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Jeffrey Campbell "Snick" Sandals

John Marine | 5/23/2011 12:40:00 AM |
Perhaps Jeffrey Campbell's Most Popular Sandals.

(UPDATED: October 26, 2011)

Blogging fashionistas equally love the "Snick" sandals from Jeffrey Campbell as much as most like the "Lita" boots. I guess I have had a habit of recently featuring more specific items for my "Fashion and Style" label rather than talk about specific styles, especially shoes. So with this said, I'll feature some more popular footwear here. This is my second post regarding something of Jeffrey Campbell and the third involving a popular platform shoe. Welcome (back?) to MY space! :)

--- Meet "Snick" from Jeffrey Campbell! ---

Jeffrey Campbell Snick
^ from: - Jeffrey Campbell "Snick" sandals.

Meet Snick. She is a pair of platform wedge sandals that likes to stand in two ways- stand out and stand tall. Snick stands out because she's a groovy and cool girl. She stands tall not only because of her platform, but because she can. Snick has a slingback because Her (it's rare I use this term) BFF is Lita. Yeah, Snick and Lita are cool with each other because they know that any girl who wears either shoe will be one hot girl.

If you don't fancy the girly-meets-tough style of Lita, Snick's groovy platform character may tickle your fancy. They could be worn under some long jeans, pants, skirts, or dresses. Some even elect going with shorter bottoms and dresses to go with these sandals. Same also applies to wearing these with tights. Being fond of disco chic, I'd elect to find a good pair of bell bottom or widely-flared bottoms (not necessarily jeans) to go with these.

Facts on "Snick."

(ADDED: October 26, 2011)

If you want to know more about the "Snick" sandals, take a look at this section:

• 2.25 inch platform
• 5 inch wedge heel
• multiple materials and styles

So let's move on to the next section!

--- "Snick" Across the Blogosphere ---

Here are some ladies sporting their Snick wedge sandals in their blogs...

My Own Private Xanadu.

Xiomara has worn her Snick wedge sandals in quite a few blog posts on "My Own Private Xanadu." Even her header image has her wearing the "Snick" sandals. Most of her posts have this lovely lady wearing them under a pair of flared jeans. She rocks some Bohemian chic with these Snick wedges. In one of her latest posts, she wears her Snick wedges proudly in one of her latest posts, "Friday Frockin" on My Own Private Xanadu.

living spree.

While I don't regularly visit Jeanna's blog, I found this blog post when seeking blogs I follow where ladies wear the "Snick" sandals. Jeanna is pretty much a Jeffrey Campbell girl as she wears the "Snick" sandals, as well as various other Jeffrey Campbell
"Jeffrey Campbell" on living spree..

Sadly, that's all the only blogs I follow where someone wears the Snick wedges. So what you're going to be see now are other fashion blogs I've semi-randomly found on Blogspot featuring the Snick sandals. All of the aforementioned blogs are relevant because the Snick sandals are being worn:

"The San Francisco Girls Guide to Jeffrey Campbell" on VILLAINS SAN FRANCISCO
"Jeffrey Campbell 'Snick'" on Tuchuzy

Search Results:
Lookbook results for "Jeffrey Campbell Snick"
Chictopia results for "Jeffrey Campbell Snick"

--- My Thoughts on the "Snick" Sandals ---

The platform base of the "Snick" sandals give it some '70s flair. The fact this is a platform wedge obviously makes these comfortable to wear with almost anything. Details like the buckle on the slingback of these sandals as well as the studded detail on the sides give them plenty of character. There's no denying that these sandals are just about as popular as the "Lita" boots I blogged about in the past as well as the Jessica Simpson "Dany" sandals I also blogged about.

You may also look elsewhere for these "Snick" sandals. Here are some online stores offering these boots:

Jeffrey Campbell "Snick" on SoleStruck (search result)

Here are the only ones on Amazon I could find (for you Amazon shoppers):

(second item sold at an external website through Amazon)

Thank you for reading, and happy shopping! :)

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