-foot appeal while showing a little of the toes.

open-toe boots
^ from: www.shinystyle.tv - open-toe knee-high boots.

There was a point where I've viciously disliked peep-toe boots. I saw nothing stylish about a pair of boots that... have a peep-toe design up front. I thought in the past that peep-toe boots were for those with an identity crisis- "do I want to wear sandals or boots? I think I'll have both!" Over time, I have eased up on peep-toe boots. Fact about me: I've gotten sick of skulls ever since they became trendy. Though I seen one pair of booties I like, I hated the skull designs the late Alexander McQueen made famous. For example, I like these Alexander McQueen peep-toe boots except for the skull detail (I think skulls are absolutely played out by trendsters and people trying to be hard):

Alexander McQueen peep-toe booties
^ from: www.shoeperwoman.com - FACT: I'm sick and tired of skulls. The only deterrent are those skull designs on these Alexander McQueen (rest in peace) peep-toe boots.

Again, I've tried to show my dislike of skulls and being tired of skulls, all to get lynched. And as I've said before... I'm basically being independent on fashion views. So the only limit to what I have to say on certain styles is me. If you like skulls, fine; but I can care less.

Peep-Toe Oxfords.

Besides peep-toe boots, there is another weird deal- peep-toe oxford shoes. Peep-toe oxfords combine the lace-up appeal along with that peep-toe design up front. It's a pair of lace-up shoes you can wear while having a little open-air comfort up front. They can either be more pump-like than traditional oxford, like these:

peep-toe oxford pumps
^ from: the budgetbabe.com - Peep-toe oxford pumps. They are everything you love about oxfords, but with a decent-size heel.

...or they can be a traditional oxford with a nicely-defined heel and peep-toe design, like this:

peep-toe oxfords
^ from: youlookfab.com - Here are some oxford pumps with a more traditional oxford design.

...or they can be a sexy pair of sandals with oxford elements like these Charlotte Olympia Maxine lace-up sandals:

Charlotte Olympia oxford sandals
^ from: coolspotters.com - Charlotte Olympia oxford sandals. Sexy, aren't they?

No matter what your pleasure, peep-toe oxfords can be just as lovely as a pair of peep-toe pumps.

--- Peep-Toes Around the Blogosphere ---

Do you want some insight on how other bloggers sport their peep-toe shoes? I have selected certain blog posts to showcase the beauty and appeal of peep-toe shoes. You may visit these posts to see how others showcase their peep-toe shoes. And of course, you may Follow any blogs you see that you like. Because "John's Blog Space" is an international blog, I'll be taking you around the world (virtually, of course) to show you fashion bloggers wearing their peep-toe shoes proudly.

Inspiration: Really Petite.

First up is a lovely pair of peep-toes from Really Petite. Annie gave away a super-cute pair of peep-toe wedge pumps that she proudly wears in her pictures. The peep-toes you're about to see may be for a lady with short feet, but the 5'0" Annie has big time style with her peep-toes in "Petite Friendly Shoes and Giveaway!" on Really Petite.

Inspiration: cute and little.

Kileen is one of the cutest fashion bloggers you will ever come across. This cute and little cutie sports a pair of sparkly high-heel pumps with peep toes. I chose this look to feature because I love both the pumps and the indigo dress she wears. Check out Kileen glitter with style in "Sparkle Toes" on cute and little.

Inspiration: Chekka Cuomova.

Some of you may remember I've featured "Foggy Notion" in another blog post. Well, the Indonesian fashion blogger wears some cute peep-toe wedges. These peep-toe wedges have ankle straps for an added kick of style. Check out Chekka in "Foggy Notion" on Chekka Cuomova.

Inspiration: Curvy Girl Chic.

Allison is an absolute cutie, and another example of her cuteness is in this next featured post. She wears a stylish cape along with some jeans and some Steve Madden peep-toe shoes. Peep the cute peep-toes in "Feels like Fall" on Curvy Girl Chic.

Inspiration: Miss Kwong/From Catwalk to Classroom.

Time to visit Hong Kong's most beautiful fashion blogging teacher. Miss Kwong had two recent blog posts showcasing her peep-toe booties. What I'm going to do here is showcase both blog posts. She wears the same peep-toe booties in both, but I'll leave it up to you to decide which look is better. I think the first one shows the booties in the best detail while the second post is a beautiful look to go with these booties. Check out her stylish lace peep-toe boots in both "My Wardrobe Palette." on Miss Kwong/From Catwalk to Classroom and "Yesterday Once More" on Miss Kwong/From Catwalk to Classroom.

These are some of many different fashion bloggers that I wanted to feature here. I may include more in edits, and you can also nominate your own blog to my discussions. If I like your content, I may include a link to your blog for my fashion-themed discussions! Contact me and let me know about your material.

--- Peep-Toe and Open-Toe Shoes Online ---

I always appreciate your business. So please feel free to shop for some peep-toe shoes if you don't mind doing any shopping online for them. Add to your already insane shoe collection. :)


Other Sources.

Here are more peep-toe shoes that may interest you from various other sources (sizes not listed)...

peep-toe pumps on Amazon
peep-toe boots on Amazon

peep-toe pumps on eBay
peep-toe boots on eBay

peep-toe pumps (Overstock)
peep-toe boots (Overstock)

peep-toe pumps (Shoes.com)
peep-toe boots (Shoes.com)

peep-toe pumps (heels.com)
peep-toe boots (heels.com)

peep-toe pumps (Nordstrom)
peep-toe boots (Nordstrom)

That's all for this one.

Thank you for reading!

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